07.31.2010: Faerieworlds – Bad Faeries Day

Saturday, 31 July 2010




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08.02.10: Return to Colorado

Monday, 2 August 2010




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08.02.18: Deliveries, Country Buffet, Dancing Statues, and a Mermaid Cake

Thursday, 2 August 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: High of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 62. Overcast, cloudy, breezy. Rainstorms in the evening.

The weary couriers slept in as they were exhausted from yesterday. It is Lammas – the First stirrings of Fall, although it didn’t feel like it. Sir Oisin got up around 7:30 am and Prince Cian got up just after 8 am. They didn’t have a shift until 9:30 am so they had a chance to cuddle, play, and spend some time together. Dad reheated the chocolate chip pancakes, regular pancakes, and other left-overs from the abandoned IHOP order eating them for breakfast washed down with fresh orange juice from Trader Joe’s. The kids Princess Aine and Princes Xavier, Theron, and Kian awoke and played with Prince Cian – doing Nerf gun battles in the yard under the apple tree. One of the larger kids shot the Prince of Endurance with a Nerf bullet and Cian said “Owwwiee” not wanting to do war with them anymore. They offered to exchange guns. Dad offered the Prince armor for the foam bullets, but the Prince was too bold and proud to resort to it. Afterwards they had chocolate milk and the Prince went to play quieter games with Princess Aine in the garden.


They logged in at 9:30 am and didn’t get any calls until a 11:15 am pickup at Blank Canvas Cafe. This was good as Sir Oisin had a chance to get things ready for the Gnome Dome Lucky 17 Party/Camp out near Lake George this weekend. It was already up to 80 degrees with very hazy skies overcast almost like smog or a foggy haze blending in. It didn’t feel that hot Sir Oisin felt. There seemed to be a light breeze cooling things off a bit. The Prince had downloaded BFG cartoons (Big Friendly Giant) onto his kindle to watch during deliveries today.

Racing down the street with the sounding siren of what they thought would be a ambulance was a big black tank with police swat on it – this tactical tank raced off to the main street area of town, Oisin was curious what that was – hoping to catch something on the news, but there wasn’t anything about it.

As Oisin walked into the Blank Canvas Cafe, the barista didn’t hear him come in and had his back to the counter as Oisin walked up to wait for him to notice him. He didn’t, he kept chopping ice. So Oisin said “I’m here for BJ” (BJ is customer’s name) He turned around shocked and freaked out. Then laughed about it.

The next call was to Spiced Island Grill and it wound up being delivered right back to the same office building he just delivered the Blank Canvas Cafe to. That run concluded the first two hour block.

SHIFT 2: COMPANY ONE: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Entering into shift 2, they were guided to Qdoba Mexican Eats by Southgate for another pickup. Temperatures had reached 83 degrees Fahrenheit and started warming up outside. As Oisin was at a traffic light, the bluish white smoke coming from the exhaust attracted the attention of the car next to him and the woman said “you’re burning oil”. So Oisin guessing that the smoke coming out of his exhaust was now burning lots of oil so checking oil was now on his agenda and top it up, then figuring out a strategy to get it fixed. Could it be a head gasket leak? he already needs an oil pan to replace as well so not looking forward to these expenses coming up and figuring out what’s going on.

The Prince moved on from BFG cartoons to Minecraft. Dad asked him what were the Creepers. The Prince said they close their eyes and blow up. “Do baby creepers blow up too?” Dad asked. The Prince said “yes.” They dropped the Qdoba off at Ford where Oisin tried to apply for a car loan and was denied since he has zero credit (as if he was a high school student entering the credit world with no trace record and no co-signer). Is the universe hinting to him? That is a dilemma haunting Oisin.

They were called over to East Coast Deli and Restaurant getting to do some pedestrian deliveries. The order was to be dropped off a block away. As they passed one of the buildings, there was a half of car cemented into the side of the upper 3rd or 4th story and dad asked the Prince “Do you think that’s a fake up there or a real car?” The Prince ignored him since he was videotaping yet had a smirk on his face.e They crossed the street and looked at the The Lighted Lantern statue and the spinning couple dancing in old Western style called “The Dance” statue – Tejon street. Cian saw a bike parked and said “hey i found a bike!” Dad told him it was someone’s and its just parked. The Prince was disappointed he didn’t find treasure. They then went and grabbed a pickup at Red Gravy across the street then off into their car to resume car delivery. The order was just two brussel sprouts. Who orders just brussel sprouts for a delivery order? seemed senseless to Oisin. They made the delivery and began their daily three hour break.

BREAK: 1:30 – 4:30 PM

During break they also hit King Soopers and discovered mermaid cakes! Both Oisin and the Prince were ecstatic. They got one to bring home to share with the kids. Dad also got a discounted Fruit Tart Pie which is his favorite. They drove home and heated up the omelette roll and french fries for lunch that they got from the cancelled IHOP order. They also BBQ’d up some chicken and had lemonade. Dad got a chance to clean out the fridge a bit. Cian was singing and dancing in the garden. Cian played with Princess Aine and Princes Kian, Xavier, and Theron doing more Nerf gun wars. Dad did some blogging and packing up for Gnome Dome 17. Oisin checked his oil, topped it up, and concerned what it could be – the auto parts store tech suggested it was an oil pan gasket leak, but Oisin pondered that can’t be getting into the exhaust could it? Just several hundred dollars in repairs he doesn’t have. Dad took a shower, the Prince a bath, and laundry was accomplished during break. Dad finished blogging the July 27 video chronicle. The temperatures climbed to 88 degrees now, but the skies were still overcast with some some cracks and windows of blue showing. Whirlwind of a day Oisin thought, now they clock in and head off to their 4:30-6:30 pm shift, followed by a 7 – 9 pm.

The Mermaid Cake from King Soopers Grocery.


They headed off to Urban Steam for a pickup. They spied the clouds over the mountains – rolling over dark storm? remnant clouds of smoke from wildfires? it was beautiful and dark nonetheless. They then headed over to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza downtown and did a pickup. The Waiter and waitress were friendly as always joking around and enjoying their jobs.

BREAK: 6:30 PM – 7 PM

During their break they swung over to the Country Buffet to meet Lord Jesse and the kids Princess Aine, Princes Xavier, Theron, Kian for dinner. Prince Cian was ecstatic. He had a blast playing with Aine. The Prince ate good – had orange chicken, rice, macaroni and cheese, and pizza. Dad didn’t eat much as he wasn’t very hungry. The Prince had ice cream and cotton candy for dessert with Aine and they got wired on the sugar, dancing around the table saying goofy things. A definite classic sugar high example. The waitress gave him and the kids a helium balloon. Dad resisted the soda machines – now on two months of no soda in his diet, he was proud.


Around 7:15 they bid farewell to the family and headed across the street to Citadel Mall at the Hooters for a pickup. Cian went in with his helium balloon and caught the attention of all the waitresses who thought he was extremely cute. Unfortunately the customer was a no tipper according to the app leading to Oisin’s disappointment. But he was pleasantly surprised at delivery that it wasn’t the typical millennial customer, but an older woman with a disabled man in the back room she was ordering for. She tipped $3 in cash – which is extremely rare if someone doesn’t tip online. Oisin was happy as it was a bit of a drive to drop off.

Around 7:30 pm they headed down to Fountain to do a pickup from Kentucky Fried Chicken which was having problems with their tablet and didn’t have white Original Chicken so had to wait twenty minutes for them to cook up a new batch. This upset Oisin as the delay ensured he was only going to make the minimum $10/hour today. This seems to be happening more and more with Company One – low pay, app issues, and difficulties with deliveries. Especially since they added into Burger King and KFC to their delivery market, down-valuing the previous benefits the driver’s once had with better tips and delivery timing. Oisin is getting tired of it and thinking about working more for Company Three, Four, and Five. They were then called back to a different KFC off North Academy. Company One had to fill in contributions to make the minimum $10/hr for today.

They got home by 9:15 pm and was able to say goodnight to the kids before they went to sleep. Both Oisin and the Prince were so exhausted they immediately went to bed after story time. The night was sweaty and hot. Temperatures definitely increasing. Didn’t help with the passive solar house. A rain storm came through the night and rumbled through their sleep.

Mileage: 62

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Dinner with the family at Country Buffet –

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08.01.18: Deliveries, starbucks, no tippers, farmers market, and a witch

Wednesday, 1 August 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: High in the 80’s and low in the 60’s Fahrenheit. Sunny to Overcast to Rain Storms.

