Dream of the 7 white robed beings

One night Sir Tom had a dream off a council of 7 white robed, white beings, appearing to be both male and female, looking quite elven and human, but they had only eyes and noses, no mouths. He later queried if these were The Wandjina (Something he learned about much later in life (age 50) as an explanation of whom his visitors may have been). This was during high school. They told him to ask them any questions, of which he did, of origins and destiny. He was surprised with the answers. It was like he was talking to them face-to-face and as if they were speaking speech, but they had no mouths, the messages and conversation felt like speech through brain waves.

The Divorce (1990)

Sir Tom and Lady Kimberly saw the end of their love – first love of Sir Tom, it was a very disheartening time for his life. They fell out of love and wanted different things, Lady Kimberly wanting badly to be with women again, Sir Tom a struggling Catholic newly found Pagan having issues with his wife wanting to be with another. Jealousy set in and they found different paths, deciding on divorce and doing shared custody of their daughter, Princess Breanna.

The finalized night of the divorce, Sir Tom went to the Fairy Circle to do a ritual to “find” himself and figure out where life was going to take him. He cried deeply and did not know how to feel … he felt numb, abandoned, hurt, and destroyed.

During the prophecy part of the Druid rite he was visited by a council of 7 white robed, white beings, appearing to be both male and female, looking quite elven and human, but they had only eyes and noses, no mouths. He later queried if these were The Wandjina (Something he learned about much later in life (age 50) as an explanation of whom his visitors may have been). He had dreams of them in high school as well, but this time they seemed real and could touch him. They spoke to him mentally, though the words sounded like they came from mouth not thought. They told him the Pacific Northwest would have all the answers, he needed to go there. His soul mate would come from there. They answered questions he had of the universe. He was blown away.

06.30.18: Zombies, a dragon, and severe hail damage

Saturday, 30 June 2018
Colorado Springs – Fountain, Colorado

Weather: high of 97 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 62 degrees, clear skies to overcast, hot with light windy moments.

Oisin was up by 7 am and let the Prince sleep in until 8:30 am. Oisin took a shower, caught up on laundry, and prepared for the day of deliveries. They had honey bunches of oats in organic milk for breakfast, topped off with orange juice and a cup of green tea.


They clocked in at 9 am ready for deliveries, and didn’t receive one until 9:30 am. They headed off to their first delivery at Jersey Mike’s Subs in southern Colorado Springs off Academy. It was a beautiful clear day, and already at 71 degrees Fahrenheit with some light wind. Not a bad morning Oisin thought. The delivery pickup and drop-off went well, and finished it around 10 am then were called to an IHOP way northeast out of town. Sir Oisin didn’t understand why the App sent him all that way wasting time and gas, wear n’ tear, when he passed at least 2 IHOPs along the way, then the customer drop-off was some distance too. It didn’t make any sense why they were sending him to the furthest away. He only hoped he had time to grab a drink along the way as it was hot, albeit just 75 degrees, as the Prince says “I’m sweatering” (sweating) … they both needed hydration. So they stopped at Kum n’ Go along the way and grabbed 2 large 40 oz drinks (powerade and lemonade)

After the delivery they had a lengthy little break between delivery calls. So Sir Oisin and the Prince stopped off at a playground to play. Dad pretended to be a zombie attacking the Prince who sought refuge on the playground equipment he called his ship armed with lasers and cameras. Dad imitated Elmo and the Cookie Monster who joined in on the fun. The Prince asked dad if Elmo could move into their house with them as he’s Cian’s best friend. Cookie Monster wanted to come too, but once Cian informed him there were no cookies, Cookie Monster was no longer interested. They also dropped by a garage sale along the way and found 3 large wooden ammo boxes (perfect for merchandise at the festivals) for $5 each, Oisin was psyched with excitement. The Prince wanted a pressure gauge (50 cents) so he could use it in building a spaceship.


The duo headed off to Firehouse Subs and did a quick pickup and drop-off even though it was so far out of the way. They dropped by another garage sale nearby but saw nothing they wanted, except Cian really wanted a Styrofoam heart in the pile. The garage sale people gave him for free, once in the car, he gave it to dad telling him he loved him. Dad loved hearing that. Then the Prince dove into his Minecraft on the Kindle and became entranced.

The next run was a pickup and drop-off from Pho-nomenal and as it was nearly 12, only had an hour to go of work in the morning. Then in an hour would have a 2-3 hour break. Not a bad morning, Oisin and Cian thought. Then finished that order and pretty much immediately was sent to the Asian Cookery with only a half-hour left for the morning shift.


They headed home for their break. On the way they saw a giant dragon guarding a mail box along the side of the road. They turned around to take a video view of it. They thought it was the coolest mailbox ever. They then had a nice 2 and a half hour break at home, getting some play time in together, cooked lunch, chilled out, and got jobs done. They had a very welcomed break – hanging at home, cleaning out the back of the ice, washing the ice chest, and saying goodbye to Lord Jesse as he embarked on his family journey for the next 10 days. They then drove over to Fazoli’s to have lunch together – Cian got the kids spaghetti and garlic bread, while dad got the Ravioli and Lasagna plate. The attractive waitress appeared to be flirting, was very helpful, and brought over beverages for the duo. They then walked next door to Starbucks to do some Chai n’ WiFi and awaiting the next shift’s orders.


They were called to action around 3:40 pm on a order from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Fountain. Just before that request, Oisin received a Burger King delivery that had no tip and too low value. Of course this counts against him, but in reality it wouldn’t cover his time and gas. He was glad to have gotten the delivery in Fountain from KFC as the customer was so excited that he was quick and prompt (unlike her last experience) she gave him a $10 cash tip (as well as the $5 one online). That de-stressed Oisin quickly. Cian observed it and asked if he gets any tips, and dad told him he does … every Friday combined with his allowance, as that is pay day.

They were called next to Qdoba Mexican Eats and sent back to delivering in Fountain. The skies above Colorado Springs were getting dark and stormy. Another summer stormy afternoon it appeared. They arrived at the Qdoba off South Academy near Fort Carson and did the pickup. The waiter gave Oisin a free fountain drink as a thank you. They drove back to Fountain and entered one of the neighborhood’s that suffered a massive baseball sized hail storm a couple weeks back. You could see massive dents in people’s cars, windshields smashed, certain sides of houses with holes in the walls from the hail, and smashed /boarded up house windows. It was unreal. The customer they delivered to said both of their cars were totaled. Oisin had friends whose cars had been damaged, he had no idea it was this bad.

It was in the 90’s and getting ready to storm. They were sent back to Qdoba off Academy for another pickup and drop-off, this time in the Springs.

SHIFT 4: COMPANY 1: 6 PM – 8 PM:

The duo had another 1/2 hour break between deliveries, so stopped at Starbucks to refresh themselves with a Chai Creme Frappacino they got free off their gold rewards card. The Prince wanted some lemon cake, so dad treated him. They got the next order at 6 pm – four orders in a row bundled on the same pickup from Red Robin. This was the first time this happened with Company 1 since Oisin worked with them, he was hoping he could deliver them all on time as that was the most he had to do in a single pickup – pretty insane and sending him to locations several miles apart. They clocked out at 8 pm and called it a day.

On the way home the Prince pleaded to go to Red Robin as he wanted one of their balloons and to try their burgers, so dad decided they deserved the treat and they headed on over there for dinner. The waitresses immediately recognized them and asked what the name on the order was – and Oisin said “no we’re clocked out for the day, we’re just grabbing dinner.” She said cool, hang on she’d clear off a table. While they were waiting the Prince drew on their chalk board set up for the kid’s.

The Prince was so excited, he had been wanting to go to Red Robins for a long time, probably because they do so many deliveries there. They received a free BBQ wings appetizer on their club card, Dad ordered the BBQ burger and fries while the Prince got the kid’s meal of a Cheeseburger with apple slices. They both had lemonade. They played unlimited games on the tablet for $1.99. It seemed affordable when ordering, but after tip it was still a costly meal. They played “Plants vs. Zombies” on the table tablet, the Prince was ecstatic and really enjoyed dinner and gaming. He considers himself a “Gamer” now he said.

