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Chronicles 23: Delving the Oregon Coast, Oregon Desert, and Willamette Valley

February 2016: Sunday, 14 February 2016: Headed off into the field (BZ Corner/White Salmon, Washington – Bend, Oregon) Monday, 15 February 2016: Getting Ready for the Field (Bend, Oregon) Tuesday, 16 February 2016: Tumelo State Park (Bend, Oregon) Wednesday, 17 February 2016: 2nd Surrender (Bend, Oregon) Thursday, 18 February 2016: Brothers (Bend, Oregon) Friday, 19 […]

04.26.16: Over the Cascades and Camping at Rogue River

Tuesday, 26 April 2016Klamath Falls, Oregon – Ashland/Medford and Rogue River, Oregon Sir Thomas arose at 5 am to check email, movie downloads, and facebook to catch up with everyone as he’s been out of communication for the last 6 days during the Archaeological Survey along tracts of Bryant Mountain. Normally he would just e […]

04.19.16: Replenishing at Tub Springs

Tuesday, 19 April 2016Eugene – Canyonville – Ashland – Klamath Falls, Oregon As the explorers awoke in Springfield/Eugene at the Motel 6, they made cereal for breakfast and headed back on the road. They stopped by Flappin Flags for re-surplus and were back on the road south. As the explorers headed south, they stopped for […]

01.30.16: Storage in Phoenix

Saturday, 30 January 2016Medford – Phoenix – Ashland, Oregon Full travel tales coming soon …. Mileage: 50 miles [ Home ]   [ Previous Day ]   [ Next ]

11.28.15 Car Repairs and a Whirwind of Delays

Saturday, 28 November 2015Ashland – Brookings, Oregon Little did Sir Thomas Leaf knew that today would especially be a rough day. Sir Thomas awoke early at Ashland’s Rodeway Inn, climbing out of bed into his pants and sweater to stumble out into the cold, or so he expected, as it wasn’t that bad temperature-wise. He […]

11.27.15 Accidents and Damages

Friday, 27 November 2015Ashland, Oregon Early to rise, Sir Thomas Leaf crawled out of bed and caught up on some writing while Lady Etain and Prince Cian lay asleep. Last day at the Cedarwood Inn, they would head off to see if the DMV was open (as Sir Thomas lost his driver’s license), do laundry, […]

11.26.15 Thanksgiving

Thursday, 26 November 2015Ashland – Phoenix, Oregon The weary explorers had a whole day planned of chores and activities, but holiday movies on the television won out. Resting and relaxing at the Cedarwood Inn, southern end of Ashland they enjoyed the continental breakfast after which Sir Thomas took Prince Cian for a swim in the […]

11.25.15 Dealing with storage

Wednesday, 25 November 2015Medford, Oregon A night of rest at the Medford South Motel 6, the weary adventurers checked out at noon and proceeded to accomplish their errands. Costco was too crowded with no place for them to park with the trailer in tow, so achieving new tires was a no-go for the crew. They […]

Chronicle 6: An Irish Yule

12.22.14-12.23.14 Prepping for Ireland 12.24.14 Chronicles: Expedition to Cork, Day 1 : Medford Xmas Eve 12.25.14: Christmas Day begins the Expedition to Ireland 12.26.14 London to Cork 12.27.14 Jet and Family Time 12.28.14 Irish Cousin Trio and fun in Douglas 12.29.14: Errands around Cork City 12.30.14 Visiting Friends in West Cork 12.31.14 West Cork, Foya […]

Chronicle 8: Escaping the Cascades

03.18.15: Inventory, Batteries, Storage, and Cleanup 03.19.15: Packing up for the walkabout 03.20.15: Preparing the Caravan for separation 03.26.15 Talent to Weed 03.27.15 Redding to Stockton 03.28.15 Stockton to Los Angeles 03.29.15 L.A. and the Inland Empire 03.30.15 Storage, Chores, and Sundries 03.31.15 Bakersfield to Oregon Border 04.01.15: Errands and Sundries in Ashland, Oregon 4.2.15: […]

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