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Tale 3 – Escape from L.A. (2002)

The story of Sir Thomas’ becoming trapped in Los Angeles, car-less, and stranded. His adventure escaping the City of Fallen Angels. September 2002: 09.26.02: L.A. Nights (Los Angeles, California)

Chronicle 12: Sacred Springs of the Wild West

Coming Soon … the Epic collection of Sacred Springs and Holy Wells in the Wild West in the meanwhile, visit www.naiads.com

11.24.15: Cedarville to Phoenix – A winter adventure

Tuesday, 24 November 2015 Cedarville, California Awake at 4 am, Sir Thomas Leaf began plotting out his escape path from Cedarville to avoid the upcoming winter storm that would start at 9 am this morning. Catching up on blogs and orders, he took a shower to the back drop of howling winds warning of the […]

11.21.15: Recording sites

Saturday, 21 November 2015 Cedarville, California meet crew 7 am, head to field, cross nevada border, recording rock art Crawling out of bed by 6:15 am, Sir Thomas grabbed his gear, a shower, and a quick breakfast sharing an omelet with Prince Cian before heading out to meet the crew at 7. The teams piled […]

11.19.15: Surveying mountains and valleys

Thursday, 19 November 2015 Cedarville, California Back across the playa after the 7 am meetup, the crew crossed into Nevada and four-wheel drove across the forest lands off of the Surprise Valley/Barrel Springs back country byway. The same teams off into two groups adventuring across the landscape identifying cultural resources. Another 10 sites potentially discovered […]

11.18.15: Surveying California/Nevada borderlands, Country Hearth

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 Cedarville, California Early to rise, Sir Thomas headed out by 6:50 to meet up with the crew outside the rooms. His gear and sundries were still scattered around the car and he was under-prepared as this project was very last minute. He finagled a lunch, breakfast, his survey bags, and clip […]

11.17.15: White Salmon to Cedarville

Tuesday, 17 November 2015White Salmon, Washington – Cedarville, California Waking up in the cliffhanger, again tranquil serene Buddhist-like moments jolted by the awareness that he was hanging over a cliff, Sir Thomas hopped out of bed and caught up with some writing. Little Prince Cian was awake shortly after wanting “ki ki” a term he […]

Chronicle 8: Escaping the Cascades

03.18.15: Inventory, Batteries, Storage, and Cleanup 03.19.15: Packing up for the walkabout 03.20.15: Preparing the Caravan for separation 03.26.15 Talent to Weed 03.27.15 Redding to Stockton 03.28.15 Stockton to Los Angeles 03.29.15 L.A. and the Inland Empire 03.30.15 Storage, Chores, and Sundries 03.31.15 Bakersfield to Oregon Border 04.01.15: Errands and Sundries in Ashland, Oregon 4.2.15: […]

Chronicle 10: Life in the Inland Empire

06.14.15 Life on the Tracks – Travel Town 06.25.15 Ice cream fun 06.28.15 Descanso Gardens 08.11.15 Prince Cian’s new chariot, the daily grind

4.2.15: Angel’s Camp and Yosemite

Thursday, 2 April 2015Weed, California – Stockton, California – Yosemite National Park, California (Back to 4.1.15 Sundries and supplies from Oregon or to 04.03.15 Fresno and the Inland Empire) The explorers awoke in the semi-freezing rest area at Weed, California bundled up in their sleeping bags within their sturdy festival wagon. A quick breakfast they […]

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