On the way home they grabbed a Lego video from Redbox since they had a coupon to get the rental for 35 cents. They got home around 9:45 pm. At home they relaxed, cuddled, played with the Minecraft legos, read a story book and watched their Lego “Flash” movie. They both quickly passed out.

Mileage: 41.2 delivery miles / STRIDE TAX: 162.57 Miles Total.

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06.29.18: Toy Friday

Friday, 29 June 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: High of 96 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 65 degrees. overcast skies with periods of sun, light wind/breezes.

Exhausted and drained, Sir Oisin roused himself out of bed by 6:30 am, finishing up an episode of “The 100” – feeling pain from his arm being sore – wondering if he pulled a muscle from driving so much. It was his left harm. Outside the day was already bright by 7:00 am, with bright skies and a thin veneer of overcast clouds. It was supposed to be in the lower 90’s (Fahrenheit) today, and he would be doing deliveries with the Prince from 9 am to 1 pm, then again 3 pm to 7 pm finishing up an 8 hour day. The Prince awoke at 8 am, excited for the day, especially that it was Friday – allowance day (he gets $5/week as he’s 5 years old) and he gets some tips from the week and can go buy a toy of his choosing within budget. He really looks forward to Fridays.

The adventurers went and did their bathing for the morning, topped by Honey Oats cereal with organic milk and orange juice for breakfast. They clocked in around 9 am and didn’t get a delivery call until 10 am, having the minimum being paid for the first hour at home.

SHIFT 1: COMPANY ONE: 9 am – 11 am:

The first delivery was a pickup at Burger King around 10:05 am. Oisin was surprised this one actually gave a decent tip as its odd for clients to tip for fast food ones, although they should since food delivery is a luxury. Burger Kings seem not to prepare the food by the time estimated for pickup, they wait until the delivery driver arrives then they take longer preparing the meal than they do for someone standing in line. It’s ridiculous Sir Oisin thought. They don’t seem to realize that drivers don’t get paid to wait around. They don’t seem to care. He was even 10 minutes late for pickup and it still wasn’t ready. He had to wait another 10 minutes for them to neatly pack up the meal, put their special sticker to close it, and play with the app. Oisin really doesn’t want to accept any more Burger King deliveries. It really is very low-class delivery, he just doesn’t understand why they bother with it. It was a big frustration for him. They had a decent length break after delivery.

DELIVERY SHIFT 2: COMPANY 1: 11 am – 1 pm:

They took a pit stop at Starbucks to have a Chai Creme Frappacino to energize themselves. The Prince calls them “Chai Creme volcanoes”. The Prince watched instructional Minecraft videos to learn secrets at cracking the game he said, while dad got some blogs published like a review of his old school – Goddard High. He then got a massive call for over a hundred wings from Buffalo Wild Wings ordered for a company picnic. He arrived early and the waitress said it would take another 20-30 minutes since its such a big order. Oisin called the customer to give her the heads up, she of course was not happy as she said she called the restaurant to pre-warn them and give them heads up (which she believes they ignored).

Having to wait another 20-30 minutes, the adventurers walked next door to Chuckie Cheese for the pizza buffet as lunch. The Prince was so excited to be there, especially all the games, a “Sponge Pants Bob” game, but they didn’t really have time to play games. They thought they would return later that day. They only had a half hour left for their morning four hour shift. Oisin ran into another driver who had his daughter with him, they compared notes on deliveries with kids. A few drivers Oisin has met are doing the same thing as he is. That driver said his wife also does it with their other kid at the same time.

Off to Boston Market for the next order which Oisin suspected would be the last one for the morning shift. He figured during their afternoon break they would go to Target to get the Princes’ Friday allowance toy. Today was also Starbucks Happy Hour at 3 pm – Buy one get one free. Sir Oisin certainly had to take advantage of that. They completed the Boston Market Delivery around 1 pm, clocked out and took their two hour break. They headed home to make some smudge stick bundles and as the Prince played, Sir Oisin got some blogs done after playing with him for a bit. They made up a bundle of 10 smudge sticks of the silver sage from Roswell plus two that the Prince wanted to keep for himself. That was productivity.

SHIFT 3: COMPANY 1: 3 pm – 5 pm:

Oisin clocked back in at 3 pm after getting some blogs done, playing with Cian, and catching up with computer work. They got their first delivery call for the afteroon from La Baquette in Old Colorado City. Easy pickup and drop-off. The skies were getting more cloudy and overcast, developing a stronger breeze like a storm front might be coming through. The Temperature dropped a bit, still in the 90’s though. They took a break getting some Chai Creme Frappacino’s at Starbucks Happy Hour, then headed off to do a pickup/dropoff for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The customer was excellent, intentionally double tipped giving $4 on the app, and $4 in cash. They delivered to a sweet little old woman at a retirement home that was super nice. They had a bit of a break so raced to Target to do Toy Friday. Just as they were turning into the shopping center, they got a call for “On the Border” and had to go do that. That sucked for the Prince as he was getting excited for the Toy Friday. He instead took a nap. After delivering the On the Border order, they were able to race quickly to Target, and the Prince ran in with dad breaking in his new sneakers he got yesterday. Super fast the Prince picked out the toy he’s been wanting some time – a MineCraft Lego set so was very excited with that treasure. Dad gave the Prince some extra tip money so he could afford it.

SHIFT 4: COMPANY 1: 5 PM – 7 PM:

They had their next call to Red Robin and was gifted a free fries cup from the Waitress. It was a very pleasant treat they dove into and shared as a welcomed snack. They had two orders from Qdoba Mexican Eats. The first was a quick run. They received a humongous order at Qdoba, it took an extra 15 minutes for pickup, then a drive 10 miles to a fancy house. No tip. Really? Oisin thought? he wound up paying for the gas alone for that delivery coming out at a loss since he only gets 12-15 mpg. He doesn’t understand why some people don’t tip – after all, delivery is a luxury. If you don’t want to tip, go drive to the restaurant yourself and do take-out. Lazy pompous people who don’t tip. Certainly reflective of the fact that tipping started from racism and originally a way to show off that one is better than the servant. But now “not tipping” is that same very action since its expected and part of the service industry. Especially with delivery drivers because its not just their time and low wages, but cost of gas as well as wear and tear of their vehicle. Off to Jersy Mike’s Subs was the next pickup. Sir Oisin performed the delivery and got a decent tip. Then back to KFC where he got an ok tip. That should have been the last delivery for the day. Cian definitely was excited to go home to play with his Minecraft Legos. They were driving along Powers Blvd, and found it very hazy, smoky, with ash in the air. It was apparent wild fires were raging the area. The whole state of Colorado seems to be on fire these days.

The duo finished their delivery shift and headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up groceries for dinner. They tried the free samples at the deli kiosk, they were baked beans, hot dogs, and bacon topped off with mango juice. The Prince was super impressed and wanted dad to make that for dinner tonight. So Dad picked up the ingredients. On the way hope they dropped by Redbox to rent “Sea Change” – a tale about mermen and mermaids, a very good story Sir Oisin thought. For dinner, dad made up the recipe from Trader Joes making the Hot Dog/Bacon Baked Beans, and Trader Joe’s BBQ Pork Ribs for Dinner. They drank some Trader Joes lemonade and called it a night. No calls from Lady Etain that night, just a message “running late so can’t talk today”, but the Prince didn’t notice. They read a bed time story and watched “Sea Change“. The Prince passed out during the movie, dad finished it and started to watch “Luke Cage: Season 2” during which he fell asleep. The night was hot and sweaty, even with the windows open, so definitely time to buy a fan Sir Oisin thought.

Mileage: 84.02 miles (21.27 delivery miles)

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06.28.18: Trance state

Thursday, 28 June 2018
TrinidadColorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: Clear, sunny, and hot. High of 100 degrees fahrenheit, low of 58 degrees.