In the middle of the morning around 4 am, Oisin was startled awake with Shoka and McKenzie barking defensively. Oisin wandered out into the yard to discover two raccoons atop the gateway to the yard. He took pictures of them and shoo’ed them away much to their hissing and growling as they wanted the dog’s food on the porch. No luck this time Oisin told them. He went back to sleep. Prince Cian and Sir Oisin awoke exhausted around 8:30 am, oversleeping and crawling out of bed to get ready for their day of deliveries.

They heated up the left-overs for breakfast and got ready for work. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and a translucent haze and some overcast clouds. It was going to be a hot day Oisin expected. Oisin and the Prince had a tickle fest and wrestling match. The Prince declared he was the world’s greatest scientist. The Prince grabbed his Thor doll ad carried it around in play for most the morning. At 9:00 am they clocked into their app ready for deliveries.


The first call of the morning was around 9:30 am to IHOP. They went to pickup the food and delivered it without any instances. It was a poor tipper however. Afterwards they had a sizable break so they decided to stop off at Starbucks for Chai n’ WiFi. The skies began blending the white into the blue sky creating a haze. The Prince watched cartoons while dad worked on blogs. The Prince eventually migrated to Minecraft.

Break at Starbucks


The Prince and his Dad had a really good 3.5 hour break. After Starbucks they clocked into Company 6 and tried to wait for some offers, none came in for an hour so Oisin called it quits. They drove home and played nerf gun wars in the yard. Afterwards the Prince got a call from his mom and they caught up. He showed her his fancy dance moves and slipped on a shelf he wasn’t supposed to take out of the tiny house. He was okay, but he scratched open the bug bite on his arm he was picking at and it started bleeding again. Dad put aloe Vera and band-aids on him. They heated up the leftovers and made chicken tenders with french fries courtesy of the cancelled order last night. The kids arrived home and Cian played with them doing Nerf wars, legos, and blocks. Dad watched the “Dark Tourist” series on Netflix loving it, watching episodes 1-6 ending with South Africa. He processed photos from July 25-31st, then the video journals for July 25-26.

As it got later, the skies darkened even deeper with billowy dark clouds potentially throwing more Monsoon weather at them. He received a request for “The Bench” shortly after logging in for the afternoon shift. He was to work 4:30 to 6:30 pm then have a half hour dinner break from 7 to 9 pm. The delivery went well, he approached the apartment complex and found a locked door. The customer said to call her when arrive so she could buzz him in … but he called and she didn’t answer. She was on a phone with a friend. Luckily there was another tenant across the parking lot walking his dog and he yelled across the green the code without being asked so Oisin and the Prince could enter the building. That was nice Oisin thought. Though not very secure.

Afterwards they got called to Oisin’s favorite restaurant in town (insert deep sarcasm here) – the South Nevada Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is the worst restaurant in town – super slow, lazy staff, always out of stuff, and long waits. Well the South Nevada Burger King might be worse. The drop off was an series of town homes outside of Quail Lake. Contrary to the serene setting of the lake and although the yard had bunnies hopping around in it, the stairwell was disgusting with an overwhelming chemical smell like someone poured high concentration laundry detergent down the stairwell. It gave Oisin a headache.

Then Oisin headed off to Red Robin (one of his favorite delivery pickup locations) for a request. Red Robin’s wait staff apparently got frustrated with delivery drivers (rightfully so they don’t get tips for these deliveries and they are busy as is) so created a large shelving unit with bay shelves they put the orders in with the customer names for the drivers to find their order and take. Not very secure, but efficient. Unfortunately this Red Robin specifically rarely gives the free cup of fries to delivery drivers which others do. That’s sad because its a nice warm boost for the driver. Oisin and the Prince took a restroom break there and the Prince grabbed his favorite Red Robin balloon on the way out. He also played with the chalk board for a bit while Dad sorted out the orders. They traveled to downtown to drop off the order.

This time it was to a little old cottage near Colorado College. A little Witchy house with a Witch for a resident. The front dotted with pentagrams and other arcane symbols, Oisin knew right away kin folk. She’s dressed in black and a pentacle around her neck quickly greets him with a “We must have a psychic connection as i knew you were pulling up” catch line. It was fun.

The duo had a break in between deliveries hoping they would not be zapped for another pickup during their scheduled dinner break. Oisin pondered about stopping at the Farmer’s market in front of the Pioneer Museum. They did have time to do that so they wandered around the booths and saw some delicious fresh grown vegetables. There were some handcrafts too. The Prince pleaded Dad to buy him something, but times are tight and its not Friday (The Prince’s allowance day). The Prince approached the Pyramid outside the museum and pointed to the arcane symbology asking Dad what it said, to read the tale presented forth. Dad assumed it was telling of the agricultural tales of Colorado Springs and made up a story for the Prince. He was pleased. The stones below were memorial stones for early Colorado Springs pioneers he gathered.

Around 6 pm they were called to Subway Sandwiches for a quick pickup and delivery. It was dropped off less than a mile to the restaurant in a cute little hacienda as part of a themed community.

They had their half hour scheduled break for dinner. They raced home to heat up some of the cancelled food from the night before and had a picnic dinner out on their patio. They heated up the chicken tenders with fries platters. It was yummy and much needed. The Prince got a chance to play with Aine and Dad caught up with blogs. The next shift started at 7 pm, so Oisin clocked in and awaited orders.


The skies were darkening again with storm clouds billowing over the mountains. They received the next order for a 7:30 pm pickup from Qdoba Mexican Eats southgate.

Oisin then got called for a delivery pickup from the really crappy Burger King on South Nevada. This was a no tipper as well. In addition to the 4 miles to the restaurant he had to drive 10 miles to Fountain (and 10 miles back). The $5.65 delivery fee he was paid to cover expenses and wages wasn’t enough to cover gas there and back given his Explorer has an oil leak and mileage is between 10-15 miles per gallon with gas prices today being nearly $3 a gallon one can do the math. It really outraged Oisin – his time and wear/tear on the vehicle is worth more than that. This is actually criminal as well as crappy. He hoped that perhaps this would be a kind and understanding customer realizing that their driver was driving so far from one city to another to bring them food from a crappy restaurant they’d tip in cash since they didn’t on the app. But no, a self-serving lazy individual who’d rather take advantage of the system and not compensate their driver for their time and wear. Such individuals should get off their lazy asses and go get their own food. Delivery is a luxury and requires the costs associated with it.

Then Oisin got a triple order from Kentucky Fried Chicken – hoping that would be decent. It was okay. They headed to the KC and picked up the three orders, one was really far away – 8 miles away from home off Powers and they all took long enough to zap the rest of the time for delivering. Afterwards they headed home for the day.

On the way home they stopped at Kum n’ Go for drinks. The Prince got the Cookies n’ Cream milkshake which he loved and coveted, only giving dad one bite. Dad got a large lemonade. They arrived home around 9:30 pm to find an empty house as they had gone out for pizza. They arrived back shortly after the duo arrived so the kids all got a chance to play with one another. They had a remote control car with light up headlights/tail lights so they went across the street to run it along the sidewalk as a team exploring the dynamics of the technology. The Prince was fascinated. The Prince quickly fell asleep afterwards. Dad tried to watch a British Comedy but passed out during it from exhaustion.

Mileage: 75 miles

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07.31.18: Thor, Deliveries, Garden of the Gods, School, Fundie Chains, Lobster, and Racoon Attack

Tuesday, 31 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: High of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 65. Overcast skies with periods of sun and rain.

Another Tuesday on the grind. July is almost over. Tomorrow will be the beginning of August entering the lands of Lammas and the pre-rustling of Fall. Oisin awoke around the same time as the Prince … and Cian questioned What is July? What is August? So Oisin explained to him the calendar months and holidays. The Prince was confused when was his birthday and when is Christmas. Dad explained. Up by 7:30 am, the duo didn’t have anything scheduled until 9:00 am with Company One. They would be working 9 am to 11 am with Company One, 11 am to 1 pm with Company Five, 1 pm to 2 pm with Company 6, 4:30-8:30 pm with Company One. It would be a busy day. During their video chronicling and “Cian video” the Prince noticed the camera focus square following him … he asked dad “What is that Square and why is it following me”? Dad explained the focus and tracking the video camera had built in. Then the Prince grabbed his Thor doll and wanted to play with it – focusing on the big magical hammer and destruction of the world in Thor: Ragnarok and the battles with the evil Sister. “I am Thor. You are no match for the Mighty Thor. For Odin. (sound of thunder)” screamed the doll.


