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Chronicles 23: Delving the Oregon Coast, Oregon Desert, and Willamette Valley

February 2016: Sunday, 14 February 2016: Headed off into the field (BZ Corner/White Salmon, Washington – Bend, Oregon) Monday, 15 February 2016: Getting Ready for the Field (Bend, Oregon) Tuesday, 16 February 2016: Tumelo State Park (Bend, Oregon) Wednesday, 17 February 2016: 2nd Surrender (Bend, Oregon) Thursday, 18 February 2016: Brothers (Bend, Oregon) Friday, 19 […]

02.22.16: Sisters to Honeyman

Monday, 22 February 2016Sisters – Springfield – Honeyman State Park, Florence, Oregon The morning was spent exploring the charming town of Sisters, Oregon. They dropped into a cafe for some wifi and figuring out their plans since the field session had ended really early unexpectedly. An unexpected web hosting bill for this domain was due […]

02.21.16: On the road again

Sunday, 21 February 2016Bend, Oregon – Sisters, Oregon Back on the road, it was greasy fast food for lunch to poorly fuel them on the trail. A step up from lunch, the Explorers went out for dinner at Panda Express. Sir Thomas Leaf indulged in his favorite dish – Honey Walnut Shrimp. Mileage: 34 miles […]

02.20.16: End of Project Session

Saturday, 20 February 2016Bend, Oregon The survey project was cancelled due to winter weather falsely leaving the area. That afternoon on the road the explorers stopped for Bacon Cheeseburgers, Chicken nuggets, fries, and a Coke (the Prince had apple juice) for lunch at Burger King. Sir Thomas took the Prince to Rite Aid to pick […]

02.18.16: Brothers, Oregon

Thursday, 18 February 2016Brothers, Oregon As the crew got up and did the breakfast bar at the hotel, they coordinated plans. Snow was on the horizon as well as shady weather. They all piled into the field trucks and headed off to the survey area near Brothers, Oregon. As they arrived to the survey area, […]

02.17.16: 2nd Surrender

Wednesday, 17 February 2016Bend, Oregon The survey crew went out to 2nd Surrender finding snow fall causing issues with the survey so a short day was had. Sir Thomas LEaf returned to the hotel to pick up Lady Etain and Prince Cian to go for a late lunch. Big Mac and chicken nuggets satiated their […]

11.02.15: Medford to Bend

Monday, 2 Novembre 2015Medford to Bend, Oregon Sore and twisted, the adventurers awoke in their cramped car and re-dispersed their belongings between the two vehicles and headed back on the road. They made their way through Redding and north into land of Shasta. Passed Shasta Caverns, Lake Shasta, and as sunrise welcomed them through Shasta […]

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