It was about midnight that Sir Oisin got too weary and decided to stop the night at the rest area outside of Trinidad, Colorado. They laid back their seats and took a nap, cuddling together, under a blanket with pillows. It was actually more comfortable than expected. They woke back up around 2:30 am, and headed home. It was silly that they had to stop since they only had two more hours to go on the journey, but when one is tired and driving they should always stop and rest. They arrived home around 4:30 am. They were exhausted from their epic trip around New Mexico.

The Prince actually for once awoke before Sir Oisin, as Cian thought he heard the kids playing in the yard and was very excited to go see them. They weren’t there, as they were at their mom’s house. Lord Jesse was awake however, and Sir Oisin with the Prince got to catch up with him on what they missed over the week. Sir Oisin showed Lord Jesse the sage he collected and he was determined to figure out the type of sage – best calculation they came up with was Silver Sage. Even between 8 and 9 am, the temperatures were swiftly climbing to over 100 degrees it felt to Sir Oisin. Sir Oisin was slow moving, procrastinating on unhooking the trailer. He made the Prince Honey Bunches of Oats, organic milk, and orange juice for breakfast while Oisin finished the Prince’s uneaten Turkey sub from last night. Oisin planned out his day as he had a look scheduled around 2 pm, then work with the delivery companies afterwards through the evening. He needed income to flow again. Today was payday and couldn’t have arrived with better timing as he was dirt broke yesterday. They barely had enough gas to make it home. (Which wasn’t really a concern since they were to be paid today -they just didn’t have enough for a camp site to stay in Santa Rosa and didn’t feel like boondockin’ it)

They were both sunburnt and exhausted from their incredible trip. Today was clear blue skies, climbing from the 90’s to 100’s, and a lot on their plate for the day. After showers and baths, Oisin caught up with blogs while the Prince played, he unhooked the trailer, and both the adventurers Oisin and his son Cian wrapped up sage into smudge stick bundles. They cleaned out the car, got ready for work, and headed out for the Look.

The Prince started experimenting with his kindle to make his own video blogs. He started out with silly talk, creating his own language and then asked dad what language was he speaking? Dad asked the Prince, and he didn’t know. He wanted dad to know. Dad asked the Prince what he was going to do today – and the Prince said “going to work” and said “doing deliveries”. Dad reminded him they would be doing insurance claim investigations and photos as well today. The Prince ended his video with a “Goodbye! thanks for watching Cian’s videos.”

They arrived around 2 pm to do their insurance investigation claim, the Prince hung out in the car. There was minor damage on the client’s car’s bumper, not something Sir Oisin would have contacted an insurance company for. He took photos, made notes, verified the VIN, and uploaded the photos to the insurance company. 15 minutes worth of work, but a nice $20 payment for the work.

They then drove around to kid’s clothing shops looking for belts for the Prince. His shorts were falling down. They finally went to Ross Dress for Less and found a 2 for 1 special. There were good prices on shoes, as Prince Cian’s shoes were wearing out, Dad bought him a new pair, and a 6 pack of socks. The Prince was very happy especially about his first belt.

In the parking lot the Prince pleaded for a break at Starbucks to get a Chai Volcano (Chai Creme Frappacino). Dad said not yet, they had deliveries to start as it was time to clock into the app. The Prince continued to make videos on his kindle, silly tunes and poo poo songs, “Hello everybody. here is poo poo time. Thanks for watching this video.” followed by song, and then a “bye! thanks for watching my video.” Dad thought Cian is such a character and comedian. The temperature actually only reached 96 degrees, so much better than the 109 degrees Fahrenheit it was in New Mexico.

In processing videos, Oisin noticed that he was having struggles breathing and panting when walking places and doing deliveries. He would not have heard it had it not been for the video chronicles. It was another wake up call that he really needs to do something about his health. He also stated he needed to get back to his spirituality, doing daily meditation and rites each day if he can. He needs to cut out fast food and soda. He fell off the band wagon again during this trip having Coca-Cola and other soda – for the flavor, the energy, and quenching his thirst. It must come to an end.

Shift One – Company One – 3:30-5:30 pm

They headed off to their first delivery, Bingo Burger . They found parking out front and was able to walk in. Downtown usually is such a difficult venture to find parking. They did their drop off and headed off to Boston Market for their second delivery of the day.

Their third delivery was Burger King. Oisin hates the fast food chains, many of the customers ordering delivery don’t tip and the quality of food is often crap, though tasty and addictive for sure. Food delivery is a luxury, not something to be cheap about. The driver goes through gas, wear and tear on their vehicle, and spends a lot of time doing the pickup and drop-off. Of course this lousy customer didn’t tip. Oisin thought it was very crappy, especially since he had to hike up to the 3rd floor to do the delivery. He marked that individual on his list of customer’s to refuse delivery for. Of course as they entered Burger King the Prince wanted something from there. Dad said no, and gave him a Burger King paper crown. They had a break after the delivery before the next, so they drove to Taco Bell for dinner. They did a new pickup at “The Bench” off Nevada. It was a nice location, but busy place to find parking.

Shift Two – Company One – 5:30-7:30 PM

They had another lengthy break between deliveries and stopped off at home to change out laundry, do some dishes, and then headed off to the Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza near Trader Joe’s. During the drive the Prince went into a trance … dancing with his hands, doing a very artistic dance. Dad was impressed. The Prince claimed the music took over his body and he had to do that ritual dance. It was beautiful. Dad thought he would be a dancer in the future. This has happened several times with the Prince over the last two years. The Prince seems to know motion, moves, sword fighting styles, ninja moves, and motion dances without having been taught them. Impressive, Oisin thought.

They then had two double orders to pick up at Bird Dog BBQ.


After delivery Oisin was hoping for a break but was sent to Red Robin , and even before he could drop those items off was sent to Qdoba Mexican Eats . Sir Oisin was so tired, he only had a half hour to go. They did have a nice surprise of free fries from the waittresses at Red Robin – that was a tasty treat to the day. The last delivery of the day left the instructions “place food by door, ring doorbell, and run. Dog will bark.” Sir Oisin did as instructed, ran and heard the dog bark. It was funny.

They finished up that Qdoba order, then ran to Red Robin , and a double order at Old Chicago . They delivered those as the last delivery for the day signing out at 10 pm. Way too late. They went and got drinks as well as Ice Cream from Kum n’ Go convenience store, drove home, and called it a night.

Mileage: Total work Miles: 105 (95.22 delivery (26.39 drop-off miles), , 9.65 look miles , 6 miles personal = 111.

Cian’s new shoes. (he wore out his last pair) Tales of a Delivery Driver: Chronicle 28 – Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf and Prince Cian. Adventures in Colorado. Photos taken June 28, 2018. To read the adventures, visit http://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/?p=39039. To read reviews, visit: www.technogypsie.com/reviews. All photos and articles (c) 2018. Technogypsie.com – by Leaf McGowan and Thomas Baurley. All rights reserved. www.technogypsie.com/photography. More info about Colorado Springs: http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=31051

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06.27.18: Roswell, Museum, Crash Site, Silos, and the Blue Hole

Wednesday, 27 June 2018
RoswellSanta Rosa, New Mexico

Weather: Clear, blue skies, light wind – high of 108 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 68.

The adventurers had treated themselves to a night at Motel 6 in Roswell, New Mexico. It was a very welcomed break from camping in the desert. Their other option was Bottomless Lakes State Park – the last time they camped there they were attacked by 15 raccoons, but then again, that was in 2012. Oisin awoke earlier than his son, getting up at 7 am and tackling some blogging, photo cropping, and processing. The Prince awoke around 8 am and said “I love you Daddy!” Dad’s heart was melted, nothing is stronger than the love between a parent and child. The Prince instantly wanted to watch “Sponge Pants Bob”, and dad allowed as it was on cable. By 9, the Prince had a bath, washed his hair, and prepared for the day. They then headed down to the indoor pool for a swim – Dad so impressed by the fact the Prince independently swims on his own now. Dad even got the treat of soaking in the hot tub for a bit.