The first delivery call was for a 9:30 am pickup at IHOP. The duo scurried to get ready for the day, dressing, doing dishes, and making breakfast. The Prince had a big bowl of cornflakes with organic milk and organic cherries. Dad also ate the cherries and finished what the Prince couldn’t. The Prince declared “I ate a whole plate of breakfast~” to which Dad said – “you sure did.” The Prince replied “You happy with me?” and Oisin said “I’m very happy with you.” Upon arriving at IHOP the waitress on staff was very curious about the delivery services, how they work, what they paid – so Oisin explained DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, and UberEats. He gave her the full run-down as she apparently is thinking about becoming a driver. The Prince on the way to the customer worked on his kindle’s camera making his own videos. This marks 3 weeks to a month of no sodas Oisin pondered, he’s doing okay with no withdrawals just lacking energy all the time – but that doesn’t just equate to the loss of sugar ad caffeine, but also parenting, work, and getting old. He just hoped he could keep up with it all. They headed back to IHOP for another delivery, stopping off at Kum n’ Go to grab gas. The Prince jumped out of the car to get the window washer and started washing the windows – he’s obsessed with that job and loves doing it, being so helpful, and having more fun than actually cleaning the windows. They drove across the street to IHOP and picked up the next order. At Kum n’ Go, they grabbed drinks to go – the Prince got a large Hawaiian Punch and Dad Lemonade. At the end of the delivery they ran home and clocked out at 11 am – clocking into Company 5 and Company 6 at 11. They received a request at 11:30 am for Wendy’s with Company 5 and headed there. Dad got a chance to clean out the car, throw out the trash, get some organizing done, and play Nerf gun wars. The Prince also got some cartoons in while dad did laundry. They had a productive 30 minutes at home.


Company Five sent the duo to Manitou Springs for a pickup at Wendy’s and Oisin immediately lost cell signal and connectivity to the app as usual in that area. Since company five requires the driver to order the food, pay with their card, it was really hard with no connection. Several walks from the counter to the outside parking lot gave enough signal to make the order and pay for it. They went ahead and got the Prince lunch – the 4 for $4 deal – a cheeseburger, chicken tenders, fries, and a lemonade. The waitress treated the Prince to a mini vanilla frostie as well. The Prince had quite the lunch on the drive and while Dad had hoped to eat his left overs – there were none. Then a drive to the drop-off further in Manitou Springs around the construction made it really hard to find the drop-off location. This connectivity issues happens with Company One, Three, Five, and Six all the time. Its a frustrating issue. Driving around the block for the drop-off ironed out the location and delivery was finalized.

Since construction had the route home all congested they decided to take the scenic route back through Garden of the Gods. They took in the scenery and since the delivery apps were silent, decided to take a little hike. They found some rock formations and gullies to go hike around. The Prince brought his frostie and had his snack on the rocks. He gave himself a brain freeze and was intrigued by the phenomena. They climbed the rocks, went down the drainage, and the Prince used “switch backing” on his hike down. Dad was impressed. They really enjoyed the panorama of the rock formations to the backdrop of the mountain ranges. Cian was impressed with the red sand and took some for a souvenir.

They dropped by the Prince’s old pre-school – Ruth Washburn Pre-School. He was very excited to visit and see his old tromping grounds. The administrative staff was extremely excited to see him. As the Prince’s mother removed him from finishing the semester after the divorce battle as she claimed he could finish pre-school in Washington – but she found no school there and left her job on administrative “family” leave to stay home with him instead. The class missed him dearly. They went down into his old classroom, all the toys put up for summer, Prince Cian ran to the hamster cage asking where it was? “Probably upstairs” Dad said. They went outside to play in the playground where the Prince played in his favorite spots. He said he really missed the school and wish he could still go there. They went to the playhouses and the Prince told dad about the adventures he had there. Cian took dad to the tunnel, crawled through it, then they went down to the fresh mud pit the summer camp kids were playing in. The Prince knocked over the shovels and Dad helped him pick them up. They had stored many of the outside toys in the playhouses over the summer. The Prince wished he could have gone there for summer camp he said. Dad told him he couldn’t because his mom was coming to get him soon and there would be no time. The Prince was a little disappointed. They both discussed school this fall that he is going to be going to with his mom, yet she hadn’t found a Kindergarten for him either and the choices, deadlines, and options are vanishing. Meanwhile Oisin had got him accepted to free of charge public schools: Buena Vista Montessori School, Mountain Song Waldorf School, and Pikes Peak Charter School. All of which got him in trouble with the divorce court because he had unknowingly not communicated the plans with the Prince’s mom. It was item three of the temporary custody orders where he was the primary parent as item 1 was temporary custody agreement, item 2 was permanent custody agreement, and item 3 was that both parents had to communicate together on schooling, medical, dental, and important items. While the Prince was in pre-school she had stated she didn’t want to hear anything about his school, so Oisin honored her request much to his demise.

Its sad that the Prince is going to Washington for the school semester because he’s missing out on some spectacular very hard to get into schools. It is what it is. School starts mid September in Washington state and mid August in Colorado. So hopefully she’ll find some options that they have to decide on for the fall. Kindergarten through 12th is compulsory in the United States. Oisin offered to let the Prince do school with him for the Fall if she can’t find anything. He offered that the Prince can stay as long as is needed during her transition from a night schedule to a day work schedule as well as during which she’s researching schools in her area. Communication isn’t really flowing between the two of them as the courts demanded to be worked out between them.

During their exploration of the playground, Oisin’s friend Holly called, but it appeared to be a unknown butt dial. During that call one of the delivery app’s also sent him a offer which he missed and thereby counting against his ratings. Oisin finally got a call from Company Six being the first delivery he would be doing for them. It was to Chik Fil’A.

Garden of the Gods (http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=545)


They headed over to Chik Fil’A off Garden of the Gods . It was a circus just as their competitor In-and-Out Burgers. Both restaurant chains are fundamentalist Christian chains that are very popular hosting very tasty food. They had staff guiding traffic in the lanes and assisting with drive-thru orders. Since Oisin had to wait in line to do the ordering of the food and paying with the company credit card, he went ahead and ordered himself lunch. The Prince was full from his Wendy’s lunch. Oisin loves the Chik Fil’A food as it is very delicious, but it supports fundamentalist religion and he’s against that. Supporting the enemy is not what he wants to do but given the ease at accessing it, took advantage of it and went against his ethics. Oisin had the 8 piece chicken tenders, waffle fries, and a lemonade for lunch. They took the order and dropped it off to the customer who was waiting at a different entrance than Oisin took, taking the order to his door instead. The customer seemed a bit peeved but got front door service and tipped in the app so must have been appreciative.

They then began their 3 hour afternoon break heading home to play together – having a nerf gun war with the zombie guns until Dad’s energy wore out. Dad gave the Prince options for the break – from going to the movies, Starbucks, a playground, a water fountain park, or home. The Prince wanted to go home. They had chocolate cake for dessert. They played with Cian’s toys, Legos, and then when Cian played Minecraft Dad blogged and worked on photos. He finished July 24th and 25th blogs uploading them and working on the web blog parts, coordinated and caught up with friends, and got work done. Oisin also did some maintenance on the car – checking the wheel lug nuts were tight, checked antifreeze, and oil levels. He was a bit low on oil and needed to top it up.

The day hit 83 degrees Fahrenheit with clear blue skies overlayed with a haze and no storm clouds visible. They were thinking about going to Gnome Dome Lucky 17 party and camp out over the weekend so were praying for good weather.

Kum n’ Go Convenience Store and Gas Station (http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=37639).


Oisin clocked in with Compay One at 4:30 pm getting a first call to OKA Ramen off Centennial. . They grabbed a Chai Creme Frappacino and waters from the Starbucks across from it while waiting for the order. Then at 5:30 they were sent to do a pickup from Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza with a drop off to a no tipper – again under-appreciated with little pay that it really didn’t cover the gas for the drop-off. That was a let down for Oisin. . They then went to Red Robin for a pickup which was a good tipper making up for the loss with the previous drop-off. They then got a call to Old Chicago. En route to Old Chicago they had some down time so Oisin did his 2nd week in a row ritual of grabbing dinner from the Lobstah Trap Food Truck. He previously had mixed the name of the company up with one truck in Denver when he did the review. He fixed it. This time he ordered the Traditional Lobster Roll which wasn’t as good as the Connecticut he had last week.


