Elf Queen’s Daughters and the Silver Elves

The Elf Queen’s Daughters and the Silver Elves

[ This is an update, revision, and expansion of our late 1980’s/early 1990’s pages on the Silver Elves and the Elf Queen’s Daughters we once had published on Geocities, then Faeid.com, then Treeleaves.com, Treeleavesoracle.org, and finally Technogypsie.com. After a bunch of internet research, interviews, correspondence, and discussions, this is the history we have assembled together of all we know about the Silver Elves and the Elf Queen’s Daughters. In addition, those pages are no longer separate and now condensed to a single file since the Silver Elves are now the official representatives of the Elf Queen’s Daughters. The Silver Elves assisted with revisions of this article in February 2011 ]

According to Wikipedia, The “Elf Queen’s Daughters” (EQD) were a group of elves originally operating from the South Bay area of San Francisco, California that later branched off to groups in Seattle, Washington. They had published a newsletter that was themed on “Bringing together male and female elves in celebration of ritual, magic, and the understanding of Fae”. They were Goddess oriented and referred to all of their members as “sisters”. They also possessed similar ecologically-based Pagan beliefs that are common with the modern “otherkin” movement as well as the Church of All Worlds, holding the image of the Earth in like respect to the “Gaia Hypothesis” – as a woman with trees for her hair, rivers for her veins, etc. as their image of the Earth as a physical Goddess, a living breathing Earth. Zardoa, who created “The Silver Elves” was first awakened by the Elf Queen’s Daughters in 1975. The EQD taught Zardoa the casting of Astrological Charts, the I-Ching, and various spells of Enchantment. As an EQD Vortex, Zardoa founded the “Elves of the Southern Woodlands” in 1975 in Carbondale, Illinois soon after his visit to the Aurora Vortex. He was soon joined by Morning Moonstar. Later in 1978, Aeona Silversong also joined the Elves of the Southern Woodlands and Zardoa gifted her that name. A few months later in the summer of 1978, Zardoa awakened Silver Flame who became a part of that vortex before she moved to Gainesville, Fl. She was so much a part of the vortex that when the vortex relocated to Gainesville, Florida in 1979, the group did so to be near Silver Flame. Upon relocation, the Elves of the Southern Woodlands changed their name to the “Sylvan Elves” and in 1980 began publishing the Magical Elven Love Letters in order to share knowledge of the Elven Way to those interested. The “Sylvan Elves” relocated to California in 1981 and took on the title of the “Silver Elves” as they are known today. In 2008 they relocated to Hawaii and are working on volume 3 of the Magical Elven Love Letters, An Elfin Book of Dreams: An Oracle of Faerie, and the Elfin Book of Changes. They are founders and elders of the “Elven Way”.


In recent correspondence with the Silver Elves [January/February 2011] … explained that “The Elf Queen’s Daughters were founded in late 1973/ early 1974 by Arwen and Elenor, also know as Suzie Creamcheese and Mary Sunshine and in the 1980’s also known as “The Tookes”. They were magicians, sorcerers, and necromancers who received a transmission through the Ouija board while in Elenor’s hometown Carbondale, Illinois. The transmission said that they should found the sisterhood that became known as “The Elf Queen’s Daughters”. After this transmission, they moved to Worthington, Ohio and began writing and publishing the Magical Elf Letters, sending out three letters a week. A year later, they took their nomadic business on the road and moved away from Worthington. By this time, a vortex was established in a house right on the Fox River. This house was inhabited by four elves: Melryn, Andruil, Athelas Seltome, and Loriel Lyndorean. Another vortex was also established in Hood River, Oregon by a sister named Tasa with her partner. Yet another vortex was established by a couple in Minneapolis, Minnesota who had previously spent some time living at the Fox River Vortex.

By 1975 some of the letters had been published in Green Egg Magazine. By early 1975, Zardoa discovered two of the Magical Elf Letters outside an occult bookstore in Carbondale that had just been placed there by Athelas and Andruil who had connections at the local university. Zardoa was intrigued by the letters finding elements resonating with him. Zardoa, an initiate of the yoga systems of TM, the Ananda Marga Society, and the Divine Light Mission, while formerly experiencing great achievement with these systems, was still searching for his “place”, so to speak. As the letters appeared to sound vaguely feminist, and unsure if being male would be a disadvantage, he talked a woman friend into writing to the Aurora vortex. Melryn could tell Zardoa was a magician and began sending him Elf Letters every week after a few months of communication with an invitation to visit the Vortex. Upon visiting, Zardoa awoke in a profound psychic and pyschological experience to realize he was also an elf. The visits continued somewhat regularly between him visiting Aurora or the elves coming to Carbondale. As he began writing to Arwen and Elenor, he was gifted the name “Gildor” (from Tolkien’s works) and declared him an “Elf Lord”. He was also granted a “BaKa”, a secret elven soul name for those of the inner circle as it was channeled through the Ouija Board. Zardoa then founded his own vortex of the Elf Queen’s Daughters in Carbondale called “The Elves of the Southern Woodlands” giving birth to the Silver Elves.


