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Chronicles 22: Life in the Gorge

Follow Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf McGowan, Etain de Danann, and Prince Cian’s life in the picturesque Gorge of Oregon and Washington, along the Columbia River. December 2015 Friday, 11 December 2015: Bearings, Hubs, and Repairs (The Dalles, OR; White Salmon, WA) 17 December 2015: Snowed in White Salmon (White Salmon, Washington) 21 December 2015: […]

02.09.16: Hanging on the cliff

Tuesday, 9 February 2016White Salmon, Washington Another day trapped at the Cliffhanger, the explorers focused their effort on packing up and preparing for their escape. More laundry, getting rid of junk, preparing items for storage, and the road trips. Sir Thomas checked in with Logan Simpson on work. They had sausages and brats for lunch […]

02.08.16: Birthday gifts

Monday, 8 February 2016 White Salmon, Washington Another day at the Cliffhanger, packing up and closing down the cottage. Sir Thomas was having lots of issues with the rogues who were landmates, their incessant drinking and partying. He really wanted to escape. He daily called Logan Simpson to see if projects were beginning soon, and […]

02.07.16: The night after

Sunday, 7 February 2016White Salmon, Washington The adventurers awoke with the welcoming light coming in through the windows now that the insulation and blankets have begun to be removed. They had oatmeal and orange juice for breakfast, visited the trees as their morning bathroom ritual, and began working on laundry, cleanup, packing up, and preparing […]

02.03.16: laying low

Wednesday, 3 February 2016BZ Corner – White Salmon, Washington Full travel tales coming soon …. Unexpected surprise of cash back within the Paypal account was a nice thing to wake up to Sir Thomas thought. Mileage: 10 miles [ Home ]   [ Previous Day ]   [ Next ]

02.02.16: Running around the hood

Tuesday, 2 February 2016BZ Corner, Washington – Hood River, Oregon Full travel tales coming soon …. Unexpected blessings as Amazon deposited sales into the checking account today, providing the explorers with much needed funds, albeit very little, every penny helps. They also sold a sticker on the Pirate Relief website. Unfortunately the 3.50 they charged […]

01.22.16: BZ Corner and Hood River

Friday, 22 January 2016BZ Corner, Husum, White Salmon, Washington – Hood River, Oregon As Lady Etain and Prince Cian were exhausted, Sir Thomas Leaf arose early for his solitary 14 mile drive through BZ Corner and Husum, Washington across the bridge into Hood River. Although broke, he scrounged up $2.00 for the toll so that […]

01.20.16: Husum

Wednesday, 20 January 2016White Salmon – Husum, Washington – Hood River, Oregon Many dreams were had by Sir Thomas Leaf about the adventurer’s hike yesterday around Mosier and its tunnels along the Historic Columbia River Highway. It was a passage of sorts to the new upcoming adventure this summer. Sir Thomas Leaf awoke early to […]

01.11.16, 01.12.16, 01.13.16, 01.14.16, 01.15.16, 01.16.16: Over with the snow and digging out

11-16 January 2016White Salmon, Washington The Adventurers had experienced a really rough two months of being snowed into the wilderness off-grid retreat of Sir Miles and Kevin the Rogue, living in the Cliffhanger – a former tea house dangling over the White Salmon River. Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and the Prince made due with […]

01.09.16 orders, wifi, White Salmon library

Saturday, 9 January 2016White Salmon, Washington Sir Thomas Leaf awoke earlier than Lady Etain who rested for the morning. He took the Prince out into the yard to play in the snow, bounce on the ice sopped trampoline, and to have a snowball fight. Breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and brats with orange juice and […]

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