After downing the Lobster Roll Oisin ran to Old Chicago which was really booked and crowded so had to wait for the order. The customer was a good tipper even though he had to drive all the way to Fountain for the delivery. On the way back they tried to go through Kentucky Fried Chicken to get the Prince some Mac n’ Cheese and a burger but the line was insane and taking too long as they had a delivery request come in during the wait back in Colorado Springs. So they headed back to Old Chicago for another pickup. They then did another delivery for Old Chicago. . They then got a multiple order from IHOP and after picking it up, the larger one was cancelled leaving Oisin to have to dispose of the food. The other IHOP order was delivered.

At home they feasted on the abandoned food and called it a night. It was a grab-bag of surprises from pancake platters to omelette rolls. Afterwards they read a story and went to sleep, both exhausted and falling asleep quickly. Late in the night Oisin was rustled awake from his deep sleep by the dogs barking crazily. He went out to investigate and saw two raccoons atop the wood gateway into the yard … Raccoons invading the property to get after the dog and cat food on the porch. He scared them away and went back to sleep.

Mileage: 114

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07.30.18: Manic Monday, A Look, Gone Fishin’, Playgrounds

Monday, 30 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: high of 80 degrees, low of 60 degrees. Sunny and overcast, with torrential rain storms intermittent through the day

Oisin awoke at 4 am to get some of his work completed while the Prince lie asleep. He worked on processing photos, blogs, and the Tree Leaves Oracle web site transition to Technogypsie Productions. He watched “Swiss Army Man”, a twisted comedy and fell back asleep around 6 am and awoke at 7 am. The Prince arose around 7:30 am and they got ready for their 8 am “Look”. They drove to auto city and hit one of the dealerships, found their way back into the maintenance shop and asked for their representative. She was found but had no idea she was assigned to the case. It took them 20 minutes to find the car, which they thought was in their lot, but turned out to be in the shop. It had minor damage to the passenger right front wheel so Oisin took photos for the insurance company and did a VIN verification check on the car. They uploaded the photos to the insurance company and closed the case. These “looks” usually take 15 minutes equating to a quick $20 fee, but this one took an hour and was the longest one Oisin ever had to do, mainly delayed because the auto yard hadn’t proper documentation on the vehicle. It had tricky photo spots crunched into an auto repair bay. Oisin had to move a stack of tires as well to take pictures of the front of the car. Because of how long it took, Oisin had to cancel the hour shift he had overlapped for Company 5 but this still paid better than he would have received from the delivery companies. After completion, he logged in with Company 1 and they swung into a McDonalds for a quick breakfast to go as it was too late to go back to their house or do a real restaurant. They did however have enough time to swing by their tiny home to eat, having a little picnic in the yard, not sitting on the play rug as it was still sopping wet from all the rain as well as the lounge chair. Dad checked on the hornets – it was apparent they were not all killed and were trying to build more nests in Lord Jesse’s grill. Skies were clear blue and a high in the 70’s building its way to the 80’s.


The first delivery of the morning was around 9:10 am at East Coast Deli and Restaurant. Oisin was exhausted so he was thinking he probably shouldn’t have gotten up at 4 and staying up to 6 am, just sleep through. He had also done a Rockstar recovery drink and it turned his stomach, so he’s not sure what to do with finding a means of energy to keep up with his work, writing, and life pursuits. There is simply not enough time in a day. He can’t drink energy drinks anymore, and now a month out with no more soda pop, he’s on track with a somewhat healthier existence. After the delivery they had a lengthy break so decided to swing by Memorial Park and play on the eastern shore playground. There were chimes in the background. The Prince immediately recognized the lake where he had hurt his foot swimming earlier this summer. He scrambled for the jungle gym and playground equipment, climbing up and down. He met an 7 year old girl who wanted to play with him and they played chase around the playground.

Cian found a worm in the playground and wanted to fish, so they grabbed his fishing pole from the car and went down to the east shore to try their hand at it. No bites at all. So they played in the sand until it was time for the next delivery. They saw minnows along the shoreline and a big fish jumping out in the lake, but none were interested in the worm. They had a nice 30-40 minute break before being called out on another delivery. They tried to call Cian’s mom but no answer. It has been over a week since they’ve talked. Stormy clouds gathered over the mountains again, everything so green from the monsoon season. It’s amazing Oisin thought how green it gets here with just a bit of rain. They received the next delivery request back to East Coast Deli. After the delivery they headed home, made home-made Chai Creme Frappacino’s, and played with Cian’s Zombie Nerf Gun. His shipment of 200 foam bullets arrived from Amazon. While getting ice Oisin had an inkling of luck sensation so decided to buy three $1 lottery tickets. The third one won him $50. He was ecstatic.

The duo had a great three hour break doing lunch, playing Nerf guns, and trying phone tag with the Prince’s mom. Still out of touch. She did email and say the earliest she could pick up the Prince was between August 16th and 19th – that gave Oisin time to plan out his work schedule and figure out the fall. That also revealed that the Prince would be coming to Dragon Fest with him as well. Oisin offered Lady Etain to get the Prince’s medical checkups for school to be done, but she never replied back with a yes or no. So he didn’t schedule anything. Oisin breathed a sigh of relief knowing now that he could “sort of” plan out end of summer and early Fall plans. Oisin finished up July 24th and 25th blogs and video journals, posted images, photos on Flickr and his photography site. He was happy to make progress with that. They cooked up some fried chicken for lunch. Even though “chicken” is the Prince’s favorite go-to food, Oisin felt they were eating too much of it lately and needs to back away from it. He cleaned up the house, Lego table, and they clocked back in for their 2 pm shift.

Prince Cian taking a fishing break between deliveries at Prospect Lake.


The first call for delivery was around 2 pm to Old Chicago. It was a good paying one with a great tip. Oisin was relieved. The skies were darkening, more rains and storms on the horizon as they set off on their daily grind. They had to deliver the order in Fountain. It was long enough drive that the Prince fell asleep and got a good half hour nap in. As they returned to the Springs they had some lag between deliveries so pulled in outside Starbucks for Oisin to get some work done while the Prince continued to sleep. The break didn’t last long, just as he finally got the laptop to power up – he received multiple orders for Qdoba Mexican Eats – the first of which was already a half hour late when they assigned it to him. He gathered that because of the weather, they must have been lacking staff again. The pickup and deliveries went smoothly. The Qdoba orders went fine with no problems. No griping customers for the late orders so Oisin pondered if support had kept the customer in the know of the delays. Perhaps the previous driver had auto issues, heaven knows Oisin has had those and perhaps its karma back at him for when he had to drop out of the delivery route for car issues the last couple months. After those deliveries they were called to Red Robin for a pickup/dropoff. Oisin heard on the news that off Ruxton Avenue in Manitou Springs there was a sinkhole that has the road cut off. This happened on the 24th and apparently swallowed two cars and a fire truck.

Homemade Chai Frappacinos and playing with the Zombie Nerf guns.

SHIFT THREE: ONE: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Just before 5 pm, Oisin went to Qdoba for a pickup off South Academy. As he pulled into the parking lot he observed a mother yelling at her son and calling him an idiot. Who does that he pondered? you can scar a child for life by saying such things. It just angered him with disgust. Not cool.

He was then off to Red Robin for another pickup/delivery. They had a break afterwards with enough time to go grab ice cream, hot dog buns, and something to drink from King Soopers.


They were then called off to IHOP which was delivered close to their home. They then took another stop-off break at their house, dropping off the pie and chocolate milk, ice cream, and other groceries from King Soopers. They then had an order from Pho Brothers to pickup and deliver. They were called right back to Pho Brothers again for another delivery. They logged out at 8 pm and headed home. They made Mac n’ Cheese for dinner, cuddled, read a book, played, had another nerf gun war, a spit ball battle with their Starbucks straws, and then came in settling down for the night. They watched cartoons and called it a night. They had pie and cake for dessert. After the Prince fell asleep, Oisin finished watching Captain Fantastic.

Mileage: 39 miles

Winning $50 on scratch n’ win.

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07.29.18 Wild West Ghost Town, Deliveries, and Cian’s Dance Party

Sunday, 29 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: Warm with high of 83 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 54 degrees. Moments of sunshine though primarily overcast with numerous rain showers and storms.