A year later, early 1976, Arwen and Elenor moved to San Francisco relocating the “Fox River Vortex” to California. That summer, Zardoa visited Athelas Seltome and Loriel there. Loriel moved in with Arwen and Elenor, living together for the next 30 years. Later that year, Arwen and Elenor gave up the writing of the Elf Letters passing it on to Loriel to continue. Loriel abandoned the Letters and eventually the Fox River Vortex Elves began to disperse into different directions. A tragedy befell Andruil who died from a motorcycle accident in 1978. This so distressed Melryn that she faded completely from Elfin. [ It was in 1980 that the first Magical Elven Love Letter was published by the Silver Elves, known at that time as the Sylvan Elves, and some of these first letters can be found in their First Volume of the Magical Elven Love Letters. “. The “Elves of the Southern Woodlands” had relocated to Gainesville Florida and shortly after began calling themselves the “Sylvan Elves”.] In 1979, prior to moving to Gainesville, Fl, the Elves of the Southern Woodlands moved to California to live with Arwen, Elenor, and Loriel for a month.At this point, Arwen, Elenor, and Loriel began identifying as hobbits instead of elves. In 1980, through correspondence with Tasa of the Hood River vortex in Oregon, Zardoa received signs that he should start publishing the Elf Letters again. Tasa sent a couple of letter contributions that the Sylvan Elves published at that time under the name Starlight Elves. Tasa eventually gave up on writing and lost touch with the group. Zardoa, with the help of Silver Flame, still continued to write the letters that continue to this day. [ In 1981 the Sylvan Elves relocated from Florida to California. ] In the early 1990’s, Zardoa later reconnected with Arwen, Elenor, and Loriel and began studying with Silver Flame and Solon for the next five years performing magic, sorcery, necromancy, and studying the Ancient Wisdom traditions. They all remain in contact to this day.” Since Volume One and Two of the Magical Elven Love Letters are out of print, we are yet to abstract the EQD writings from the earlier letters. It was during this period however, that one of their earlier “Elven Love Letters” about “Spiritual Genetics” and “Elf Born” can be found online. This letter covers how the EQD sees magic as being subtle and possessing an unpredictable nature in working with it. It also goes to describe how humanity teaches its kind that “elves” do not exist which in truth, they really do. With the advent of the internet in the mid-1980’s, many of the Magical Elven Love Letters turned to publication online. A Compendium of These letters in a second volume was published.

At some point, a friend of the Elf Queen’s Daughters named Aeona Silversong was touched and awoken in defining herself as an Elf. Queen’s Daughters”. In 1995 she attempted to revive “The Elf Queen’s Daughters”. According to an Interview by Tony Navarra in alt.religions.all-worlds in June of 1993, Aeona Silversong, formerly of the Church of All Worlds, stated that there are many faerie traditions out there and that she comes from the Elf Queen’s Daughters (EQD) which was her first connection with Faerie. She said it was this connection that exposed to her that faerie contained many different realms and is something that is interpreted differently by everyone differently. Aeona stated that the EQD had originally tapped the vision of the Earth as a living Goddess. The View of the Earth as a Living Goddess is often described as the “Gaia Hypothesis”, a premise formulated in the 1960’s by scientist James Lovelock and compared to the Greek Goddess “Gaia” by Nobel Prizewinner William Golding. Aeona described feeling like an elf when living on the Church of All World’s sanctuary lands at Annwfn as Faerie is strong there.


