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Chronicle 1: The Great Walkabout, New Beginnings

The Great Walkabout became a journey of self-discovery, finding roots, and paths for Sir Thomas Leaf, following oracles, omens, and prophecies of a Irish bride, a French bride, and the birth of a Prince. From journeying across the Rocky Mountains, down under Australia, across to Cornwall to dig Witchcraft pits, on to Burning Man, Sir […]

Chronicle 17: The Holy Wells of England, Wales, & Scotland

Coming soon …. Also visit our Holy Wells and Sacred Springs site – www.naiads.org

LoTR: Lady of the Rhine, Quest of the Enchanted Ring & Key

The Lady of the Rhine Sagas: 1 – Quest of the Enchanted Ring, 2 – Quest of the Sacred Key 22 March 2007: Journey to the Old World 23 March 2007: Dusseldorf and Bochum 24 March 2007: Visiting the stables in Bochum 25 March 2007: Tersoal and Reaklif 26 March 2007: Holland to Berlin 27 […]

07.05.12: VT – Denmark

[ Chronicles: A Viking Tale, the Beginning of the Journey ] Thursday, 5 July 2012 Aboard the Sirena: Harwich, England to Esbjerg, DenmarkEsbjerg, Denmark Sir Thomas Leaf arose rather early that morning as allergies and sheer exhaustion had consumed his rest last night, a formula that never ceases to turn him into a snoring Viking […]

07.04.12: Yorkshire & the Sirena (A Viking Tale)

Bradford, England * City Park 4th July 2012* Holyhead, Wales to Bradford, England * Sleeping on the bus, Sir Thomas Leaf had intriguing dreams of prophecies about Ragnarok. It was only a couple of years ago that Sir Leaf was introduced to the concept of “Ragnarok” while visiting the Dublinia Viking Museum. He was a […]

06.11.12: LOF ~ The Qabbalah & York

Town Gate, York, Yorkshire 11th of June 2012 ~ Part II* York, Yorkshire, United Kingdom * A pleasant and warm drive through Wales, slowly past the mountains and up the coast a chill covered the outside air. Entering York, Sir Rob Wildwood pointed out some sites to Sir Thomas Leaf as they entered the city […]

06.11.12: Across the Irish Sea

11th of June 2012 ~ Part I* Dublin/Dun Laoghaire, Ireland – Holyhead, Wales * Intrigued by weird dreams of gates opening between the worlds of humans and fae in a “Lord of the Rings” style backdrop mish-mashed with Ragnarok apocalyptic stories of Thor and Loki … Sir Thomas Leaf stumbled out of bed dazed and […]