The Prince has a monkey sleeping bag that Lord Jesse and family got him last Yule. Prince Cian has a love/hate relationship with this sleeping bag. He loves snuggling in it, but hates the monkey face. Oisin and the Prince goofed around with it as they awoke this morning evolving into a tickle fest with the tickle spider and monkey sleeping bag. Dad having awoken at 7:15 am was wrestling with the Prince when he awoke around 8’sh. Oisin logged into Company 5 at 8 am ready for offers while telling the Prince it was time to get ready for the day. The Prince replied giggling “I’m not getting ready … for six days”.


There was no offers for work through Company 5 so by 9 am they logged with with Company One. They had leftovers and mini-wheats with organic milk for breakfast. They grabbed bananas for the car trip as well. The Prince wasn’t hungry until much later in the morning. Around 10:30 pm, they embarked upon their first delivery having spent the first hour and a half of their shift at home. They drove off to the East Coast Deli and Restaurant for a pickup, finding parking at the loading zone space where Oisin infamously has popped his tire twice. This time with no accidents.

During their break between deliveries at home, they made up some pepperoni, cheese, and crackers for a snack. The Prince was having a heyday as he loved munching on his favorite snacks. He finally ate his banana as well. It is quite a challenge to get this kid to eat any vegetables, but fruit is not so much an issue.


The next delivery call was around 11 am at Jersey Mike’s Subs which was a smooth pickup and drop-off. En route to both the restaurant and customer, Oisin and the Prince sang and goofed off singing their own creative songs, as well as “Old McDonald“, “B.I.N.G.O”, “Daddy finger, mommy finger, where are you?”, and the “A.B.C.’s” song. During their next break, they swung by the Starbucks off of Lake Avenue and Cheyenne which is their favorite, grabbing their chai fix for the morning and working on through with blogs, journals, cartoons, and Minecraft.

While waiting in line for ordering their beverages, there was a group of 4 Millenials (looking under the age of 21) taking their sweet time to order, taking 10-15 minutes for each of them to place their orders, most of whom ordered the Cascadia Club Brew. The advertisement made it look alcoholic but this wasn’t one of the Starbucks locations serving beer and wine, so Oisin guessed it was non-alcoholic because the barista didn’t ask for ID’s and these kids definitely didn’t look old enough for booze.

After finally ordering, Oisin got in only about 20 minutes in of Chai n’ WiFi before heading over to IHOP to do a no-tipper delivery. 95% of the time if they don’t tip in the app, they don’t tip in person, so Oisin was bothered by this. The delivery wouldn’t be worth the gas he’d spend on the delivery. He wasn’t much in a rush nor enchanted to do this delivery especially with the traffic mess of construction around Southgate.

After the delivery they went back to the same Starbucks, bringing in their waters, and sitting on the covered outside patio. They were unable to connect to the internet out their for some reason – not sure if the internet was down or if the connection didn’t reach it. That kinda sucked Oisin thought as it was an attractive and good feature of this particular Starbucks this patio area. They were then called to Pho Brothers for another delivery. They delivered the Pho Brothers to an office near the Ghost Town Museum in Old Colorado City. As they were finishing the morning break, they decided to go explore the Ghost Town while on their three hour break.

Wild West Ghost Town Museum in Old Colorado City

They paid their admission and entered a large warehouse that contained the replica of a old Wild West ghost town. First to greet them was the sheriff nestled back in his office. They explored the town’s main street, perusing the old butter churns, old washing machine, and other tools of life from back in the day. They hit the restrooms first and foremost much in need from all the beverages they drank. They explored the old mercantile which of course triggered Sir Oisin’s archaeological lust. The Prince shared in the excitement and couldn’t wait to climb in one of the old stagecoaches. “Do you see any ghosts” Oisin asked the Prince, he saw none. Cian played with the various housewares and tools, exploring with curiosity of ages old. They swung by the old print shop, the Wells Fargo bank and post office, the saloon and the apothecary. The blacksmith shop had a two headed calf on display and the blacksmith animatronic men were sharpening an ax. The prison had a disintegrating inmate who was covered with pennies and coins that onlookers have thrown at him. “Why is there money in there” the Prince asked to Dad’s no explanation. A practice American tourists tend to do, but usually only in wishing wells, fountains, or ponds.

Dad showed Cian the old typewriters existing before computers, how print-blocks worked, and screen printing. The Prince climbed on more carriages, they passed by the old barber shop, and peeked into the hotel. The Prince asked “Why is that woman there? what’s that?” Cian being in a stage of asking questions about everything now. They had the old-fashioned flip book theater stands for people to add coins to watch early first time films, some of adult nature. They saw an early fire station set up in a shack. The fun mirrors distorted views of themselves shrinking, stretching, and contorting their bodies. They took in the Old West film in the theater. A stuff bison loomed outside the door. They explored the next building depicting rooms of a typical upper-class home – the bedroom, the dining room, and the kid’s playrooms. Outside there were two troughs set up with gold pans for tourists to pretend panning for gold. The Prince gave it a try and disappointed there was no reward in the stream.

Wild West Ghost Town Museum in Old Colorado City

They then departed the museum heading home for lunch and the remainder of their afternoon three hour break from deliveries. On the way they stopped by the RedBox to grab a free movie for the night based on their Redbox membership’s free video offer. They grilled up chicken on the Roadmaster and sweet corn cobs for lunch. They fought with the hornets nesting in Lord Jesse’s old BBQ grill. They opened up that grill so that the afternoon rains would drown the hornets, spraying coconut oil on them so their wings wouldn’t work, and at night when the coconut oil hardened they would be immobile to set them on fire to evict them from endangering the kids. Surefire alternative to using chemical bug spray. The nests sprayed down with coconut oil as well making them ready to flame into explosive fire traps tonight. The eviction notice was served.


They clocked in at 4 pm and instantly had a pickup at the Spice Island Grill. This time the customer had a very generous good tip (just over $15) so that made Sir Oisin very pleased and excited to be right on time with the service. It was raining pretty hard throughout most of their break and on into this delivery. There looks like more rain later as well while the skies cleared up with heavy overcast and the sun wanting to come through to earn the reputation of a true “sun” day.

On the way back to the tiny house in between deliveries they stopped at a yard sale discovering a Lego lap table for $5. The Prince was very excited. He couldn’t wait to play with it. They then were called to Josh and John’s Ice Cream parlor for a pickup. They had to find parking down the street as the place is right next to a theater downtown and the area is always very busy. They had a fun walk downtown to the place. Oddly there were no lines whatsoever so being such a rare occurrence, Sir Oisin ordered themselves each ice creams while awaiting their customer’s order. The Prince was overjoyed. Dad got the Butter Pecan and the Prince a white mint chocolate chip. The Prince declared that this was his favorite ice cream place. They finished their ice cream on the way to the drop-off, then were called for a pickup from “Hooters”. Oisin never liked “Hooters“. He thought it was a venue demeaning to women. One of his ex-true loves worked at one near Chicago and she relayed tales of body image requirements, weight, and other issues that they forced the waitresses to comply with. In this age and time, especially with the “Me Too” movement, he doesn’t understand how such a place stays in business. In the parking lot outside of the mall where the Hooters is located, the Prince found another sidewalk treasure – a “paw points” card for Wolf Creek Lodge. “It’s a doggy card!” the Prince exclaimed. Definitely a water park that Oisin needed to investigate for the Prince. They would have to research it to see how it works.

Another break back at the house, the Prince danced around with his nerdy funny fake glasses pretending to be some character named “Baldy” from Youtube and Minecraft cartoon worlds he seems impressed with. Dad needs to check it out. “Welcome to my school house” the Prince said.

Around 5:45 pm they ran for a pickup from Billy Sims BBQ. It wasn’t ready yet so they had to wait for a bit. It was obviously a order re-assigned because it had a overdue pickup/drop-off time when assigned to Oisin.


They then got two more over-due orders which were probably from staff cancelling shifts due to the rain storms from Bingo Burger. They raced to grab the double orders and out the door to get them to the hungry patrons. Apparently staffing was short tonight.

Then on to a call from Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant around 7 pm and onward to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza right after that down the road from the pub. The skies held dark clouds over the mountains continually threatening rain which would lead to flash floods in this high desert type of environment. The Prince played phone tag with his mom, neither able to reach one another within the busy status of the day. They haven’t talked to one another since last Monday. Oisin’s work schedule is pretty standard these days yet she continues to try to call when she knows they’re working. They were called around 7:40 pm for a double-order from Josh n’ Johns. This time the lines were back and the place swamped. They finally beat their daily quota and even got past the minimum which has been rare these days with Company One.