In the Winter 1995 Issue of Green Egg Magazine, Aeona Silversong published an article about the Elf Queen’s Daughters stating “We Do Come Again To Merge All Time In The Moments Passing … Olde and New Joining Withing the Song of Varda Within Us. For the Elf Queen’s Daughters Have Awakened Anew” suggesting an attempted revival of the original Elf Queen’s Daughters that came from the 1960’s/early 1970’s group of the same name. As she began the publication of the column in Green Egg, the “Silver Elves”, who (as the Elves of the Southern Woodlands) had been an independent vortex of the original EQD, were still actively publishing the Magical Elven Love Letters elsewhere and not inter-related at the time with her publications. She spoke of a metamorphism taking place and a continuation of an evolution for dreams to awaken the living dream of faerie manifest. Statements about the “mindless existence of the mundane world of mankind” having left its scar on Elfland and that great healing needed to be done. She stated that the Elven race existed before humankind did and were pushed underground with the birth of humanity. In this first article, she placed a request to the Pagan community to “reawaken farmemory” to share the dreams and visions again. She summarized a history of the EQD beginning in the late 1960’s with the Tookes starting the Magical Elven Love Letters and the birthing of a tribe of about 60 Elven energy vortices scattered across the planet. [later research conducted, based off addresses on the Magical Elven Love Letters and correspondence, that there were actually about a dozen vortexes not 60, with only a 1/2 dozen being active and truly devoted. Original article may have had a typo. ] She claimed that the EQD disbanded a decade later, unknowing that the original group, while changing leads, had continued without interruption, with the Magical Love Letters being passed on to the Silver Elves. From Winter 1995 through Fall of 1996, Aeona published four letters in the Green Egg under the name of the EQD. She requested through Green Egg magazine for Elves to correspond and submit letters to be published in the new column known as the “Elf Queen’s Daughters” in the magazine. Aeona’s group, attempting to revive the EQD, was operating from Redwood, California while the Silver Elves operated from elsewhere in California.


In the Spring 1996 Issue of Green Egg Magazine, Aeona continued to publish the “Elf Queen’s Daughters” column asking for Elves to correspond and submit letters for the column. In this issue’s column “She Dreams, My Sisters, Her Slow Green Dream of Leaf and Root, Seed and Stamen, Branch and Flower …” addresses how humans have dismissed plant life as being less sentient than its fellow vertebrates and relying on a world of chemicals for their healing and life. She discusses the plant “Devas” and how humans could communicate with them, especially in “dream time” and that “love is the key”. As she explains methods with plant communication, she suggests this communication will help assist stopping the destruction of the “greenbase of life on earth”. In the Summer 1996 Issue of Green Egg Magazine, In this issue’s column, “She Heals Us”, Aeona discussed disorders and a malady she was suffering, rejecting the solace of her kindreth of loved ones, finding lonliness, emptiness, and solitude in her existence before she found healing by “farmemory” awakening within her of the ancient Milesian blood connecting her to her Elven ancestors. She explained going through a rebirth and re-connection with the Elven ways. It is here that she sees her journey to Innisfail completed. In the Fall 1996 Issue of Green Egg Magazine, Aeona writes in her column “They Came From the Very Stars, Dear Kindreth …” that their appointed charge to “plant gardens of sentient life across the galactic rim” and that the “three rings of power” guarded these precious cargoes and the songs promising “nurturing, growth, healing, and solace”. The stars were seeded with the Great Mother giving birth to her children, the God/desses of old. The Star folk bonded with the trees and became guardians of Gaia, preparing for the arrival of humans. Over 250,000 years ago, the Fey spread to all quarters of the Earth, becoming part of all cultures. They rose Atlantis, sailed in golden solar-sailed vessels, raised an orion of pyramids in Africa, and built monumental architecture. Then came the Faerie wars against each other and the humans. A truce was eventually made amongst all the diverse races and cultures on the planet. After this issue, Aeona’s group seemingly disappeared and no longer published another article. (A total of 4 columns) The Silver Elves, who had evolved from the EQD, continued to write their Magical Elven Love Letters.


In the late 80’s/early 90’s, the Faeid Fellowship was established, and upon hearing about the Elf Queen’s Daughters and the Silver Elves, placed an internet plea to get in touch with any of the remaining members of the Elf Queen’s Daughters. On Saturday, March 02, 2002 they received a letter from Aeona Silversong, of the Church of All World’s telling them some information about the EQD. Aeona stated that a faerie friend of hers requested that she contact the Faeid Fellowship as she was still a part of the Elf Queen’s Daughters and that the last of the public elf letters were published in Green Egg Magazine. She stated that she was touched by the EQD at age 17; had been in touch with the Tookes in Chicago who had in the late 1960’s channeled the “Elf Queen’s Daughters” by means of Ouija Board. She had lost contact with them until she reconnected with the Tookes who passed on the Elf Queen’s Daughters to her in 1995 as they had moved on to other directions. She had moved to Carbondale Illinois when she was a teenager. In the Fall of 1974 through the Spring of 1975 she operated a vegetarian “hippie” restaurant. In the mid 1980’s Aeona became a Priestess of the Church of All Worlds that she continued to be part of for 21 years whilst selling/trading Elven/Faerie stars for 25 of those years. She and Zardoa had a daughter together in the fall of 1978 named Elantari. She, along with Silver Flame, was with Zardoa for several incarnations of Elven reality. She joined Zardoa in 1978 as one of the Elves of the Southern Woodlands which evolved to the Sylvan Elves that later spiralled into the Silver Elves. For seven years, she was with Zardoa while he wrote and published the Magical Elven Love Letters. In 1986 she left him and the Silver Elves to pursue being a priestess with CAW and in 1995 she revived the letters under the name of the Elf Queen Daughters. In 1985, Silver Flame who had been contributing to the letters via mail, with her son Solon, relocated to be with the Silver Elves in California and has continued with them as an active member to this day.


