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We need your help. Sir Thomas Leaf has begun the journey to travel the world to bring you these tales and stories and in so doing, has eliminated some of the funding that was preventing him from following this dream. He needs your support to help bring these tales to you, and most importantly, to publish his books to bring you knowledge about Faeries from their origins to the future, About Technogypsies from the past to the present as well as how to live sustainably as one, and a Anthropological study of sacred springs and holy wells.

Helping this journey along is very easy. Visit our advertisers, click on the donate link below and buy him a chai, a cider, or a meal so he’ll tell you a tale. Want something more exotic? send him somewhere on the planet by buying him a plane ticket or covering his lodging. In days of old … it was quite common for a man to buy someone a drink to hear a story about a recent adventure, and many adventurers only took quests because of the support that someone gave to see the research they’d bring …


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