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Chronicle 17: The Holy Wells of England, Wales, & Scotland

Coming soon …. Also visit our Holy Wells and Sacred Springs site – www.naiads.org

06.11.12: Across the Irish Sea

11th of June 2012 ~ Part I* Dublin/Dun Laoghaire, Ireland – Holyhead, Wales * Intrigued by weird dreams of gates opening between the worlds of humans and fae in a “Lord of the Rings” style backdrop mish-mashed with Ragnarok apocalyptic stories of Thor and Loki … Sir Thomas Leaf stumbled out of bed dazed and […]

06.10.12: Irish Pirates, Mayhem in Cornwall, & A Castle Sieze …

In its 7th year … The Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf are back … The Great Walkabout Down under and Sailing the Seven Seas will be on hold in its completion for the time being due to funding & time it takes to process the photos, write, and design the pages – these tales should […]