The Silver Elves relocated to Hawaii. As many of the former Magical Elven Love Letters were published in Volume 1 and Volume 2, more recent Love Letters are available on their website online. The November 28 Love Letter discussed “Welcome to Paradise” in that the Silver Elves talk about their habitat in Hawaii and how paradise is under assault by modern civilization. It is with the passing of 2012 that all will see the growing emergence of the new advanced race of beings that the magics have wrought and that this event is arousing fear amongst the GGV: the Grim, the Greedies, and the Violents that will lead to the transformation of the world as we know it.


Within January 9th’s Love Letter called “Making It Real”, the Silver Elves talk about the growing Hawaiian Island that they now live on. This new Avalon they call “Paradise”. They explain that even here the dark spells infiltrate the land with attempts to spiral it down into the abyss of destruction and leading to the apocalypse that these dark spells so desire. Even though many elves are searching for the “Star Gates” to escape this mad world, they explain that the path to Elfin is rather within ones’elf instead of through a portal. When we manifest Elfin within, the dark spells will lift. In the February 25th’s Love Letter named “In Search of Elfin” they discuss the Star Gates being accessed by one’s own transformations which will cause the shift from one parallel world to another. Even though changes are subtle, through time these will become quite obvious. As some believe in Faerie Gates or physical wormholes to faerie, this material world is actually an illusion and elves are not defined by that illusion. The “Elfin Suits” Love Letter on March 21st, discusses how it is easy to be an elf as we are inclined towards a life of “ease”. Even if the Elf path seems simple and easy to understand to the Elf, the outside world find Elf philosophies difficult to understand and crazy. Those who call the Elves “crazy” are the same who think war is part of human nature and that their God is a “loving tyrant who tortures people for eternity” if they don’t believe in him. The Elves are here for their kindred who are newly awakening and seeking guidance. There is an Elven suit for every elf. Their General Theory of Relativity published on May 3rd, explains that Einstein’s Theory “does much to explain many of the notions put forth about elves and Elfin in Faerie Tales.” Discussing “Faerie Time”, the Twilight Realm, the Realm of Radiance, and magic as a science and art. This is why humanity is observed by Elfin as not as rivals but as younger siblings to nurture and guide. On May 20th the Silver Elves discuss “Porno and the fact that Elves view the pornography that is defined as nudity or sexual activity as rather “natural” and “good clean fun” rather than something “bad” or “evil”. What the Elves define as “pornography” is the rape, torture, and non-consensual sex as well as warfare, general violence, or anything that exhibits the idea of “people being compelled to do things that they do not wish to do” and that the Elves are moving on to a realm where this is not glorified or seen as entertainment nor exist at all, but entering rather a world full of sex, creativity, and romance of positive and consensual light. The Silver Elves go on to discuss relationships, sexuality, and prostitution. In the June 16th “Faeries of Dreamdark” we are reminded that “it is nearly always art and music that calls to our elfin souls”. They discuss Laini Taylor’s Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer. Tolkien sized faeries vs. the Victorian diminuitive variety. The July 9th Naming letter describes the Elves “basic policy” as if people would refer to them as they wish to be called then they will refer to them by whatever name they desire. They describe the labelling of the GGV, including the “Meddlers” and “Normals” as individuals rather than self-identified groups or races. The July 28th ‘Magic without Maddness’ Love Letter talks about how scientists tend to deny the possibility or viability of magic. They discuss the film “Covenant” in how the boys who use magic grow old rapidly from its use. They then discuss Justine Larbalestier’s novel Magic or Madness where using magic for oneself ages the person rapidly but failure to use it brings on madness. They go on to explain that the proper use of magic is like a good workout for the body and soul but improper magic will harm oneself. In the August 10th ‘Rared’ Love Letter, we are told in youth that animals are raised and children reared but in truth the terms are interchangeable and Elves are instead “rared”, “educated to be unique or rare”. The August 23rd ‘Hobbits and Halflings’ discusses the existence of “Hobbits” as the creation of Tolkien while other writers call them “Halflings” and then discussing their habits. In the September 1 Love Letter, “Our Faeries Gather” discussing the variety of Fae and the gathering of such to do magic together. September 10th’s Trusting our Own Intuition blog discussing instincts and intuitions about being an Elf. September 11th’s ‘Finding Our Own Magic’ discusses the Silver Elves views on the origins of magic. The September 15 Letter, “Missing Them” of the traffic and correspondence the Silver Elves received after the Lord of the Ring movies took place. After that died off, many were lost, both the posers and the unawakened. Their September 25 Blog: Faerie at First Sight equates the term “Faerie” with “Love”. They also wrote a letter to Keith Olberman on “Elves and Brownies” in defense of those who believe in them that Keith calls loonies. October 3rd’s: The Magic discusses what most call “god” is called “The Magic” by the Elves as an imminent potentiality within all things. “The Technique of the Magic is love and its goal is perfection”. The Magic is not prayed to but rather channeled. Elven Realities discusses how Elves are often accused of not being in touch with reality for “elves do not exist” nor ever existed according to humankind. However, to “Elfin, Reality is the Magic” and all other realities are in a sense illusions. The Elves are creating a consensual reality that might be called “Elven Reality” where Faerie does exist. In their October 16th Blog Finding Our Way Home that it isn’t their policy to say who is or who isn’t an elf and discuss various definitions of elves.

