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Protected: 07.22.17: Hunting for Crystals

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09.17.16: Northglenn Pirate Festival

09.15.16: Forms, Painting, Potty Training

Thursday, 15 September 2016Denver, Colorado Prince Cian awoke at 9 am saying “Good Morning Daddy!” all excited for the new day. First off, he wanted to watch Team Umizoomi, his all time favorite cartoon. Nestled in his new home, he was sad to see the baby Princess Evie head off to daycare but happy to […]

04.08-10.11: Brisbane, Down Under

Travels Down Under: Journey to Brisbane April 8-10, 2011 * The City of Fallen Angels, The Nacirema Empire – Brisbane, Queensland, Down Under * Friday-Sunday, 8th-10th April 2011 * Over the Pacific Ocean Sir Thomas Leaf officially began his walkabout Down Under to the bush of Australia towards midnight on Friday, April 8th. The Security […]

4/4/11-4/8/11: Leaving The Red Silt for The City of Fallen Angels

Leaving the Lab & Military Science: Last Days and on to the City of Fallen Angels April 5 – 8, 2011 * The Springs Where the Red Silt in the River flows from the Rocky Mountains – The City of Fallen Angels, of the Nacirema Empire * Tuesday, 5th April 2011 * The Springs Where […]

01.23.11: Red Rock Canyon Open Space

[ PREVIOUS DAY ] [ NEXT DAY ] January 23, 2011 ~ Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, Colorado ~ Sir Thomas heavy in thought crawled out of bed and headed off in the Isis Adventure thru Time van driving onto base to work on curation, data management, and archaeology at Fort […]

01.01.11 New Year, New Beginnings, Transitions

[ Home ]                      [ NEXT DAY ] Once upon a time, in the year of 2011, of the Common Era (C.E.) there was an adventurer named Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf McGowan. This struggling soul, dedicated to protecting the history, lore, and wisdom of the ancestors was on a verge of a transformation and […]

09.26.07: Pet Tarantula

Wednesday, 26 September 2007Colorado Springs, Colorado Back from the field, Sir Thomas headed over to his shop, The Tree Leaves’ Oracle off Ruxton street in Manitou Springs after a long day at work. He opened the shop for a couple of hours, but no one came in. He began to feel it was an incredible […]

03.22.07: Journey to the Old World

22 March 2007Denver, Colorado – Dusseldorf, Germany Little did Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf know that this particular journey would become a majestic quest, one that would satiate his thirst for knowledge, wanderlust, adventure, and magic. That this quest would change his life entirely evolving as a globe-trotting adventurer, researcher, archaeologist, and cartographer. That because […]

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