By 10:30 am, they checked out of the hotel and with the hotel’s permission was able to leave their merchant cargo trailer in the back lot while they finished exploring for the day. This was super helpful as it relieved wear n’ tear on the Ford Explorer, and saved humongous gas expenses. The duo grabbed breakfast burritos, hash browns, and orange juice for breakfast on the road – as they wanted to get out to the bluffs by Bottomless Lakes and the Pecos River before it got much later – as temperatures were going to climb into the hundreds today. By the time they hit the bluffs, it was already too hot at 94 degrees around 11 am. They gathered silver sage first in preparation for making smudge sticks for festival vending, then tried their luck at gathering Pecos Valley Diamonds. Even though dad took them to his favorite spot from childhood, they didn’t find any. It is best to gather right after a rain storm, and those have not been frequent as of late. Lady Toni had offered her old property as it was laden with them, but given the duo needed to get on the road back to Colorado or Arizona, they had to turn it down this visit. They gave the hunt about an hour and called it a no success treasure hunt. Onward to the UFO Museum, Spring River Park, Crash Site, Silos, and the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa. Dad had a very busy day planned out.

First stop was the Roswell Spring Hill Zoo. Sir Oisin wanted to check on The German Iron Cross of Roswell embedded tile symbol along the river that was placed there during the World War II civic works in the area. Unfortunately it seems to have been destroyed and non-existent. there was a concrete Christian Cross built into the river’s side approximately where Oisin remembered the historic piece to have existed, and fearful that the fundamentalists destroyed a piece of heritage history with modern kitch. The zoo didn’t seem to be open or in operation though some people were walking around. It was too hot none-the-less to explore anyhow as it was already above a hundred degrees.

The duo stopped by the splash pad that was near down-town so the Prince and Sir Oisin could run into the water fountains and showers to cool off. The Prince had a blast. He loved hanging under a fountain curtain and dad tried luring him under the big bucket that did a major soak. No luck as the Prince was on to his dad’s ploy. After a half-hour of play getting wet, dad had the Prince move over to the playground with hopes of drying off in the desert heat before going to the UFO museum. They played zombie attack on the playground equipment, albeit the slides were a bit hot to slide down.

They then drove downtown and parked in front of the Roswell UFO Museum. Right after the Prince got out of the car, he spied two alien cut-outs and played getting scared of an alien invasion. They entered the museum, the Prince free, and dad paid his admission. Parents in tow of small kids rarely have the time to read most of the exhibits and spend the time they would like to have perusing the matter. So as usual, Dad took photos of exhibits he can read on his computer later. The Prince was busy running from exhibit to exhibit. He loved the dioramas of the alien ship crash, the autopsy aliens, and other exhibits. Dad was intrigued by the mythology of the Wandjinas, Cryptids, Faeries, or God/desses he needs to research further. He was surprised there wasn’t more hype about Roswell Series (1999-2002) that he was so addicted to for its 5 seasons. He figured that show had more influence to Roswell tourism than the museum did.

After about an hour in the UFO Museum, the adventurers headed down Main street to check out the shops and the Roswell’s Alien Craze propaganda. They headed into Alien Zone, a cool gift shop with alien dioramas, exhibits, and photo opportunities. There is even a spaceship maze to wander through. Every store on Main street essentially had an alien in front of it, windows painted with them, or souvenirs in the windows. The anti-alien organization that was across the street from the UFO museum was gone, as Sir Oisin saw it back in 2016. They had planted their anti-alien stickers on the old frame of the UFO Crash site back in the day, most likely being the culprits to destroying the crash site sign.

As they made their way back to the Explorer, they spied a Hawaiian shaved ice truck in the UFO Museum parking lot, so they treated themselves to the much needed cooling treat. The Prince was ecstatic. They then drove back to Motel 6, hooked up the trailer, stopped off at Circle K and got large drinks for the road. They then pit stopped at Panda Express for lunch across from the Roswell Mall. Dad had the honey walnut shrimp and beef, fried rice, and chow mein while the Prince had the orange chicken kids meal. They were satisfied and hit Highway 285 North.

Just south of mile marker 134 they saw the empty vandalized frame that once broadcasted the location of the Roswell UFO Crash Site. Dad pulled over to take a look at the area, no more alien evidence whatsoever, including pro or anti propaganda. Rumor has it the rancher owning the property doesn’t want it there anymore. Just 1/8 of a mile north o the Crash site is one of Roswell’s many abandoned Roswell Missle Silos from the cold war. There were no signs warning not to trespass, nothing but a single bar padlocked to prevent people driving to the silo. Having explored them since childhood it was a popular place to go in the past. So Father and son, just like Sir Oisin did with his father, headed over to explore the ruins of the silo. It was no longer cemented closed and could be entered. However Dad did not feel comfortable taking the Prince in it as he was only 5 and they didn’t have flash lights with them. The Prince however found an abandoned head lamp which he kept, later to test with batteries. Dad explained to the Prince about the silo, the doors, the air vents, and the stairwell. Two large water tanks had been added to the property by the missile doors. Sir Oisin had always wanted to buy one and convert it to a live-work museum home storefront.

By 4:30 pm they arrived in Santa Rosa, NM and made their way to the infamous “Blue Hole” where all the divers in training within New Mexico usually go get tested and licensed at. It was super cold even though the air temperature was over 105 degrees Fahrenheit. That didn’t stop Sir Oisin and son from swimming. Dad swam more than the Prince. They then went over to the swimming lake next to it and was going to play on the water adventure equipment, but they didn’t bring their wallet thinking it was free like the Blue Hole. It was however $10 a person and dad was too broke until payday the following day. So they skipped for the day with a “maybe” to go to tomorrow if they decided to camp there the night. On the way back to the Blue Hole, the Prince was running in the parking lot, slipped and fell, skinning his knee, souring his spirit. They took a last swim in the Blue Hole, but the Prince decided he just wanted to leave. They decided not to drive to Arizona to accept work from a friend on home improvements, for fear they wouldn’t financially be able to afford it. Since Oisin had booked a full 32 hour week starting tomorrow doing deliveries, he wanted to preserve his great reputation with the company and not have points against him for dropped blocks even though the beauty of that kind of work was ability to make and change one’s schedule at will.

The Prince instantly passed out as they drove out of town. That confirmed to dad that they should drive home and sleep in their own bed for the night and figure things out in the morning. It was still a 6 hour drive, putting them at home arrival around midnight.

As they approached the New Mexico border from Las Vegas, they saw the glow of the wild fires plaguing the area. It looked bad. Luckily they didn’t have to drive through any of them. They fueled up with the last of their money in Las Vegas, and energy-wise made it to Trinidad. Dad was exhausted, so they pulled over to a rest area around 10 pm, and slept for 4 hours before awaking again at 2 am to head home. They arrived around 4:30 am, and quickly passed out in their own beds.

Mileage: 489 miles (Technogypsie Productions Spring Research Project / Tree Leaves Oracle return from vending)

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06.26.18: Roswell and Bottomless Lakes State Park

Tuesday, 26 June 2018
CarlsbadRoswell, New Mexico

Weather: Clear Hot Summer Blue skies, light wind, High of 109 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 65 degrees.

Oisin woke up with the sun, and the Prince of Endurance popped up around 7 am saying “I Love You Daddy”. That made Dad feel very good, as lately he’s been affected by some random loneliness. As much as he enjoys the ability to dedicate his time and energy to his son, studies, research, and writing … he does miss having an adult adventuring partner. His buddy the Prince however, is grand he feels … as he shapes him into a world explorer like he is and as his father was. The Prince has already conquered 8 countries and 38 states so he’s on track for world exploration.

