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Chronicle 18: The Holy Wells of Germany and Eastern Europe

Coming soon …. Also visit our Holy Wells and Sacred Springs site – www.naiads.org

03.27.07: Berlin

27 March 2007Berlin, Germany Coming Soon! ….. [ Home ]   [ Previous ]   [ Next ]

03.28.07: Museums and Zoo in Berlin

28 March 2007Berlin, Germany Coming Soon! ….. [ Home ]   [ Previous ]   [ Next ]

Chronicles 3: Walking with the Ancestors

11.14.13: Walk with the Ancestors – departing Tir na nOg 11.15.13: Dormant Volcanoes and “The Birds” 11.16.13: Time Travel in the Land of Lost Souls 11.17.13: Journey to Phoenix 11.18.13: Mesa, Rte 666 Devil’s Highway, Alamogordo 11.19.13: White Sands, Three Rivers, Inn of the Mountain Gods 11.20.13: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, atop Nogal […]

LoTR: Lady of the Rhine, Quest of the Enchanted Ring & Key

The Lady of the Rhine Sagas: 1 – Quest of the Enchanted Ring, 2 – Quest of the Sacred Key 22 March 2007: Journey to the Old World 23 March 2007: Dusseldorf and Bochum 24 March 2007: Visiting the stables in Bochum 25 March 2007: Tersoal and Reaklif 26 March 2007: Holland to Berlin 27 […]

03.26.07: Holland to Berlin

Monday, 26 March 2007Tersoal, Holland – Berlin, Germany Sir Thomas awoke from a wonderful night’s sleep in the comfy confines of Lady Kait’s and Sir Theo’s abode in Tersoal. He did have a little jetlag still racing through his system. The scent of a delicious breakfast awaited him as Kait prepared morning fare before showing […]

03.25.07 Reaklif, Victory

25 March 2007Germany to Tersoal, The Netherlands Sir Thomas Leaf awoke early before departing on his journey to the Netherlands. A brief farewell to Lady Vanessa as he side-trekked on this journey to visit some extended family from the States he’s come to know and love. Stepping into the rental chariot, he sped forth at […]

03.24.07: Visiting the stables in Bochum

24 March 2007Bochum, Germany After a decent nap of recovery from the debauchery of the night before at the Matrix, the adventurers slept, and the warrior Sir Nigel returned to base. Then a nice breakfast of fresh baked goods from the bakery down the street, and the adventurers were refreshed as that afternoon they headed […]

03.23.07: Dusseldorf and Bochum

23 March 2007Bochum – Dusseldorf, Germany Sir Thomas Leaf was welcomed into Lady Vanessa’s palace atop a long winding staircase to the upper level of the building. A guestroom awaited him with bed made and chocolate gifts atop the pillow. Great conversations were had that morning over freshly baked bread and goodies from the Bakery […]

03.22.07: Journey to the Old World

22 March 2007Denver, Colorado – Dusseldorf, Germany Little did Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf know that this particular journey would become a majestic quest, one that would satiate his thirst for knowledge, wanderlust, adventure, and magic. That this quest would change his life entirely evolving as a globe-trotting adventurer, researcher, archaeologist, and cartographer. That because […]