After Josh n’ John’s they called it a day and clocked out of their delivery app. They swung by King Sooper’s for food stuffs and the Prince wanting to throw an impromptu party for he and Dad with no time to invite other guests. The Prince picked out cake, dinner, and drinks for his party. On the way out of King Sooper’s the Prince road the penny horse ride like a galloping cowboy in the Wild West. He asked for birthday hats but Dad said no that was for certain celebrations and we didn’t need them for the dance party. The Prince was a bit downtrodden but quickly changed moods after his horse ride. The Prince had his party all planned out – lights (check), food (check), drinks (check), music (check), cake (check), and Dad (check). Even though the Prince declared Sundays were “pie” day, he pushed its a “cake” day too.

They got home and setup the impromptu party. They had the BBQ chicken tenders that the Prince picked out for dinner, Fries, the cake he picked out, Dad installed Pandora on the kindle and they found alternative 80’s dance tunes. The Prince set up a ring of solar lights and they danced, ate, drank lemonade, and danced more. Afterwards towards bed time, Dad finished evicting the hornets from their nests dangerously close to their front door. Torched. They watched a cartoon and read a book before bed. After the Prince was asleep, dad watched “on the Edge” movie rental from Redbox and passed out.

Mileage: 67 miles

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07.28.18: Teen Titans Go, Fantastic Art, Storms, and Playgrounds

Saturday, 28 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: High of low 70’s, Low of 50’s with sunny skies and intermittent rain showers, flash flooding, and down pours with some hail.

Sir Oisin awoke around 6:30 am before the Prince even started to stir. The tiny house’s passive solar kept them very warm through the night, even having to open a window to cool down a bit. Oisin tried to finish “Occupation” but was having computer issues and had to reboot. He then switched to writing, finishing some blogs and video journals. The Prince awoke at 7:30 am, and whilst Oisin had planed to work a 8 am to 9 am shift with Company 5 he just felt drained and overwhelmed, not feeling it, and wanted to let the Prince sleep in. Lord Jesse was getting ready to head off to Boulder to work Farm to Table shift.

Teen Titans Go to the Movies at Tinseltown

SHIFT ONE: COMPANY ONE: 9 AM – 10 AM: (No Offers/Jobs)

For breakfast, Sir Oisin made the Prince and he some left-over waffles, hash browns, bacon, and a omelette. The Prince didn’t eat that much. Dad finished up leftovers and finally completed “Occupation”. They logged in at 9 am and didn’t receive a single call for deliveries until 10 am. Movie Pass making changes with not allowing customers to watch premium offerings without a surcharge and started an insane idea of charging for first premiere films. Oisin is getting really tired of Movie Pass‘s issues and collapse. He understands the financial woes they are facing and its hard to figure out how they are actually making money. Since there were no calls for work for the morning, Oisin cancelled the remaining shift so that they could take advantage of the first running of “Teen Titans Go to the Movies” as it wasn’t blocked for the morning showing and didn’t have to pay a premium surcharge. They took the morning off with Company One for a much needed break, closing out the shifts 10 am to 1:30 pm, only scheduled now to work 4 pm to 8 pm. They took the day to themselves and headed off to Tinseltown for the show. They were a bit concerned that Movie Pass may have some more issues since they ran out of money the last 24 hours and turned folks away.


Fantastic Art Gallery Exhibit

At Tinseltown Sir Oisin and the Prince grabbed snacks from the cafe, having Starbucks Vanilla Bean Venti Frappacino’s, the Prince a bowl of vanilla ice cream, and Dad a deep fried Twinkies with a scoop of ice cream. Oddly the Prince didn’t like the deep fried Twinkies (though actually refused to try it) and a former movie going, dad actually had to eat his. They both sat and watched “Teen Titans Go” and enjoyed the cartoon movie very much. The Prince was excited and thought it was the best movie ever.

As they passed the Double Tree Hotel, they pulled in and parked to go view the “Fantastic Art Gallery Exhibit” displaying art from Alice in Wonderland, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, and many other fantasy themed topics. It wasn’t what Sir Oisin expected, hoping for more interactive displays as was his impression from the ads. They stood in a long line got into the room and it was just simply vending tables of the art to peruse. It was a long congested mess. They did give every group a free print – so the Prince got a spectacular print of Darth Vader. He was quite pleased. They left quickly after a walk through and played Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker role playing in the car on the way home.

At home the Prince and his dad had a nice three hour lunch break before starting the evening / late afternoon shift. They finished up their Captain D’s seafood and chicken tenders left overs for lunch. Dad also had some Ramen noodle soup that the Prince wasn’t interested in. They both took a little afternoon nap falling asleep to the movie “2024” which wasn’t very good. They finished up laundry, took baths, played, and rested. A torrential rain storm came through, pushing flash floods and another heavy soaking of the earth with additional hail pommeling the civilization. It then raised to 81 degrees Fahrenheit with clear blue skies and light haze. After about 5 days of no contact, the Prince finally got a call from his mom while they were in the movies so they tried to call back and got no answer. They tried several more times but no answer. They assumed it was a rough transition for Lady Etain because she switched from a night schedule to a day schedule.


They got a call for a delivery around 4 pm when they logged in and headed off to Buffalo Wild Wings, finally a run with a decent tip. They began their 4 pm to 8 pm shift with minimal deliveries for a four hour shift in the day. Hopefully Sir Oisin hoped they could make it prosperous as they much needed the funding which conflicted with their much need for a break having worked every day for who knows when during the daily grind. During the Wings drop-off at the hospital, the Prince found a black USB plug adapter with two green USB cords in it. There were no cars around and it was nestled in the street/culvert. he was ecstatic about his treasure find proclaiming to dad he no longer needed to use the other cords. Luckily it worked great with the Prince’s kindle. The sparkly second cord however seemed not to work. They dropped by the playground next to the hospital for their break between deliveries … the Prince remembering the park as the place where he’s attended a friend’s birthday party for the last two years.

The Prince is developing well with his climbing and adventurous spirit, he shimmied up the rock wall and confident with his new heights achieved. Dad was proud. He climbed up the slides, stairs, and monkey bars. He climbed in a series of tunnels he made as a fort that dad said would protect him from the zombie attack playing as if it was a castle. A haze was forming around the mountains again and they couldn’t figure out if more rain was on the horizon or not. It looked however like it was clearing up. They had a good 20 minute break at the park. The Prince met three boys a little older than he and they invited him to play with them during tag and races around the playground.

The next call was shortly after 5 pm to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza. The pickup and delivery went very well.


During the final shift for the day, they had a run to OKA Ramen off Centennial. Oisin always loves doing deliveries for this restaurant. They then were called back for a second delivery there with enough time between deliveries to grab gas at King Soopers. Sir Oisin had earned 10 cents off with his King Soopers card so gas was a bit cheaper costing $43.29 to fill up the tank on dead empty. They then drove down Centennial, had enough time to stop at Starbucks for their Chai Creme Frappacino and waters before picking up the other OKA Ramen order. They also stopped into Safeway to look what they would like for dinner. The skies were darkening and another storm on the horizon soon to hit. The timing of the rain was disappointing as more remnants of the monsoons hit eliminating a much wanted hike for the duo. The Prince really wanted to take a hike but it was a downpour.

They were then called to Famous Dave’s BBQ around 7 pm for a pickup and delivery. Oisin ran in to grab it and hoped that no flooding would hit them. They finished the drop off and was called off to a double pickup order from On the Border. It paid Okay but was not very grand, especially with tipping. This would be the last orders for the day Oisin told the Prince. One of the customers only tipped 40 cents on the app. Really? Really? Oisin proclaimed “come on people … you’re essentially a no tipper if you are going to be that cheap, don’t bother tipping so you will be added to the no tipper list.” Frustrated because he drove through flash flooding, downpours, and dangerous weather to bring them their food. The second customer was a decent tipper so it made up for the loss a little.

Dissatisfied with the selections at Safeway, the duo headed to Trader Joe’s to hunt for dinner selections. They always have a good time at Trader Joe’s. The Prince grabbed the kid’s cart, sped around and had a heyday in the aisles. They picked up a lasagna for dinner and headed home. They played together, read a book, and the Prince fell asleep shortly after. Dad watched “Captain Fantastic” which he thought was a fabulous inspirational film for off the grid folks like he wants to be. He went to bed afterwards exhausted, having a good night.

Sir Thomas

Mileage: 73 miles

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07.27.18: Zombie Nerf Gun, JumpFest, Stephen King, Storms, and Movie Pass

Friday, 27 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: Mid-70’s as the high, low of 40’s. Overcast with moments of blue skies, torrential rain, and threatening storm dangers.