The winds were not as bad last night as they were the night before, so Oisin was pleased. The 10×10 frame however has some damage bends and lost bolts from Monday night’s wind storms. It was hot, already in the 90’s, with clear blue skies and a light wind. Sir Oisin made a video blog segment around 7:30 am as the Prince was crushing ants on his play rug. They were the large biting kind and he didn’t care for them. Dad told him not to hurt them to brush them off the rug instead, but to be careful that they don’t bite. The final night of camping at Bradford Lake State Park, the adventuring duo decided they wanted to walk down to the lake’s shore for a swim before hitting the road. While the Prince played with his Minecraft Elements blocks, army tank, and legos, Dad broke down camp – carefully closing up and un-stringing the 10×10, carefully folding the joints that were duct-taped after the wind storm, and then deflated the air mattress, packed up the blankets and sleeping bags into the trailer, and rolled up the sleeping tent. He finished up camp dishes, they splashed water on their face at the rest room, dad had to distract Cian back to camp from the playground as all he wanted to do was play. It was getting hotter. They had leftovers from dinner last night for breakfast as well as a bowl of frosted mini wheats, organic milk, and organic orange juice. They finally packed up camp and walked to the trail called “Lake Loop” assuming it would lead down to the shore of Lake Bradford.

Along the path, the Prince in lead as the trail blazer, they spied a Texas Jack Rabbit information sign. Dad read it to the Prince to teach him of Jack Rabbits. The bush by the sign hid a jack rabbit so the Prince got to see one in action hopping around the trail. Prince Cian was impressed by the limestone and sandstone rocks along the trail. He wanted to rock collect but dad said save the space for the crystals they would get out by Bottomless Lakes State Park when they go to Roswell.

They hiked down towards the lake and came to information signs about Desert Arroyo and Tamarisk. They explored the Desert Arroyo a bit but saw no trail to the lake’s edge, in fact the trail was looping back towards the campgrounds. Disappointed they turned back around and headed to camp as that trail was unlikely to lead to the lake’s edge. They figured they could drive the car to a beach. They got back to camp, finished packing up, hooked up the trailer, and drove to the day use area with hopes of discovering a beach. There was none. The Boat launch areas might have had something, but they looked shady as a viable option to drive down pulling the cargo trailer, so they decided they would instead head to the river by the dam and take a dip there. They arrived by river’s edge, but was disgusted what the rafters and swimmer’s left behind. It was upsetting. The water was clean, crystal clear though. The Prince wanted to swim. There was a light layer of much at the bottom and water racing down through tubes under the road that swimmers had used as rafting rapids. Dad however was unsettled with the broken glass and day use trash. So he told the disappointed Prince, they would just be swimming at Bottomless Lakes. He didn’t trust the river’s edge. So they got back into the Ford Explorer and headed north towards Roswell.

They drove through the old high school routes of Sir Oisin when he was exploring places to party and recreate as a high school student with his first car. They drove that route often to Sitting Bull Falls. Lots of memories flowed past Sir Oisin … the good, the bad, and the ugly that was life in Roswell. They drove through Artesia, Dexter, and then into Roswell. They were welcomed by silly alien propaganda, wood cut aliens in front of businesses, billboards advertising services or food with alien references and imagery, and the tacky Roswell’s Alien Craze that is Roswell today. It wasn’t like that when Sir Oisin went to school and grew up there, everyone knew the legend of the Alien crash and autopsies, but there was none of the hype and tourism back then. Today the city is centered on aliens … taking over mascots for school sport teams, lamp posts, signs, wall art, and overall decoration. No place in Roswell is safe from aliens. The alien hype in Roswell is of the extra-terrestrial kind, even though the state has its problems with the illegal kind as well being close to Mexico.

The bare and desolate landscape surrounding Roswell, especially with the lack of trees, plants, and greenery always reminds Sir Oisin of what the world would look like after the Apocalypse or End of Times. Hot, barren, and bland. As they had the GPS plugged in for Bottomless Lakes State park, as Sir Oisin remembered a southeastern route by-passing Roswell, his GPS still navigated him into the All American City. Sir Oisin took pictures of the welcoming alien kitch one is greeted with upon entering the city. He decided to drive straight to the Motel 6 to see if he could check in early as it was only 11 am. Along the route he was flooded with more memories of elementary and high school days. The hotel couldn’t check him in early but he was able to unhitch the trailer and leave it at the hotel, freeing up the Ford Explorer from dragging it around causing wear n’ tear and extra gas use. That was thankful. The explorers grabbed burgers for lunch from the barren sonic across the street from the hotel. It was no longer a “drive-in” just a drive thru with a inside dining area. Service was slow and full of mistakes. Sir Oisin was not impressed.

Oisin side-routed to the lakes past his old high school – Goddard High School, then the Roswell Country Club that his parents belonged to back in the day as a status symbol with a great pool for them to cool off summers while dad played golf. Then on to the route to the Lakes, he stopped off to grab some silver sage from the bluffs and they drove on into Bottomless Lakes State Park. Memories of the lake monsters rumored to be in the lakes from giant catfish to giant turtles dwelling at the darkest depths. He remembered the scuba lessons his eldest brother Bill gave him in the middle of those depths always on edge wondering if the creatures from the deep would ever reveal themselves to him. They didn’t. The only savage creature he encountered at the Lakes was Rattlesnakes, scorpions, and tarantulas. As a “young and dumb” teen, Sir Oisin was returning home from snorkeling in the lakes and drove up upon a very large 10’ long rattler crossing the road. So what does this silly teen do? He pulled over his car, grabbed his spear gun proceeding to aim and shoot the spear into the rattler’s body. He didn’t dare think of the repercussions of that action … now he was attached to a very much alive and pissed off rattle snake that was attached to him by the spear and its cord threaded to his gun. He had no idea how to neither get his spear back nor escape the rattler. He had to pull it various places away from him with the gun. He finally had no other option but drop the gun, run to the car, and then he drove the car atop the rattler parking on its head. He cut off the head, tail, and the spear … the body still slithering after he backed up off the snake and it slithered angrily off the road into the bushes. What a dumb action to take Oisin reflected.

Then he drove by the marshes and areas he and his girl friend would go and frolic in the reeds within. He drove by the cliffs and rocks that he and his brother nearly killed themselves along climbing around the edges of the sinks. He reflected on the tops of the bluffs where legend had it other stupid teens drag-raced to the edges of, some with unlucky dives into the lakes. Whether there was truth to that, Sir Oisin does not know. There were tales of murders, crimes, and legends like Billy the Kid around these lakes. The lakes, all mostly salt-water brine, are a unique environment all of their own. It was a favorite spot for the kids to entertain themselves every weekend.

They dropped by the overlooking bluffs of Leah Lake, then continued down past the private Hunting and Fishing Lake to the left, and Leah Lake on the Right. They paid the $5 Park Day Use fee, pulled into the ghost-town of a building that used to be the Southwestern Style cemented stone gift shop, concessions, and hall. It was closed and boarded up symbolic of the times and days past. The dreadful economy of the current day destroying the ability for it to operate anymore Oisin supposed. The Prince was excited as he and Dad entered the beach which had quite a few swimmers, sun bathers, and family picnics. The water was cold and perfect for above 100 degree Fahrenheit days. Dad was so proud of the Prince, such a good swimmer now, pushed past his independence of wanting to swim on his own now – able to swim by himself under water, atop water, and float on his back for up to 10 minutes without assistance. Dad worked on trying to teach the proud bold Prince the breast stroke, but the Prince wouldn’t listen and said “I know how to swim all by myself”. Another day Sir Oisin hoped. They swam together, dad continuously trying to get the Prince not to swim off to the deep areas himself, and go catch minnows. The Prince became obsessed with trying to catch minnows with his hands, often frustrated that he couldn’t. Dad tried to get him to introduce himself to the girls down shore catching minnows with nets, but the Prince was too timid. They built sand castles and once their skin got wrinkly, continued on with their journey.

They drove by and took peeks of the remaining lakes like Mirror Lake and the Devil’s Ink Well. Dad shared stories with the Prince and they were shocked to see one of the lakes to be muddy blood red with algae blooms all over it. Dad never remembered it being that bad. They tried to explore the visitor center but it was closed as the rangers had just drove off before they walked up.

