Third Life: Sir Leaf McGowan

Foreward and Prologue:
Who is Oisin?
Who is Thomas the Rhymer?
Who is Sir Thomas Oisin Rhymer Leaf?
What is the Living Myth?
The Living Myth

Oisin and Thomas the Rhymour
Oracles & Prophecy

The Third Evolution: Enters Leaf McGowan
As Sir Leaf McGowan evolves out of Sir Tom when he moves to Canada, given the name “Leaf” by his Canadian community, we follow Sir Leaf as a Goth, a Technogypsie, a Dotcom developer, exploring Canadian culture and investigating immigration. Studying at the University of British Columbia and living in Little India, Kitslano, and Point Roberts. A single parent of a high school daughter, 9/11 closes the border between the two forcing a move back to America. A magical tour across America leading to the love story of Leaf and Firefae. A pregnancy and birth of Prince Liam. Sir Leaf gets trapped in Los Angeles, loses his car, and explores the West Coast. He moves to Seattle and works for Microsoft, lives in the artist community Hanta House, and delves deeply into Grunge, Goth, Industrial, Noise, and the 80’s. The Princess Breanna grows up and moves in with her boyfriend, while dad settles into Seattle. He quits the dotcom world and dives back into Archaeology. He works and surveys the American southeast, escapes Hurricane Katrina, excavates at the Miami Circle, and takes an Archaeologist / Curator job with the Army. He has a fantastic life and community in Colorado. He Takes a great Walkabout Down Under to Australia, explores the southern hemisphere, lives in Cornwall England, excavates the Witch Pits, dances with Cornish Faeries, explores Wales, Scotland, and moves back to America to assist the Irish in building a Celtic Dragon at Burning Man. He falls in love with Irish women, and finds his prophesized Irish Bride.


  • Quest of the Pacific Northwest (Coming soon)
  • 2000: Journey West – Following the Oracles (Florida-British Columbia)
  • 2001/2004: Life in the Great White North (British Columbia, Washington State)
  • Life in Canada (Coming soon)
  • Becoming “Leaf” (Coming soon)
  • Polyamory and Monogamy (Coming soon)
  • The Magical Mystery Tour (Coming soon)
  • The Love story of Leaf and Lady Firefae (Coming soon)
  • The birth of Liam (Coming soon)
  • Trapped in L.A. (Coming soon)
  • 2002: Escape from L.A (Los Angeles, California)
  • Loss of his car (Coming soon)
  • Princess Breanna grows up and leaves dad (Coming soon)
  • 2003: Life in Seattle (Seattle, Washington)
  • Life in the Hanta House (Coming soon)
  • Microsoft and Wave (Coming soon)
  • Back to Archaeology (Coming soon)
  • Excavating and Surveying the American Southeast (Coming soon)
  • The Miami Circle (Coming soon)
  • Hurricane Katrina (Coming soon)
  • A Life in Colorado & Colorado Tales: 2005-2012
  • Archaeologist for the Military (Coming soon)
  • Faerieworlds (Coming soon) Day 3
  • Burning Man (Coming soon)
  • Exploring Europe (Coming soon)
  • LoTR: Lady of the Rhine, Quest of the Enchanted Ring & Key
  • The Tree Leaves Oracle shop in Manitou (Coming soon)
  • Faeries and Faeids (Coming soon)
  • Chronicle 1: The Great Walkabout Spring 2011


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