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02.25.11, 02.26.11, 02.27.11, 02.28.11: A Irish birthday

[ PREVIOUS DAY ] [ NEXT DAY ] Friday, 25 February 2011 through Monday, 28 February 2011Colorado Springs, Colorado After a nice birthday celebration in Denver, Lady Allison and Princess Astranna wanted to take Sir Thomas out for his birthday since they couldn’t do it on the actual date. So after a long day in […]

09.17.16: Northglenn Pirate Festival

07.25.16 State of the world, nomadic lifestyles

Monday 25 July 2016Everett, Washington Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and Prince Cian awoke this morning refreshed and rested after a nice adventure merchanting the E.S.P. (Earth Sky Pagan Campout) at the Longhouse in Redmond this last weekend. The tolls of nomadic travel and adventuring has been taking its effect on them. It has been […]

12.30.14 Visiting Friends in West Cork

Tuesday, 30 December 2014West Cork, County Cork, Ireland Almost recovered with their colds and jet lag, the adventurers headed into Cork City for some various chores, running to the bank, getting some shopping done, and then off for a field trip to West Cork, to visit their friend Lady Rosie. The day sped by as […]

07.16.13: Milwaukee, Wisconsin to La Crosse, Wisconsin

Tuesday, 16 July 2013* Milwaukee, Wisconsin to La Crosse, South Dakota * The adventurers stayed with Sir Thomas Leaf’s former roommate of the Hanta Haus in Seattle’s warehouse district. That morning, Lady Kait treated them to a big bowl of oatmeal sweetened with pure maple syrup. Sir Thomas Leaf’s sugar-tooth was quite pleased. They had […]

07.15.13: Crossing the Midwest ~ Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Monday, 15 July 2013Indiana – Illinois – Wisconsin Early to rise, the adventurers hit the road entering into Indiana. Driving along the highway, they saw bumper-to-bumper traffic, luckily in the opposite direction they were traveling along Interstate 65 North. Lots of corn fields in Indiana they noticed. Interesting parallel they saw were circular forested areas […]

06.23.13: Chapel Hill to Occoquan

Sunday, 23 June 2013 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA Early to rise after a restful sleep, our adventuring trio caught up with their Irish family / hosts over a nice breakfast with the whole motley crew. Sir Thomas Leaf caught up with some blogging and article writing before and after breakfast, then the adults moved […]

03.25.07 Reaklif, Victory

25 March 2007Germany to Tersoal, The Netherlands Sir Thomas Leaf awoke early before departing on his journey to the Netherlands. A brief farewell to Lady Vanessa as he side-trekked on this journey to visit some extended family from the States he’s come to know and love. Stepping into the rental chariot, he sped forth at […]

03.24.07: Visiting the stables in Bochum

24 March 2007Bochum, Germany After a decent nap of recovery from the debauchery of the night before at the Matrix, the adventurers slept, and the warrior Sir Nigel returned to base. Then a nice breakfast of fresh baked goods from the bakery down the street, and the adventurers were refreshed as that afternoon they headed […]

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