As the temperatures approached over 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and 109 yesterday, Dad cancelled the adventure into the fields across from Bottomless Lakes State Park turn off to go hunting for Pecos Valley Diamonds. They were both sun burnt and sweltering from the heat. They decided to drive back to the hotel, check in, and cool off in the indoor pool there. They drove on into town, hit Motel 6, checked on the trailer, checked in, dropped off their luggage, and went down to swim in the pool and soak in the hot tub. The skies outside the hotel threatened afternoon and early evening showers.

They ventured back out after swimming to take a drive down memory lane. They stopped for vanilla custard ice cream waffle cones for a afternoon snack, then drove down Country Club drive for dad’s walk down memory lane. The old airport grave yard was still there, picked of the skeletal frames, then on into Enchanted Hills where he used to live. He drove by old friends houses, his house which was stripped of the evergreen bushes, looked like the swimming pool was removed and replaced by a trampoline, and it was bare bones from what it once was. He saw his old bedroom window he used to climb out of to go to Rocky Horror Picture Shows, and his dad’s old office shed.

My childhood home / house on Estrellita Drive. Exploring Roswell, NM (http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=4997). Rebirth of the Bard and Ovate: Chronicle 27 – Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf and Prince Cian. Adventures in New Mexico. Photos taken June 26, 2018. To read the adventures, visit http://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/?p=38381. To read reviews, visit: www.technogypsie.com/reviews. All photos and articles (c) 2018. Technogypsie.com – by Leaf McGowan and Thomas Baurley. All rights reserved. www.technogypsie.com/photography. More info about Colorado Springs: http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=31051

The neighborhood seemed smaller with shorter distances than he remembered. He drove by the old fields he and his brother and friends would play in, the underpass where they had their forts, and the Valley of the Kings n’ Queens they had gourd wars at. Behind the National Guard armory was the old World War II dump, and the love shack seemingly demolished and gone. Mini forests where there once were no trees, the dirt roads blocked off and no trespassing signs amiss. Lots had changed. He drove by the house of his parent’s friends the Chapmans, who were murdered in their doctor’s office by their son, and the house they supposedly came back to as ghosts to reveal hidden jewels and treasure hidden in the house for the remaining children. They drove down 2nd street, Main street, visited his old Middle school – Sierra Middle and El Capitan Elementary. His memories were sparked and alive.

They stopped and played in Dad’s old playground and park where he grew up. The Prince played tag and zombie attack with dad. Dad remembered burying a time capsule somewhere in the park, but no remnants of markers he left behind didn’t exist. Just childhood trash and toys, notes, and drawings were only things lost.

They stopped at the Golden Corral for the buffet dinner. The Prince had a special where it was only 99 cents. He loved dinner. His mom, Lady Etain, called during dinner – he didn’t want to talk, just eat his food. He was quite rude to his mom. Dad prompted him to talk, but he refused. When she said she was going to go, he blew her kisses and told her that he loved her.

Dad was trying to meet up with one of his old High school best friends, but hadn’t heard back from her. So they retired to the hotel, grabbed drinks from the Circle K, and called it a night.

Mileage: 116

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06.25.18: Carlsbad Caverns and Sitting Bull Falls

Monday, 25 June 2018
Carlsbad, New Mexico

Weather: Hot clear and scorching. Temperatures with a high of 108 degrees Fahrenheit, lows of 62.

The night was windy with a massive hurricane strength wind force around 4 am. This awoke Oisin and he had to crawl out and save the popup tent, lowering it, duct taping broken bars, and doing more tie downs. It was dark and forbidding. It was too windy to try to take the popup down. He got back to sleep afterwards, falling to the rocking sounds of the winds. Sir Oisin and the Prince awoke around 7:30 am with the hot desert sun peering into the fabric of their existence of a tent, the aftermath of a heavy windstorm through the night that nearly ripped their popup tent that was shading and protecting the sleeping tent. Several bars of the pop-up tent broke, but Oisin duct-taped them together. He hammered in more stakes, threw boulders into the four corners of the tent, and weighted down the pop-up legs so that nothing would blow away while they were gone from the campsite that day. Brantley Lake State Park is beautiful, but a harsh windy desert experience. Dad contemplated making breakfast at the campsite, but with the ice melt severely draining the ice chest, they decided just to get breakfast in town. Heavy on his mind too was gas – he had 50 miles to go until empty, and the caverns were 44.5 miles away. Hopefully he’d make a gas station in Carlsbad along the way. He got dressed, got the prince dressed after luring him off the festival rug he was playing legos on completely oblivious of the wind.

They drove by the Pecos river and contemplated a swim since yesterday saw tons of people rafting, swimming, and hanging out there. But the beaches were trashed with junk and food trash, broken glass, cans and cardboard boxes. It was disgusting. Dad said no. Especially after the Prince’s experience in the murky waters of Prospect Lake where he cut his foot. A definite no-go even though the area looked fun and Cian really wanted to swim.

They made it to Carlsbad in just time not running out of gas. They stopped at Allsups convenience store and got gas. THey were going to grab a bag of ice there, but the clerk was too busy counting incoming inventory of beer boxes from the trucker she was ignoring all the customers. So they left, and went to a McDonalds down the road for a drive-thru grabbing 3 bags of ice for $1.99 each.

They ran across a Denny’s Restaurants and decided to stop there. After all, the Denny’s in Colorado Springs are gone and non-existent, so they figured it would be a treat. The Prince was excited as he loves to eat out. Dad got the french toast grand slam and the Prince got the pancake grand slam, both washing it down with orange juice. Nice waitress who provided great service, so deserved a proper tip.

They then drove from Carlsbad to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. They have a National Parks Pass so got in free on the card. They stopped for a photo moment at the entrance sign. They drove up and down the canyons of the Guadalupe Mountains to the Cavern’s visitor center. They walked in, past school bus loads of tourists, and into the museum section – looking over the maps of the cavern and how deep they would hike. They opted entering the long hike from the visitor center rather than the elevator that takes you straight down. It was tough on the Prince’s legs, he complained a bit it was too long for his legs. Dad didn’t have to carry him much and they took the elevator back up towards the end. The Prince was excited, they looked at the displays, dioramas, and explanations of the cave. There was a fake cave for kids for him to scurry through several times before they took the path to the natural entrance.

Are there monsters in the caves said one display, “false” there are no monsters here but there are other creatures – Brazilian free tailed bats spend their summers roosting in the Bat Cave. Cave swallows nest just inside the natural entrance. Cave crickets and microbes all the cave home year round. Dad showed the Prince the entire map of the cave and where they were hiking. The Prince was beyond excited. He love caves just as his dad does.

Just as took the path down to the natural entrance Cian complained it was too long. He got very thirsty on the way, so dad gave him a drink of the powerade even though they didn’t want people to drink juices or flavored drinks between the visitor center and the bottom of the cave. Only water they said. Oisin saw no reason why he couldn’t drink the drink before entering the cave, so they both refreshed up. They stopped at the ring midden and dad showed the Prince where the original visitors to the cavern cooked plants like mescale here. They then tromped through the bat viewing seating ampitheater at the entrance to the cave and Dad put the Prince in as leader to the cavern walk. The Prince was excited to be in charge.

Cian was excited and led dad down into the cave. Dad explained this was where everyone viewed the bats coming in and out of the cave. He saw the cave swallows swarming the cave entrance and asked if those were the bats? Dad said no, those were birds. The Prince still thought they were bats, and asked dad if they would hurt them. Dad said no, they won’t hurt you. The Prince continued weaving down into the cave entrance as leader, excited about the journey downward, stopping frequently with awe showing dad things he saw that were interesting like looking up at the cave entrance once they hiked down deep into the cave. He was curious about the stalagtites, stalagmites, and columns. Cian held his nose frequently around the entrance from the smell of bat poop – guano until they got deeper and the smell was gone.

They arrived at the Twilight Zone with their eyes adjusting to natural and artificial lighting in the cave. It was a long ways down. They were fascinated by the Devil’s spring, the Green Lake Room, iceberg rock, and other formations. They saw giant’s faces in the rocks. The Prince thought he heard a giant, dad asked “did he say Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an Irish Man?” (a nursery rhyme they often play around with) and the Prince said yes he did. He had big footsteps too.

