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Chronicle 1: The Great Walkabout, New Beginnings

The Great Walkabout became a journey of self-discovery, finding roots, and paths for Sir Thomas Leaf, following oracles, omens, and prophecies of a Irish bride, a French bride, and the birth of a Prince. From journeying across the Rocky Mountains, down under Australia, across to Cornwall to dig Witchcraft pits, on to Burning Man, Sir […]

Colorado Tales:

September 2005: 09.26.05: Surveying in Pinon Canyon (Pinon Canyon, Colorado) September 2006: 09.26.06: Thai steak n’ mango, ArcGIS, recovery (Colorado Springs, Colorado) September 2007: 09.26.07: Pet Tarantula (Colorado Springs, Colorado) September 2008: 09.26.08: Kan’nal & the Mermaids (Denver, Colorado) September 2009: 09.26.09: Adventurer’s Yard Sale & Scott’s Pig Roast (Colorado Springs, Colorado) January 2010: Friday, […]

Chronicle 4: Life at Vegantopia

1.28.14 Half Moon Bay 1.31.14 Corvallis 02.03.14 Albany 02.05.14: Florence 2.06.14 Florence 2.07.14 Florence 2.11.14 Corvallis 2.13.14 Newport 2.14.14 Eugene 2.18.14 Keizer 2.21.14 Day 1 Faeriecon West 02.24.14 everett vancouver 02.25.14 Vancouver 02.26.14 Vancouver 3.15.14 Corvallis / Albany 03.17.14 Newport 03.17.14 blodgett 3.27.14 Ashland 03.30.14: Searching for Telos – Waterfalls and Lava Tubes 03.31.14 Blodgett […]

01.30.11-01.31.11: Faeries, rite, and flight

[ PREVIOUS DAY ] [ NEXT DAY ] January 30-31, 2011 ~ Portland, Oregon – Denver, Colorado ~ January 30Through the night, Sir Thomas was entranced with visions he received at the Faerie Worlds ritual and ceremony last night. He saw visions of faerie, entrances to the Otherworld, unions, and births. There was change ahead […]

01.29.11: Faerieworlds Masquerade & Breitenbush Hot Springs

[ PREVIOUS DAY ] [ NEXT DAY ] January 29, 2011 ~ Colorado Springs, Colorado – Breitenbush Hot springs, Oregon ~ In the wee dawn hours of the morning, Sir Thomas awoke way before dawn and drove his Isis Adventure Thru Time to the Denver International Airport, parked in short term, and boarded the air […]

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