Second Life: Sir Tom

Foreward and Prologue:

Who is Oisin?
Who is Thomas the Rhymer?
Who is Sir Thomas Oisin Rhymer Leaf?
What is the Living Myth?

The Living Myth

Oisin and Thomas the Rhymour
Oracles & Prophecy

The Second Evolution:
Reborn from his First life, our story becomes the classic tale and life of Sir Tom who falls in love with his best friend and returns to monogamy, living together, and marriage. The love story of Sir Tom and Lady Autumn beginning with a beautiful hand fasting by Arch Druid Isaac Bonewits and the Goddess Diana. Sir Tom pursues a life of archaeology within the National Park Service until he discovers he’s one of the few web designers in America and becomes high demand. Sir Tom’s life goes digital as he becomes an Information Coordinator for the State of Florida. He experiences first hand the Dotcom boom – high tech, high pay with high demand of his services. He and Lady Autumn move to New York exploring a life in Brewster, New York City, and Connecticut. Soon enough his web design firm takes off. They hike the Appalachian Trail and explore New England. Turmoil and jealousy destroy their relationship. High drama and Princess Breanna is kidnapped by Lady Autumn. A Cross country chase ensues. Leafworks and Wandering Leaf Designs experience a rise, fall, and evolution. A quest across the country with Lady Tanya leads to a meeting with the Oracles and more revelations about the Pacific Northwest Soul Mate. Sir Tom experiences another life’s exploration into Polyamory. He is named “Leaf” by his Canadian friends.

A return to Florida:

  • The Prophecy of the Pacific Northwest Bride, the Irish Lover, and the French Princess (Coming Soon)
  • Returning to Tallahassee (Coming Soon)
  • Lady Karen (Coming Soon)
  • Exploring Polyamory (Coming Soon)
  • The City house on brevard street and the country home in Woodville (Coming Soon)
  • Working for the National Park Service (Coming Soon)
  • Single Parenting (Coming Soon)
  • The creation of Leafworks (Coming Soon)
  • The Tree Leaves’ Oracle and Folk Fellowship (Coming Soon)
  • Free Spirit Coven and the Wakulla Cypress Grove (Coming Soon)

The love story of Sir Tom and Lady Autumn:

  • Sir Tom and Lady Autumn (Coming Soon)
  • The Love Story of Sir Thomas and Lady Autumn 1994-2000
  • The Handfasting of Sir Tom and Lady Autumn (Coming Soon)
  • Life in Woodville (Coming Soon)
  • Working for the Department of State (Coming Soon)
  • High Tech boom / Dot com rise (Coming Soon)
  • Leafworks booms (Coming Soon)
  • Moving to New York (Coming Soon)
  • High Tech Industry work (Coming Soon)
  • The Digital Dance (Coming Soon)
  • Life in Brewster (Coming Soon)
  • Thomson Interactive (Coming Soon)
  • Effron Enterprises (Coming Soon)
  • Expatexchange (Coming Soon)
  • Hiking the Appalachian Trail (Coming Soon)
  • Exploring New England (Coming Soon)
  • The Dramatic Ending of Sir Tom and Lady Autumn (Coming Soon)
  • Kidnapping of Princess Breanna (Coming Soon)
  • A quest across the country to the Pacific Northwest (Coming Soon)
  • Searching for the Pacific Northwest bride (Coming Soon)
  • Tom and Tanya (Coming Soon)
  • The Mother Goddess of the Oracles Reveals (Coming Soon)
  • Driving across America (Coming Soon)
  • A Calling to Canada (Coming Soon)
  • The Move to the Pacific Northwest (Coming Soon)


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