They stopped at signs to learn about the twilight zone, cavern climate, formations, and joints/solutions. Dad explained stalagtites held tight to the ceiling, and stalgmites might fall, and a column was where they blended together. Cian called it a spooky cave. He excitedly ran down the path, dad constantly telling him not to run and be careful. After he slipped and fell momentarily dropping coins from his pocket, he stopped running, and luckily was ok. The Prince was a trooper and made the hike down all on his own without dad carrying him. He played with zombie noises trying to scare dad. Once they got to the bottom, they were going to have lunch in the cafeteria, but there were no food selections. They instead bought some water and hydrated up. It was a perfect temperature and very cool down below. They used the restrooms and took the elevator back up to the visitor center, returned to the car and began driving to Sitting Bull Falls, dad’s old high school tromping grounds.

The Prince was tired of walking and said he needed a walking stick to do those kind of walks, because such a stick would make the walk easier. They were excited to go to the falls to see the cave where Sitting Bull held up and hid when the authorities were trying to track him down, so the legend goes. It was a long drive through foothills, gullies, and canyons of the Guadalupe Mountains … a 20 somewhat mile drive into nowhere. It was a lot longer drive than Oisin remembered from high school days. It was windy yet scorching hot. They finally arrived at the Sitting Bull Falls Recreation Area, welcoming sign with a $5 per car admission fee which luckily they had some cash for. They parked and hiked up to the waterfall and lower pools. They couldn’t wait to swim in this emerald gem of a oasis in the hot desert. The pools were a perfect chill and temperature to cool them off. They had a blast. The prince took to it naturally like a fish to water. They splashed, swam, and went under the waterfall. The prince was such a good swimmer and independently minded. He’s definitely able to swim on his own now, dad proud at teaching him that from an early age. A photographer offered to take pictures of father and son with dad’s camera, so Oisin was pleased. Said photographer fixed his menu block on the camera too Oisi hadn’t been able to fix for years. It took him some tinkering.

After swimming in the pools they ventured up the cliff to see if they could get to the cave, but it was blocked off and required permits to enter. That saddened Oisin as he had fond memories exploring the cave behind that was a real cavern with stalagtites and stalagmites. Next time they will bring caving equipment and get a permit. They then decided to head back to the picnic area to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch with some powerade to wash it down. They saw a giant moth in the picnic table area. It was pretty fascinating. They then filled up their water bottles and took a hike on trail 68 to the top of the falls. It was invigorating. The Prince brought his walking stick – a yucca staff he found at White Sands. He posed for various pictures as a warrior. He even asked dad to take lots of pictures. He unfortunately threw the staff into one of the murky pools. Dad warned him he’d lose it. The Prince was momentarily sad. They then found the best pool at the falls, a crystal clear, cold, deep pool with abundant fish that they were excited to jump into. There were some locals hanging around the pool, too timid to enter the cold water. But once they were bested by a 5 year old, they braved going in. It was the most refreshing pool ever Sir Oisin thought. It even had a river bed carved through the limestone creating a semi-water slide into the pool. The Prince loved it. They chatted with the locals about springs and history. A large family arrived some time later, so Oisin, the Prince, and the locals moved on as they were obnoxiously loud and disturbing the peace and tranquility of the pool. On the hike down to the recreation area, the Prince posed for some more warrior pics. The Prince for his first time, hot from the hike, took to his own deliverance his water bottle and poured it over his head. Dad was amazed at how this kid was growing up so fast and smart. They made it down to the parking lot and researched further into the caves of the area looking at the displays and maps.

It was perfect timing as the park was just then closing. They wondered if the locals were lost as they hiked further up the canyon and won’t be back before the ranger closes the gates they thought. They drove out and half the gate was already closed not letting anyone else back in. They drove on to the city of Carlsbad to the local movie theater. They used their Movie Pass to see “Jurassic World“. The theater had their drink machines broken, all but lemon-lime icees. So they got icees and popcorn, hot dog, and headed into the theater. Loud, junky, typical New Mexico public movie theater. They nestled into their seats with the concessions tray on their lap, and watched the film with fascination. The Prince was scared of the dinosaurs a few times. Dad thought it was cute.

Afterwards they grabbed dinner at McDonalds – the Prince a cheeseburger happy meal, dad a Big Mac meal with fries and yes, a coke. He fell off the bandwagon quitting soda during this trip once again. They drove back to Lake Bradley State Park arriving at their camp site, finishing their dinner, and nestled into bed. Dad downloaded photos, they played legos together, and called it a night. Tomorrow they would pack up camp and head to Roswell.

Mileage: 82

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06.12.18: Ocean’s 8 Return to Delivery

Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Colorado SpringsDenver, Colorado

Weather: Hot, clear skies with a high of 95 degrees, and a low of 60 degrees.

Sir Oisin got up first in the morning letting the Prince sleep. He awoke his usual time around 6:30 – 7:00 am, in order to get ready for their first shift of work. This will be their first time back to deliveries since Prince Cian wounded his foot. The Prince awoke at his usual time of 8 am, and instantly wanted to watch “Sponge Pants Bob” and Dad allowed. While the Prince watched one of his favorite show, Sir Oisin got some blogging done, made breakfast, did dishes, and put in a load of laundry. He made them a bowl of cereal with organic milk, cut up some fresh strawberries and pears, and served yogurt as well as orange juice for breakfast. Outside the birds chirping, bright hot sun, clear blue skies, and no wind awaited them.

Shift 1: Company 1: 9 am – 11 am:

Tuesday started out pretty busy with a morning with a first delivery instantly upon signing into the app. Usually at this hour they would be lucky to get one delivery request but often not a request until after 10 am, today there was one at 9:00 am to IHOP. The pickup and delivery went well even though they were running late. The Prince watched downloaded episodes of Sponge Pants Bob in the car. The Prince didn’t have to leave the car at all during the first delivery, resting his foot, as it was only a pop into the full glass windowed front door with pickup counter right there at the IHOP and then a delivery to a residential house where Dad only had to walk up to the front door to drop off the delivery. “Sweet” Sir Oisin thought. “This is easier than I expected.” They headed home for a break to play and blog. The Prince took his antibiotics and had another bowl of cereal while playing soldiers and his tank with Dad. Tuesdays are usually slow Sir Oisin thought, so this day may go better than expected. Then around 10:30 am they were called over to La Baquette in Old Colorado City. After drop-off, they pit stopped at the Safeway around the corner to grab some refreshments and snacks. They found the Han Solo fruit punch cans on sale for .49 cents each, so got four. The Prince was excited to have two R2D2 cans. They also got sliced watermelon and Simply Lemonade for snack.

Shift 2: Company 1: 11 am – 1 pm:

Flowing right into shift 2, Oisin and the Prince headed to Subway for a pickup. Their system was down so they cancelled the order around 11:20 am. It was a total waste of time and gas as the company wouldn’t compensate for it. This bothers Sir Oisin. Just before lunch they headed over to Red Robin and got their free fry cup with pickup. Afterwards they had quite a bit of a break to relax and decided to grab lunch at Fazoli’s getting spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, and breadsticks. They dropped by a playground and had a picnic, played on the seesaw, slide, and kid’s play stuff. Dad constantly nagged the Prince to keep it easy on his foot, but the Prince felt great and said it didn’t hurt. The next pickup was from Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza just before 1 pm. They pulled into the alley this time with flashers rather than the median as is usual. Safer location with a child. The delivery was only a ½ mile away. At this rate they were averaging a delivery per hour.

Break: 1 pm – 2:30 pm

They had no shifts from 1 until 2:30 pm, and didn’t receive the next request until 3:15 pm. They went home and played together, cooled off, and dad did some video blogging. Dad and son played army tank and soldiers on his bed, watched Goosebumps, and dad changed the Prince’s bandages checking on the status of the stitches. It looked gross he thought, but scabbing up and healing well. That reminded dad he needed to call his doctor to schedule a date next week to take the stitches out. He also found a replacement festival for Northern Realms War, the Gathering of the Clans in Riodoso New Mexico. This way he’d be able to visit his old high school best friend Lady Toni. It all depends on the Princes foot and how the healing / stitches went.

