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03.14.16: Coulee

Monday 14 March 2016Coulee City, WA Up by six A.M. at the Coulee City motel, Sir Thomas slipped out the motel room as usual not to awake Lady Etain and the Prince. He met up with the field crew, they piled into the work trucks, and hit the highway to the field location. On the […]

Chronicles 21: Exploring the Nevada-California-Oregon Borderlands

Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf McGowan’s adventures exploring the borderlands of Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon during the Fall season of 2015 with road trips, travel tales, archaeology, and surveying the forest lands. Holiday adventures with Thanksgiving and harvest celebrations in Southern Oregon, with a pack-up for winter adventures. 11.17.15: White Salmon to Cedarville 11.18.15: […]