Already Friday, Oisin thinking Thank Goddess it’s Friday. With overcast skies and the light warming up from a damp cool evening after rain storms, low 60 degrees awaited the duo as they awoke. They were exhausted with lots of energy drain looming over their being. Oisin was supposed to do the Company 5 shift from 8 am to 9 am, but he was too groggy and the Prince was still sleeping, so he decided to cancel the shift. With Company 5 there is no minimum guarantee, so its a drop or keep level of scheduling. The grind was getting to him and Oisin was very worn out – desperately dire in need of a change, although the Prince didn’t think he needed one. Oisin feels a need for some exciting adventures, wanderlust setting in, wanting to go camping, or take a trip. The Prince said that would be fun, just don’t change your beard Dad he said. The Prince was up by 8 am giving dad lots of love and cuddles, then diving into his Minecraft adventure. Oisin was intrigued with how this 5 year old has completely taught himself the game with no help from dad whatsoever. Then the Prince gave dad lots of karate chops as they wrestled in bed.


Oisin received a delivery from GrubHub sending him two new black t-shirts, “delivery in progress” signs, stickers for the window, a catering bag, and a large well insulated new delivery bag. As he has completed over a 1000 deliveries so far with the company, it was a nice thank you of sorts. GrubHub is the only one that does this – all the other companies send a flimsy thermal bag and/or a plastic credit card for payments in progress, which was mainly DoorDash and Postmates. UberEats doesn’t send anything. The delivery came at a good time as Oisin was low in laundry and the shirts were very welcome. Oisin signed in at 9 am with Company 5 and Company 1 looking for delivery offers. He received one from Company One, so turned off Company Five and headed off to Blank Canvas Cafe for the first order of the day picking up at 9:50 am. (9:27 AM, Blank Canvas Cafe, delivery 3.00, mileage .98, tip 2.92, total: 6.90) He spent the first hour of the morning at home. By the time of the delivery it was 66 degrees Fahrenheit with potential for more monsoon remnant storms on the horizon.

The first delivery from Blank Canvas Cafe was a breakfast sandwich and mocha. The customer was very appreciative which was nice to hear as earlier this week, Oisin has had some characters with poor behavior, bad tipping, and some lousy individuals. So that made him feel better. It has been a rough week. After that delivery, they seemed to have a break as no deliveries came in through the application. So they headed home to their tiny house and the Prince played with Princess Aine and Princes Xavier, Theron, and Kian. On the way they swung by a garage sale where Cian finally got his long awaited and wanted zombie Nerf gun for only $5. Dad told him that he would get him the foam bullets on Amazon. The Prince was ecstatic. Oisin also found the “Herbs and Things Herbal” book for a dollar, and a two dollar magic collection set so that the Prince could get started on close-up magic. This made Oisin’s day for much bounty from the gear he received and the treasures found at the garage sale. By the time they got home it was already 69 degrees and climbing at 10:15 am. Cian was excited to show his find to the kids, they played together, and pretended emergency zombie attacks with the Prince playing dead. They had a nice 45 minute break at the house, gaining another 15-20 minutes than their original 30 minute break.


Around 11:30 AM they went to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza for the pickup. The temperature was getting warmer yet the skies were still overcast and hazy, but it felt hot out. The car gauge said 68 degrees although it felt hotter than that. The Prince wanted to use the rest of his allowance on buying two more Minecraft Worlds – “Castles and Dragons” and “Pirate Skull Island”. He was ecstatic and enthralled with those. He also was so excited about his Zombie Nerf gun. He has been so good this week, so got his five dollar allowance and an additional five bucks for his share of tips in the week. The Pizza delivery went well, but Oisin had to take a detour down Pikes Peak as Tejon was too crowded. The delivery was less than a mile from their house. The customer was very nice. So today was very pleasant for the crew. They were able to go home for a break afterwards.

Around noon they drove to Subway Sandwiches for a pickup and the delivery went smoothly. Afterwards they headed to the Coffee Exchange for another pickup. In the middle of the delivery, Oisin listened to NPR covering a 2000 interview with Stephen King about the van that hit him and nearly killed him, a country bumpkin who had lots of traffic violations through his history, even though he tried to reassure King all he had was a parking ticket. Stephen King was in critical condition. Oisin hadn’t heard of the accident before which surprised him because Stephen King was one of his favorite authors during childhood, loving his movies and his books, though hadn’t read any of them for a long time. It was an interesting interview to see his reflections on his own accident, that King and his wife bought the van that hit him and had it pulverized to a small cube after the guy died at age 43, a year later, on Stephen King’s birthday, that was interesting Sir Oisin thought.

On the way to East Coast Deli and Restaurant they stopped at the downtown park to see a competition run at “Jump Fest“. The Prince was getting hungry and probably wanted festival food since he thought he was at one of those kind of events. This event didn’t have any food vendors. The competitor took first place and was pretty good. They only had 12 minutes to watch the event then drove down the street to East Coast and did their pickup. They both enjoyed the entertainment during their break. The East Coast delivery would be the last one for the morning shift. Around the point of delivery, they spied the Rites of Spring Statue of the Ibis/Crane off Cascade avenue near Colorado College. They then headed home for their 3 and a half hour break, making lunch, and the Prince getting to play with the kids. Dad got some of his blogs done, took a shower, and did dishes. Cian played zombie nerf gun with the kids as well as playing with various toys, wearing nerdy glasses, fighting zombies, and dad ordered him bullets for his gun that will arrive on Monday.


Around 5 pm they headed to The Bench for a pickup and after drop off got a really good tip, not a bad location, and gave enough time for a 15 minute break before the next delivery. They dropped by Loaf n Jug, grabbed a lemonade ICEE for dad, a Blue Raspberry ICEE for the Prince so they were very refreshed. The clouds got dark, rain came off the mountains, and a massive rain storm hit. There were tornado warnings, flash flood warnings for Northeast Colorado. They were not sure what was happening in their area though.

Just before 6 pm, they hit Hacienda Villereal then off by 6:30 pm to Old Chicago. On the way to delivering it started raining heavy for the next couple of hours. They then drove to La Caretta for a double-delivery all of whom were paying decent tips as well. During the drive, Oisin heard a NPR report about Movie Pass running out of money with various box offices turning away customers for movies. They apparently didn’t have enough to pay for the movies, but 24 hours later got it fixed as they took out a multi-million dollar loan. Their stocks were split from .08 cents a share now up to $16.00 a share. This reminded him about Bitcoin as well which he was researching for his friend Lady Allison who said it was a good investment.


They started the final shift for the day in blinding pouring down rain. They headed to Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza for another pickup just before 8 pm. The waitress there told Oisin a story about one of the delivery guys she accidentally gave a half-eaten pizza to that she and other staff were nibbling on as an unclaimed pizza, but luckily called him before he actually dropped it off. He turned around and got the right pizza. This could have been a big issue. Luckily Oisin was out the door with a fresh out-of-the-oven pizza though the worry some story was atop his mind.

The final delivery for the evening was Old Chicago which went quick. Dad and the Prince sang songs and called it a night. They were hungry for dinner, originally intending on stopping at Boston Market for wholesome food. Unfortunately Boston Market sold out of chicken so they headed next door to Captain D’s Seafood. Dad got the seafood platter and the Prince the chicken tenders kid’s meal as he was set on chicken not willing to eat anything else. At least they got macaroni and cheese so the Prince finally got some variety. They treated themselves to chocolate cake and dad a key lime pie slice. They then drove home but didn’t get there until 9:45 pm. Everyone was gone so Oisin thought they were probably at a movie, but apparently big Kian had gotten a head injury playing so they had rushed to the hospital. Oisin and the Prince called it a night, watched some cartoons, cuddled, and went to bed. Even dad passed out early as he was very exhausted.

Mileage: 85 miles

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07.26.18: Storms and Energy Drain

Thursday, 26 July 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weather: Ranging 53 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, on/off overcast with rain showers

The Prince and Sir Oisin were nestled together and awoke early to get together for work. Sir Oisin awoke at his usual 7 am, started blogging, and finished the video journal for July 24th, finishing up the actual blog later in the day, archiving the Tree Leaves Oracle site stuff to Technogypsie.com since the Tree Leaves Oracle has officially closed. The Prince got up at his usual 8 am and said “I love you Daddy. Good Morning!” wrestling with Dad and playing with one another. Then the Prince dove onto his kindle to watch some cartoons, play with legos, and other toys while Dad made breakfast. They both had a bowl of toasty o’s from Trader Joe’s, Orange Juice, and cherries. Dad did some house cleaning, dishes, cleaning up some flooding from the Monsoon aftermath, cleaned up the patio, organized Cian’s toys, and preparing for the day. There is much on Sir Oisin’s mind … dissatisfaction with Company 1 and their numerous updates that have been causing his ratings to become low, driving a ticking time bomb, and just feeling stagnant … even though he’s overwhelmed with stuff he needs to do. He doesn’t know when Lady Etain is picking up the Prince and can’t figure out or plan his near future.

