The Chronicles of Sir Thomas Rhymour Oisin Leaf McGowan is a true tale of the quests and expeditions of Sir Thomas Leaf. Placed in the setting of a Living Myth, inspired and guided by Omens, Oracles, Dreams, and Prophecy …. is weaved a tale that is truly non-fiction, decorated by fiction and fantasy, and erected as a myth that is the biography of Leaf McGowan. If you choose to follow these sets of stories, it will be revealed why a name that is the name is so longly written and structured and embedded with Indo-European mythos. Inspired by the search of his twin flame, powered by his quest of love, guided by the Oracles across the planet … he will find love and the fabled Land of the Youth, Tir Na Nog. The Chronicles of Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf

Every photo and description in these tales are true … each and every occurence took place. However … names, and sometimes places, have been disguised under pseudo-names or characters to protect the innocent (and/or guilty) from identification. In addition, elements of fantasy and folklore has been sprinkled throughout the tale to make it more “mythic” and to address parallels the quests may share with Myths, Legends, and Tales from history. These adventures involve quests for artifacts, treasures, and [magical] items that exist as keys and clues leading one adventure into another. Even as Sir Thomas Leaf embarks upon an adventure and dreams up a element the expedition is for … the quest always materializes said subject into manifested reality. As a Neo-Pagan Druid, a cloak of real magic and lore enchants the journey which brings encounters with modern day wizards, pirates, captains, elves, and good neighbours.

Follow as you will, Sir Thomas Leaf bouncing around the planet throughout North and South America, Hawaii, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and Europe. As a botanist, archaeologist, and a scientist, follow links to his findings of all things Naturally Science and of Magical Lore. Over the last several years, these quests were blogged and built on Tales and Travels of a Technogypsie, Livejournal, Facebook, and various other word blogs. We are now compiling them to this single blog where you can chronologically follow the story as it is [and was] written. To this we start the Chronicles with a letter and introduction from Sir Thomas Rhymour Oisin Leaf McGowan himself ….

      “From birth I was always inspired by images of mages, wizards, adventurers, scholars, and archaeologists. It is to those figures I cherish that have manifested the person I am today and the amazing journeys life has shown me. I always knew a special quest was ahead of me, never did I imagine how breath-taking it would become. Dreams would inspire me, oracles would be revealed with confusing rhetoric, poetry, and messages. Visions would give me glimpses of futures I couldn’t understand or interpret. Many times I blocked them out. Often I ignored them. But it hasn’t been since my most recent Walkabout Down Under and transformational Rite of Passage this summer (2011) that it all started making sense. This journal is not so much a story for you as it is a diary for me to understand everything that life has revealed (and is revealing) to me.”

    “My travels around the world following my wanderlust, my dreams, and my visions began to evolve into quests, adventures, and expeditions that in 2007 I began blogging about and called The Lady of the Rhine Quest involving finding a way to break a curse on an enchanted ring and finding the key of youthful life. As those two adventures to Germany and England revealed a more deeper quest unfolding that brought me to the transformation I’m undertaking. As I unravel my Living Myth, I see parallels to the stories and fables of Thomas the Rhymer, the Legendary Expedition of Captain Cook, and the Tales of Oisin, Niamh, Etain, and Oscar. As I dig deeper back into my childhood and past I just now am revealing numerous clues about who I am, why I am here, what I am to be, and where I am to go. As an archaeologist, it is my duty to protect the past – its lore, its remains, and its history. I do that as an active archaeologist and writer. As an ecologist, I realize we live on a threatened planet with a myriad of life forms that become endangered every day. It is my sacred duty to help breathe awareness and protection for the living Earth. As a folklorist, I realize every day, culture, language, and stories vanish from our lives every day. The creatures of myth have disintegrated to the pages of a child’s coloring book, the epic sagas forgotten in the ashes of the hearth at which they were once told, and the ancient mysteries unsolved. I strongly believe that each and every human life in this world is inspired by a myth, fable, legend, or folk story that indeed “shapes” their journey from birth to death. Sometimes there are many of these tales that shapes one’s life. I believe part of the puzzle of life is to find your living myth and purpose in life. I think these myths, stories, fables, and legends can give us guidance, inspiration, energy, ethics, and values to become successful with finding our dream, seizing it, and living it. I also believe that once we find our ‘Living Myth‘ we are that much closer to finding out our purpose in this life, as I believe we all have one. I don’t believe in chance, I do believe in fate and destiny. I believe you can control, change, and manipulate your fate as you wish. I believe there are messages in our dreams. I believe in visions. I believe in premonitions. I believe in Omens, Oracles, and divination – all of which are tools to help you gain insight, clarity, and a future view of what lies ahead or understanding what has happened. I believe these messages are puzzles and riddles that are not always easy to decipher, but once solved, will give you a world of guidance to find and achieve your purpose, dreams, and desires. With that said, let me tell you a bit about myself and the myths that ‘shape’ who I am, and how they inspire my journeys as a Techno-Gypsy. ”

    My name is “Sir Thomas ‘Rymour Oisin’ Leaf McGowan”. Yes, that is quite a long name. But there is power in a name. There is meaning in each and every one of those names. Of course this is not my ‘real’ or ‘given’ name. Only those close to me know that side of me. This is my artist name. I am a cartographer, curator, researcher, and archaeologist by day; and a body painter, diviner, writer, and craftsman by night. Those would be my trades and professions that currently title me in this world. This is where the “Sir” comes from. As I ventured forth to Rhineland under servitude of the Lady Vanessa of the Rhine, it was only appropriate to pre-label myself with this classic label as her ‘cartographer / knight / and guide’ for the most excellent adventures we have had. “Thomas” is actually my birth first name. Born a Catholic, I was named after “St. Thomas” the doubter, to which I do live up to, as I question just about everything. I also identify with the myth/tale of “Thomas the Rhymer” and that is where the middle name “Rymour” or “Rhymer” comes in. Since “Thomas” also means “Twin”, I obvious have a twin-side, that being the myth/fable of “Oisin“. I’ll explain both ‘Thomas Rymour’ and ‘Oisin‘ later in this tale.

    So where does “Leaf” come from? It was a name given to me by my friends in the great country of Canada who nicknamed me “Leaf” because I once had several companies with “Leaf” in its name and I was always researching and learning about botany as well as being an avid tree hugger. My roots are that of Irish and German descent. I have a bit of Irish Tinker in me. On the “McGowan” name front, it was given to me because in some Scottish & Irish terms it means “Son of a Tree” or “Son of a Smith”, and because my Canadian friends believe I must somehow be related to Joe McGowan, an Irish Historian and folklorist; and Richard McGowan the American Explorer, Mountaineer, and Entrepreneur; and my favorite actress Rose McGowan who some of my friends think I share ‘oddness’ with. As far as I know, I have no biological connections to any of the McGowans. My real surname actually means “Farmer in a Field” or “peasant” which I suppose explains my deep connection with plants and botany. It was a series of haunting childhood dreams with puzzle pieces reminescent of the Fables of “Oisin” and “Thomas the Rhymer” that led me to investigate their mythos. As I pieced together these dreams, much of the story of Oisin and Thomas the Rhymour started to be told without having read their tales in the beginning. As I seem to ‘relive’ their ‘living myths’ that serves to inspire, guide, and add adventure to my life; each day I feel a deeper connection to their story which seems to reveal some visions of what lies ahead for me in my future yet to come. “


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