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Shadow being

Young Thomas was playing with his toys in his bedroom when he caught in a glimpse over his shoulder someone else. He quickly turned around and no one was there. He became scared and cried for his mother. She came and no one was there. Checked the closet, checked under the bed, and behind the […]

His Father experiences the Poltergeist

All these years his mother kept telling his father about a poltergeist in the house. Doors opening and closing. Cabinets swinging back and forth, not to mention the apparitions. She always heard something running up and down the cellar stairs. He would never believe her. He most likely laughed at her silently and thought she […]

The Poltergeist vs. Jamaica Willie.

Young Thomas was just freshly born, not yet a year old. It was in the old victorian mansion on Wykaggyl Terrace. It was his mom and dad’s first night out alone after having him. At this time, they had a live-in spiritualist nannie from Jamaica named Willie. She was good with the kids. She bid […]

A pyschic Mother and house hauntings

Young Thomas’ mother was haunted by something in the mansion on Wykaggyl Terrace. Strange noises, cabinets opening and closing, something running up and down the stairs, doors swinging on their own. She had the ghostly apparition appear to her once when she was in the bathroom and another time at the foot of her bed. […]

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