Saga 7: Tracing Captain Cook’s Routes

The Great Walkabout 2011 is a quest that Sir Thomas Rhymour Oisin Leaf McGowan set out on early April of the year 2011. This is a monumental journey as he resigns from his position of Royal Curator, Cartographer, and Archaeologist for his nation’s Militia where he once was part of a team to protect over thousands of sacred sites and historical properties. As a new dawn approached, it was time for Sir Thomas Leaf to embark on a new mission … to go Down Under to find himself, his journey, and his future. This “Walkabout was a break from the stress and monotony of supporting a war and fending to save culture and the environment. He was also embarking on a mission for Pirate Relief as the admiral is looking to purchase a vessel and sail various expeditions to save the oceans, the earth, and promote cultural awareness of things far gone. It was also a quest to learn 18th century sailing as he would embark upon Captain Cook’s replica ship … the HMB Endeavour. It would also become a quest for the next 7 years to sail the 7 seas. Travelling all over Australia, from the Capital Territory and Canberra, through the Snowy Mountains, down to Melbourne and up the rugged coastline over to Brisbane to sail to Gladstone, with adventures in 1770, and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef searching for clues of his future … encountering wombats, kangaroos, wallabees, koala, sting rays, seals, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and many other creatures … a Brave New World was to be found.


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