Shift 3: Company 1: 2:30 – 4:30 pm:

They headed to IHOP around 3:15 for their first delivery in the shift back after break. Then it was quiet affording a lengthy break to play at the playground and sight see. They headed to another subway which again, had technology issues and couldn’t provide the order as they couldn’t log into their tablets after an update was released. So another wasted trip, time, and gas that Sir Oisin wouldn’t be compensated for by the company. This was at 4 pm.

Shift 4: Company 1: 4:30 – 6:30 pm:

At 4:30 the duo headed to Qdoba Mexican Eats for a pickup Then instantly after delivery raced over to Pho Brothers for another pickup . They had a 10 minute break between deliveries to grab some drinks from “Kum n’ Go”. Then over to Old Chicago for another pickup and quickly afterwards another pickup from Spiced Island Grill and shortly after right back to Pho Brothers. When they did the Spice Island Grill, it turned out to be to one of the Prince’s old classmates and they were excited to see one another again. The parents exchanged numbers and set up a play date. They then ran over to McDonalds after shift to grab a quick dinner – Dad a value menu bacon cheeseburger and the Prince the cheeseburger Happy meal with fries, apple slices, apple juice, and a toy.

They then drove over to Tinseltown to use their Movie Passes. It was dad’s turn to pick movies, so they went for the diamond heist film of Ocean’s 8/ (2018: PG-13). The Prince was a bit restless through the movie, but enjoyed the action.

They were home late and called it a night. They were both ready for bed. Exhausted.

Mileage: 86 Miles Business, 8 miles personal, Total: 94 miles

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06.11.18: Recovery, A Quiet Place

Monday, 11 June 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: Hot and clear skies, high of 98 degrees, low of 60’s.

Sir Oisin was up before the Prince as usual getting some blogging and accounting done before he awoke. The Prince slept in longer than usual, probably worn out from the debacle that was his swim injury and stitching at the Emergency Room yesterday. It was a late night for him as well. Dad decided that he needed to cancel the 8 hours of deliveries scheduled for the day, as the Prince needed to stay off his feet and recover. Or so he thought. The Prince awoke claiming no pain or odd feelings in his foot and wanted to literally jump up on his feet instantly. So was his awakening that morning. It was Dad, however, being an overprotective father … was the concerned one with the Prince’s foot being kept out of harm’s way. Sir Oisin at first only cancelled shifts scheduled until 2:30 pm just to see what would happen. The ER doctors said it would be best to keep the Prince off his feet for at least 24 hours, and although the Prince still being a toddler, was quite heavy to carry everywhere. Sir Oisin also contacted the crews at Northern Realms War to notify they had to cancel merchanting the event, because Sir Oisin was concerned about the Prince’s foot. It is one thing to keep it dry and clean at home, but camping would be a whole different tale. It was best that they stay locale and at home. Keeping it clean and dry at home will be a feat in of itself Sir Oisin thought. It would be an interesting week – having to figure out how to make work flow.
Arising at 7:30 am, Sir Oisin had a chance to briefly catch up with his roommate and landlord, Lord Jesse. Lord Jesse was quite busy catching up with grades of his students, writing updates on each student, and warned Sir Oisin he would be non-existent for much of the week.

Sir Oisin’s car seems to be running fine now that he fixed the cylinder boot and plug replacements. Still heavy on his shoulders, he is aware that the Ford Explorer was getting old and would soon need to be replaced. He needs to clean it up and list it on the market sooner than later. Lord Jesse agreed and persuaded Sir Oisin in the effect.

By late morning, the tiny house with its passive solar became extremely sweltering and miserable. So Oisin took the Prince to the ARC thrift store for some shopping, looking for treasures they could vend or make their lives improved. They found some great candle molds, clay for the Prince, and a toy tank. It was rough carrying the Prince though, especially with treasures, as the homeless abused the use of shopping carts at the store that they put anti-lock brakes on the wheels so the carts cannot be carted out of the store. That doesn’t help the disabled and burdened to get things to their car. Dad managed nonetheless. They also needed to get to King Soopers grocery store and pharmacy to get the Prince’s antibiotics that were prescribed to be taken twice a day … protection against any possible bacteria that could have entered the wound from the lake water.

Dad however misplaced the Prince’s medical insurance card, so had to go through a debacle to fill the prescription. He was on eternal hold with the insurance company just to discover that the Prince’s medical ID number was one digit away from his own. Cian kept wanting to get onto his feet and didn’t care much for dad toting him around. After grocery shopping and finally getting the prescription, the duo headed home and dad gave the Prince his medication. They then finished up the Panda Express leftovers from last night for lunch. The Prince continued to insist his foot was fine, walking on it even though dad kept telling him not to.

With the summer heat in the high 90’s, Sir Oisin decided they needed to seek shelter from the heat somewhere cool – water parks and swimming pools were out due to the need to keep the foot dry. So they opted for the movie theater … the Prince really wanted to see “A Quiet Place”. Sir Oisin having already seen it, and it being rated PG-13, knew it was fine for the Prince and wouldn’t be too scary. They headed over to Tinseltown and used their Movie Passes.

Dad feeling beaten down and tired, it was a nice break for him. Sir Oisin was a bit downtrodden that they would be missing the Northern Realms War. He was also frustrated with the part of life that every time he sees the light at the end of the tunnel something happens to make him lose his way. Between the car, the swim injury, and finances … the toll it’s taking on Sir Oisin is really rough. The Prince however was restless through the movie, even though extremely enjoying it, shifted a lot in the theater and made it known he requires a blanket for all movies. Dad added that to his arsenal of things to keep in the car. Dad was also glad he bought the open toe sandals for the Prince some time back, as it proved very useful and helpful with the open-toes and the stitched toe. Dad wrapped the Prince’s toe with gauze, pads, triple ointment, and tape several times during the day – letting the wound air out evenings as suggested.

Dad cancelled all deliveries for the day and spent the time with the Prince recovering. The Prince asked dad if he ever had stitches or cut his foot, and Sir Oisin remembered – yes … he did. In fact, the same foot, four stitches, around the same age as the Prince. It was however atop his foot, instead of the bottom. The synchronicity between father and son he pondered. When he was 5 ½ he was at a friend’s house in New York, laying flat on the floor listening to music with his friend, kicking his feet to the rhythm and accidentally kicking his friend’s aquarium. The Aquarium burst and fish with water flowed all over the floor. As came the glass that shredded his foot.

With popcorn, the Prince a chocolate shake, dad a Vanilla Bean frappacino, they duo had a great time. Prince Cian really enjoyed a “Quiet Place” and excitedly said “we saw that” pointing to the movie poster as they exited the theater. He said he wanted to live in that movie and fight the monster than attacks sound and can’t see. He said he could beat it because it was blind. He looked over the other movie posters and pointed at “Hereditary” saying he wanted to see that. Dad said, it’s probably too scary and too old for him. He then pointed at “Deadpool 2” and said he wanted to see that. Dad said “Definitely not until you’re an adult. It’s made for adults.” Cian was disappointed.

Afterwards, the Prince wanted to walk by the decorative pond with fountain by the hotels and Old Chicago just across from Tinseltown. So dad parked at the hotel and they walked amongst the very friendly and not scared Canadian geese around the sidewalk and side of the pond. Prince Cian found 3 perfect geese feathers he was going to make something magic with. He asked dad why the geese listened to him. Cian then proceeded to run down the slope to the pond’s shoreline, and dad told him to go very slow. Luckily he listened as he still couldn’t embrace the concept of keeping it easy on his foot. Then the Prince asked dad to go swimming in the pond. Dad said “no its decorative, its not for swimming.” The Prince said he wasn’t going to go, but dad should.
Afterwards they headed home and grilled up Bison burgers and fries for dinner. They hung out and played legos, watched a movie together, and read a book. It was an early evening for the both of them … that evening, A Quiet Place.

Mileage: 16 (no business mileage)

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