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The Young Magician, Sir Thomas

The Young Magician The Young Thomas was now a teen, and very much enchanted by the magical arts. He was now a young “Sir”.  “Sir Thomas”, the young mage. As a side job he would perform tricks and illusions for birthday parties and school fundraisers. He did a big performance in his high school auditorium […]

Magic Shows; Tunnels and Trolls

For Christmas, young Thomas got a Tunnels and Trolls game set to play with. Adding this to his already established addiction of Dungeons and Dragons consumed much of young Thomas’ life with fantasy role playing, overactive imaginations, and a group of friends with whom he played the systems with. Tunnels and Trolls he thought was […]

Lured into Science and Magic

Lured into Science and Magic He believed in the tooth fairy. He believed in Santa Claus. He had an imaginary friend named “Po Po” who looked like an Elf mixed with the comical mischief maker “Drop Dead Fred” from the film. But he was just now 7. He was too old to believe in such […]

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