First Life: True Thomas

Birth to College:
From Infancy to College, True Thomas was a adventurous little boy who was fascinated by wizards, magic, folklore, and ancient civilizations. Raised Catholic, following the clergy, he was an altar boy who wanted to be a Catholic priest. Inspired with wanderlusts from his father King William and Queen Patricia, he was set to become “Indiana Jones” off to find great treasures. Born in the Bronx, growing up in New Rochelle, New York – plagued by a childhood of asthma, his family relocated him to Roswell, New Mexico where he was inspired by computers, archaeology, French, and travel. He fell deeply for his first love, Lady Kimberly, and gave birth to Princess Breanna before the end of high school.

He was quite a conservative cat by the start of College. Off to college at Florida State University, he soon left a career as a stock broker and studies for Business Administration as his family left him to fund his own education since he was now married to Lady Kimberly. Since he was paying for his own education, he sought out his childhood dreams of being an Archaeologist – he headed off to the Department of Classics to become an Egyptologist. Studying mummies, his fascination soon led him to the Department of Anthropology, seeking to become a Forensic Anthropologist. Being a young parent, his dreams of Egyptology were squashed after his first field school in Italy on a Roman-Etruscan city site. He realized foreign governments don’t easily hire Americans. He found work in American Archaeology … and following his dreams became a specialist in southeastern Archaeology working for the National Park Service and the Florida Department of State. The death of his father, debt of financial disaster, and divorce … the three horrible “D’s” threw him into a spiral off to the Pacific Northwest seeking his soul mate and journey’s quest. Retreating in defeat, he returned to Tallahassee believing the prophecies of the Northwest bride was simply a fallacy. A transition from Catholic to Wiccan to Druid, he became clergy for the local communities. He was likened to “True Thomas”, a.k.a. Thomas Rhymer, he who could not tell a lie, by his lover, the Goddess Elyse. He fell in love with a local faerie named Autumn, and began his second life.

Foreward and Prologue:

Who is Oisin?
Who is Thomas the Rhymer?
Who is Sir Thomas Oisin Rhymer Leaf?
What is the Living Myth?

The Living Myth

Oisin and Thomas the Rhymour
Oracles & Prophecy

Prologue: The King and Queen (pre-1968)


High School:

  • Prince Tom 1980-1990’s: Age 12-22
  • Discovering Sex (coming soon)
  • The 80’s and house parties (coming soon)
  • The missle silos (coming soon)
  • The Rockhound (coming soon)
  • Rockets and Goddard (coming soon)
  • The skier (coming soon)
  • Fleeing the boy scouts across country (coming soon)
  • French Club (coming soon)
  • An expedition to Quebec (Coming soon)
  • Lady Heather (Coming soon)
  • Lady Gina (Coming soon)
  • Lady Brandy (Coming soon)
  • Lady Monica (Coming soon)
  • Pathfinders (Coming soon)
  • Explorations into Witchcraft (coming soon)
  • Discovery of Wicca (coming soon)
  • Santeria, hoodoo, voodoo, and root magic (Coming soon)
  • Dungeons and Dragons / Tunnels and Trolls (Coming soon)
  • The Rogue Kevin (Coming soon)

The love story of True Tom and Lady Kimberly:

  • Prince Tom 1980-1990’s: Age 12-22
  • First real relationship (Coming soon)
  • Losing Virginity and Confessions to the Priest (Coming soon)
  • The Breakup (Coming soon)
  • Drama at the Missle Silo (Coming soon)
  • The pregnancy (Coming soon)
  • Off to College (Coming soon)
  • Rough battles (Coming soon)
  • Tae Kwon Do (Coming Soon)
  • Ska Chapel, A stint in Punk Rock (Coming Soon)
  • A Woman at the Late Night Library (Coming Soon)
  • The birth of Princess Breanna (Coming Soon)
  • Lady Kimberly moves to Florida (Coming Soon)
  • Trailer park life (Coming Soon)
  • The apartment complex (Coming soon)
  • A Catholic Wedding at St. Thomas More (Coming Soon)
  • The Stockbroker (Coming Soon)
  • Adventures in South Florida (Coming Soon)

Stockbroker to Anthropologist:

  • Prince Tom 1980-1990’s: Age 12-22
  • First Investors (Coming Soon)
  • A Split life: Tallahassee and Pensacola (Coming Soon)
  • Delving into Egyptology (Coming Soon)
  • A Summer as a Pottery Cataloguer (Coming soon)
  • Excavations at Cetamura, Italy (Coming Soon)
  • Exploring Italy (Coming Soon)
  • An American Woman (Coming Soon)
  • Goddess Diana (Coming Soon)
  • Becoming Wiccan (Coming Soon)
  • American Anthropology (Coming Soon)
  • The Forensic Anthropologist (Coming Soon)
  • The Divorce
  • Exploring Polyamory (Coming Soon)
  • Lady Katie (Coming Soon)
  • Single Parenting (Coming Soon)
  • The Wakulla Cypress Grove, ADF (Coming Soon)
  • A Walk-about to Eugene, Oregon (Coming Soon)
  • Searching for a prophesized love (Coming Soon)
  • Returning to Florida (Coming Soon)
  • Lady Karen (Coming Soon)
  • Meeting Lady Autumn (Coming Soon)
  • Museum and Archaeological Technician at The Park Service (Coming Soon)
  • Searching for a downed WWII Plane (Coming Soon)
  • Contract Archaeology (Coming Soon)


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