They logged in with Company One at 9 am and didn’t get their first order until 9:45 am at the Coffee Exchange downtown.


Construction along Tejon made parking difficult for the pickup at Coffee Exchange. They had it ready to head out the door, and the place was empty for the same reasons that delivery is. The pickup was two coffees … and thereby Oisin a coffee boy running to an office building to make the delivery.

Orders were bare for the next 45 minutes to an hour, so they swung by the tiny house, had more breakfast, did more house cleaning, and worked on his schedule for the next week. He booked hours with Company One and Company Five , and still registered with Company Three and Company Six more as backups which he’ll probably start working with again since Company One is going down the hill. Oisin still was packing up and preparing for Dragon Fest while figuring out if he’ll have the Prince with him or not, trying to be flexible. He did offer to her that the Prince could stay as long as he needs to during her transition from night shift to day shift as well as finding the Prince a school to attend. While the Prince ate his second breakfast, he sat at the dining table with his plastic toy knife claiming to be exploring the jungles of Minecraft ready to stab the creepers before they blow up in his face. Dad asked him what Creepers were and the Prince explained they are walking bombs that blow up because they have a bomb inside them – the exciting part of Minecraft. Spawners too were on his hit list because they make zombies, monsters, creatures, etc. that can hurt him.

Next offer was to La Baquette in Old Colorado City. Oisin learned to park in the back alley and enter through the back entrance as a quicker and more efficient way to come and grab orders. It was essentially ready to go, Oisin just had to wait til the clerk cashed out the current customers in front of him. They swung by their house for their half-hour break between shifts with Oisin working on his blogs and writing, playing with the Prince and relaxing.

The break was more like 45 minutes from 11 am until 11:45 am getting some photos organized for the Tree Leaves Oracle, Cian getting a chance to play with Princess Aine and Prince Pondo before the big Kian got dropped off to summer camp, then just playing outside with Aine. After returning from 11:30 until 1:30, they would have a three hour break so their day was aligning well. The temperature increased to 72 degrees Fahrenheit with overcast skies threatening stormy skies as the Monsoons whipped bad weather their way.


Around 11:30 am, they were called over to Old Chicago for a pickup. They had to wait a little while for the food to finish being prepared but was timely. They dropped it off with no problems. It was getting a little hotter outside upwards of 78 degrees. They headed home afterwards hoping for a break as Prince Cian wanted desperately to try Lord Jesse’s infamous toast when he gets back. It seemed to be quite a quiet day in commerce land, restaurants and places not having many cars around in the parking lots, and still Oisin hasn’t figured out how the pay cycles work with the deliveries, maybe orders were down today obviously closer to pay day people order food but maybe once paid off bills they slack off on food orders, or maybe all the monsoon weather with the rains and floods has set them back – usually bad weather is a pickup of orders people not wanting to go out. Of course, theoretically one would think they would tip better but in reality they don’t even though the drivers are risking their lives taking them their food. At home, Lord Jesse made the kids the toast and mac n’ cheese for lunch.

Around noon Sir Oisin was called off to Burger King, this time with a tip which is uncommon at the fast food deliveries. It shouldn’t matter, food delivery is food delivery with wear n’ tear of the vehicle and gas expenses. But its the mindset of the no tippers.

After the delivery they had a half hour break at the house – at the end of their shift they sent Oisin on a cheap order at Romano’s Macaroni Grill. This time the Prince stayed behind to play with the kids and then they had a three hour break to relax and enjoy the day. The monsoon driven storms over the mountains began coming down into the valley so they pondered what the afternoon was going to deliver any wrath upon them. When Dad got home he played with Prince Cian and Princess Aine, then making lunch for himself since the Prince already had Jesse’s Mac n’ Cheese.

The Prince was excited to show dad the tower that Lord Jesse and the kids made … and all the kids played together well. Oisin got some down time to do some writing and blogging. They had a nice three and a half hour break clocking back in at 4:30 pm to more warnings sent on his phone of flooding and severe thunderstorms. They worked the shift from 4:30 to 6:30 pm, then on to the 7 pm to 9 pm shift. The weather became worse and worse.


At 4:30 Oisin headed over to Doner USA picking up Greek food and taking it to drop off in a very complex industrial building setup with 8 large buildings all assigned the same street number. The customer didn’t say what building she was in nor did she give details about how to find her. It was a bit frustrating as even the buildings didn’t have the appropriate letters assigned to them, as she was in Building “A” and while there were arrow signs to the area it should be, it was hard to find. It wound up being combined with Building “C” as a small little shop inside the building. That took another 15 minutes of frustration. He then got called to On Th Border off North Academy way north sending him into traffic that was a nightmare, bumper to bumper with a side-loop having to take around RockRimmon instead of Garden of the Gods because of construction and traffic. Oisin knew he’d be late with this one. In addition to the nightmare drop-off, he forgot his phone’s power cord at home – with only 17% power left on the phone he had to race home between deliveries to go retrieve it. He marked himself unavailable while racing home to get the cord.

He then raced to Qdoba Mexican Eats after retrieving the cord. This delivery extended into his half-hour dinner break, as he was supposed to log out at 6:30 pm and not return until 7 pm, as he received them around 6:20 pm and racing to fill them.

They grabbed Kentucky Fried Chicken on the way and it took forever as South Nevada is the worst KFC there is with the Burger King down the road from it being the second worst restaurant in the city. Both are extremely slow and seem to have staff who don’t care about their service, job, or performance. The South Nevada KFC is often out of supplies, and at this point wouldn’t have chicken ready again for 20 minutes … so they ordered the chicken tenders then raced to pick up the Spiced Island Grill for a pickup and drop-off.


The Spice Island Grill order went well. They then were called back to the slow KFC for a pickup/drop-off. At 7:45 pm Oisin walked back into the KFC hoping they would have their operation in order, but he was wrong – and when he said last week that the South Nevada Burger King was the worst restaurant in town, he had to correct himself, this KFC is the worst. Most of the employees were standing around doing nothing, never ready with their food, and just setting themselves up to fail. Everything had a delay, always out of items, and even some customers waiting in line left because of how slow. Some of the orders were messed up as well. He finally got the order and headed off to deliver it, luckily the customer didn’t have a complaint. He got called next to On the Border at 8:15 pm then had a brief 10 minute break quick enough to get a Starbucks Chai Creme Frappacino for a much needed energy boost. That gave him some energy. Oisin is really feeling down as of late for the horrible pay that Company One was giving lately. Then came the bad weather – more dark skies, rain and by 8:30 pm the skies were really dark and overcast. More rain was expected over night. 8:15 PM, On the Border At 8:50 pm, they called it a night, clocking out … only making an average of $10.50/hour before wear-n-tear on the car, gas costs, which equated to $8-9/hour realistically. It was not cool … Oisin getting more discontent with Company 1 and how they are handling things lately, especially the last 2 months. They hit King Soopers for groceries, headed home and the temperature dropped to 66 degrees with dark skies with yet no rain. It had been a long day so they grabbed dinner, played a little, read a book, then cuddled to bed together for a good night. They got home around 9:30 pm. While at King Soopers, the Prince talked dad into getting him jello – he was extraordinarily excited for that treat. Dad got himself pudding. They then nestled down to a cartoon and the Prince passed out before dad. Dad watched the movie “Oracle” which was kinda home-made documentary style. He passed out towards the end of it. He had no energy or motivation to do anything online or be productive, today was super draining.

Mileage: 82 miles

Tales of a Delivery Driver: Chronicle 278- Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf and Prince Cian. Adventures in Colorado. Photos taken July 26, 2018. To read the adventures, visit http://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/?p=39039. To read reviews, visit: www.technogypsie.com/reviews. All photos and articles (c) 2018. Technogypsie.com – by Leaf McGowan and Thomas Baurley. All rights reserved. www.technogypsie.com/photography. More info about Colorado Springs: http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=31051

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