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Chronicle 26: New Beginnings in the Rocky Mountains

March 2017: 03.09.17: Building a Zen garden (Colorado Springs – Denver, Colorado) 03.10.17: Helping a friend move, computer work (Colorado Springs – Denver, Colorado) 03.11.17: The Prince’s Birthday (Denver, Colorado) July 2017: 07.01.17: America the Beautiful (Colorado Springs, Colorado) 07.13.17: Success in Potty Training (Colorado Springs, Colorado) 07.14.17: Wagon walk to King Soopers (Colorado Springs, […]

Chronicles 21: Exploring the Nevada-California-Oregon Borderlands

Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf McGowan’s adventures exploring the borderlands of Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon during the Fall season of 2015 with road trips, travel tales, archaeology, and surveying the forest lands. Holiday adventures with Thanksgiving and harvest celebrations in Southern Oregon, with a pack-up for winter adventures. 11.17.15: White Salmon to Cedarville 11.18.15: […]

11.23.15: Wrapping up the session

Monday, 23 November 2015 Cedarville, California It was around 5:30 am when Sir Thomas Leaf crawled out of bed at the Sunrise Motel on the edge of Cedarville to a frigid, yet beautiful and clear morning. Last day of the session for a project covering the woodlands around the Northern California/Nevada border nearby the Surprise […]

11.22.15: Recording Rock Art and Lithics

Sunday, 22 November 2015 Cedarville, California Sir Thomas slept in until 6 am, then crawled out of bed to add on the layers, get his gear together, and meet with the crew outside the rooms at 7. They piled into their work trucks and headed off to the valleys nearby the Surprise Valley/Barrel Springs back […]

11.21.15: Recording sites

Saturday, 21 November 2015 Cedarville, California meet crew 7 am, head to field, cross nevada border, recording rock art Crawling out of bed by 6:15 am, Sir Thomas grabbed his gear, a shower, and a quick breakfast sharing an omelet with Prince Cian before heading out to meet the crew at 7. The teams piled […]

11.19.15: Surveying mountains and valleys

Thursday, 19 November 2015 Cedarville, California Back across the playa after the 7 am meetup, the crew crossed into Nevada and four-wheel drove across the forest lands off of the Surprise Valley/Barrel Springs back country byway. The same teams off into two groups adventuring across the landscape identifying cultural resources. Another 10 sites potentially discovered […]

11.18.15: Surveying California/Nevada borderlands, Country Hearth

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 Cedarville, California Early to rise, Sir Thomas headed out by 6:50 to meet up with the crew outside the rooms. His gear and sundries were still scattered around the car and he was under-prepared as this project was very last minute. He finagled a lunch, breakfast, his survey bags, and clip […]