Fourth Life: Sir Thomas Leaf

Foreward and Prologue:
Who is Oisin?
Who is Thomas the Rhymer?
Who is Sir Thomas Oisin Rhymer Leaf?
What is the Living Myth?
The Living Myth

Oisin and Thomas the Rhymour
Oracles & Prophecy

First life as True Thomas, Second life at Sir Tom, and the Third life as Leaf McGowan, Sir Leaf evolves into Sir Thomas Leaf. Sir Thomas Leaf falls in love with Lady Etain and lives with her in Ireland, marries his soul mate, and they give birth to Prince Cian. He explores Norway, Denmark, England, Germany, Wales, Holland, and the Czech Republic recording Holy Wells and Sacred Springs. They move back to America to take care of the Dying Queen, move across America to the Pacific Northwest, finding a life as gypsies. They build and see the fall of the Leaf and Dragon shop in Ashland. They explore the bewitching world of Shasta ad Lemurians. They explore a nomadic existence and find the end of their relationship surrounding an affair that destroys true love. A devastating battle ensues with an unwelcomed ending.



  • Chronicle 1: The Great Walkabout Spring 2011
  • Chronicles 2: Searching for a Western Nest
  • Chronicles 3: Walking with the Ancestors
  • Chronicle 4: Life at Vegantopia
  • Chronicle 5: Faerie Flight from Ashland
  • Chronicle 6: An Irish Yule -Winter 2014
  • Chronicle 7: Life in Ashlandia – June 2014 – March 2015
  • Chronicle 8: Escaping the Cascades April 2015
  • Chronicle 9: Adventuring out of MordorSummer/Fall 2015
  • Chronicle 10: Life in the Inland Empire April to November 2015
  • Chronicle 11: Route 66 and the Wild WestSummer/Fall/Winter 2015
  • Chronicle 12: Sacred Springs of the Wild West
  • Chronicle 13: Escape from Mordor
  • Chronicle 14: The Lemurians of Shasta
  • Chronicle 15: The Supernatural & the Paranormal
  • Chronicle 16: The Holy Wells of Ireland
  • Chronicle 17: The Holy Wells of England, Wales, & Scotland
  • Chronicle 18: The Holy Wells of Germany and Eastern Europe
  • Chronicle 19: A Pirate’s Tale
  • Chronicles 20: Exploring the Oregon/Idaho/Washington borderlands
  • Chronicles 21: Exploring the Nevada-California-Oregon Borderlands
  • Chronicles 22: Life in the Gorge
  • Chronicles 23: Delving the Oregon Coast and Willamette Valley
  • Chronicles 24: Northern Exposure
  • Chronicle 25: Volcanic Legacy, Northwest
  • Chronicle 26: New Beginnings in the Rocky Mountains
  • Chronicle 27: Rebirth of the Bard and Ovate


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