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Chronicle 18: The Holy Wells of Germany and Eastern Europe

Coming soon …. Also visit our Holy Wells and Sacred Springs site – www.naiads.org

Chronicle 17: The Holy Wells of England, Wales, & Scotland

Coming soon …. Also visit our Holy Wells and Sacred Springs site – www.naiads.org

Chronicle 16: The Holy Wells of Ireland

Coming soon …. Also visit our Holy Wells and Sacred Springs site – www.naiads.org

Chronicle 12: Sacred Springs of the Wild West

Coming Soon … the Epic collection of Sacred Springs and Holy Wells in the Wild West in the meanwhile, visit www.naiads.com

Chronicle 6: An Irish Yule

12.22.14-12.23.14 Prepping for Ireland 12.24.14 Chronicles: Expedition to Cork, Day 1 : Medford Xmas Eve 12.25.14: Christmas Day begins the Expedition to Ireland 12.26.14 London to Cork 12.27.14 Jet and Family Time 12.28.14 Irish Cousin Trio and fun in Douglas 12.29.14: Errands around Cork City 12.30.14 Visiting Friends in West Cork 12.31.14 West Cork, Foya […]

Chronicles 3: Walking with the Ancestors

11.14.13: Walk with the Ancestors – departing Tir na nOg 11.15.13: Dormant Volcanoes and “The Birds” 11.16.13: Time Travel in the Land of Lost Souls 11.17.13: Journey to Phoenix 11.18.13: Mesa, Rte 666 Devil’s Highway, Alamogordo 11.19.13: White Sands, Three Rivers, Inn of the Mountain Gods 11.20.13: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, atop Nogal […]

01.01.15 A Roman New Year, hunting for wells, catching up with friends

Thursday, 01 January 2015Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland to Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Irelandhttp://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/?p=12409 (previous 12.31.14 http://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/?p=12733) It was around 7 am that the young Prince Cian woke restless and ready to play with his toys …. “Cars!” the young Sire of Endurance exclaimed! As is often his first word for the morning these days. As the […]

01.04.14 Searching for Wells in Swords

4 January 2014Swords, Ireland The adventurers awoke early to depart their stay in Clongriffin and headed off the highways and roads towards Swords in search of Holy wells. Their first stop was St. Doulagh’s well and chapel where they were greeted with very limited options to park. Lady Etain and Prince Cian stayed in the […]

01.03.14 Hunting for the Portmarnock Spring

3 January 2014 Portmarnock, Ireland – Malahide, Ireland The adventurers awoke early from their Clongriffin abode and piled into the car shuttling away towards the beach. The challenge was finding the location of an obscure well on the beach that sir Thomas Leaf found in his holy wells of Dublin book. The couple took out […]

11.30.2013: Searching for Holy Wells and Faerie Sites

Saturday, November 30, 2013 Douglas – Cork, Cork County, Ireland The adventurers were ready to start their new expedition on the ancestors this day – awaking early and hitting the road by mid-morning. They were lent a vardo “Primara” (small economy car) by the family for their expeditions around the green isle of Eire. They […]

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