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Chronicles 22: Life in the Gorge

Follow Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf McGowan, Etain de Danann, and Prince Cian’s life in the picturesque Gorge of Oregon and Washington, along the Columbia River. Friday, 11 December 2015: Bearings, Hubs, and Repairs (The Dalles, OR; White Salmon, WA) 17 December 2015: Snowed in White Salmon (White Salmon, Washington) 21 December 2015: Quick Trip […]

01.23.16: Cian the firefighter/ mechanic

Saturday, 23 January 2016White Salmon, Washington – Hood River, Oregon Sir Thomas Leaf awoke to a average cold day along the cliff hanging atop the White Salmon River. Earlier to rise than Lady Etain, Prince Cian, and Sir Kevin he ventured out into the rain to sought through inventory and to fill an order. Prince […]

01.22.16: BZ Corner and Hood River

Friday, 22 January 2016BZ Corner, Husum, White Salmon, Washington – Hood River, Oregon As Lady Etain and Prince Cian were exhausted, Sir Thomas Leaf arose early for his solitary 14 mile drive through BZ Corner and Husum, Washington across the bridge into Hood River. Although broke, he scrounged up $2.00 for the toll so that […]

01.20.16: Husum

Wednesday, 20 January 2016White Salmon – Husum, Washington Many dreams were had by Sir Thomas Leaf about the adventurer’s hike yesterday around Mosier and its tunnels along the Historic Columbia River Highway. It was a passage of sorts to the new upcoming adventure this summer. Sir Thomas Leaf awoke early to a day of chores. […]

01.17.16: Mosier Tunnels

Sunday, 17 January 2016Mosier – Hood River, Oregon Sir Thomas, Lady Etain, and the Prince of Endurance awoke early anxious to get away from the snowed in conditions at the Cliff Hanger. Breakfast and packing up the Explorer, they drove down into the Gorge and headed along the historic highway. They decided to explore the […]

01.11.16, 01.12.16, 01.13.16, 01.14.16, 01.15.16, 01.16.16: Over with the snow and digging out

11-16 January 2016White Salmon, Washington The Adventurers had experienced a really rough two months of being snowed into the wilderness off-grid retreat of Sir Miles and Kevin the Rogue, living in the Cliffhanger – a former tea house dangling over the White Salmon River. Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and the Prince made due with […]

01.10.16 Chai n’ wifi, orders and blogging

Sunday, 10 January 2016White Salmon, Washington – Hood River, Oregon It was a lazy day for the trio. They drove on into Hood River for some chai and wifi at Starbucks, and to process some orders. They received a flag order on Pirate’s Plunder to ship out tomorrow. Sir Thomas had started his “Offerings of […]

01.06.16 Goofing off at Dairy Queen

Wednesday, 6 January 2016White Salmon, Washington – Hood River, Oregon Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and Prince Cian awoke to another snow covered morning. As they went out onto the patio of the Cliff Hanger, they turned on the grill which was sputtering in need of gas. They got enough gas out of the tank […]

12.28.15: Hanging at the Beach ….

Monday, 28 December 2015White Salmon, Washington – Hood River, Oregon Awaking parched and light headed, they realized the propane heater blew out in the wee hours letting the gas leak to empty. Usually they turn it off before going to sleep, but getting down to 14 degrees was a bit unbearable. The adventurer’s budget is […]

12.25.15 Christmas with the Thorntons

Friday, 25 December 2015White Salmon, Washington – The Dalles, Oregon The adventurers awoke late around 10:40 needing to head off to the Dalles by 11:00 am. Santa had visited through the night with stockings full hung over the fire (propane heater) and presents galore under the makeshift tree for Prince Cian. Fireman’s Hat, Electronic Rescue […]