The Silver Elves continue to write the Magickal Elven Love Letters on their website as well as Elven Oracle readings on facebook throughout 2010. In January 5th’s ‘Acquired Taste’ Elven Love Letter, the Silver Elves discuss how while Elves seemingly are “noted as being somewhat easy” in that it is the Elven Way that many Elves in a world of normal folk do not seldom easily find each other within and thereby spend much alone time wondering if there are other elves in the world. The Silver Elves then Discuss the difficulties often experienced when elves are in relationships with normal folk. March 5th’s Adapting the Magic Love Letter discusses the Elf Queen’s Daughters and the differences between elves and other folks as well as addressing the fear of change. April 10th’s Black Holes are about petty sorcerers and low level energy vampires. The May 26 Love Letter discusses “Masterpieces” in that the greatest problem in manifesting Elfin is dealing with the rest of the world’s inhabitants. In covering some of the different species, they relay the fact that if there was friction between Elves and Dwarves in the past, it is no longer the case, and that there is inter-relation between the species. Also as some might think issue exists with the “Greedies”, the hating “Grimlean”, the scorning “normal folk”, or the bullying “Violynts” whose problems affect everyone not just the Elves. The true combatant for manifestation is “ours’elves” and our passion for arguing instead of getting along. The June 24th Love Letter discusses “Elven Organization” that the only absolute truth is The Magic and Infinite Potentiality. In that organized elves is in some sense an oxymoron and is why Elven events are often spontaneous and involve all of Faerie. The July 31st Love Letter discusses “Elven Charisma” and that all elves possess a level of charm or charisma as it is Elven nature, but is often hidden to hide oneself among mankind and others. Elves are natural leaders, students, and teachers. The August 27th Love Letter discusses “You Don’t Have to Be an Elf to be an Elf” addressing how loyal Elves are and how important loyalty is to them. The Silver Elves then cover paradoxes of the elvish language and that betrayal is one of the worst crimes one can do to elfinkind. The December 5th Love Letter, discusses “Powerless” as the feeling that most elves and otherkin feel in the modern world. That many of them, while numerous, feel alone and separated – boxed by society as “loony” or “crazy”. In reality, they state it is the elves that are the visitors here who have come to transform this dark of places by magic not by violence.


The Silver Elves continue to write the Magickal Elven Love Letters on their website to this day as well as delivering Elven Oracle readings on their facebook page. On January 31, they discuss depression, and how it is a dark spell spiralling down one’s life and how it is understandable when one questions how one can live in this world filled with misery and madness and not be affected by it. It was in 2011 that correspondence and networking offically began between the Faeid Fellowship and the Silver Elves in developing this history. The Silver Elves are working on volume 3 of the Magical Elven Love Letters, An Elfin Book of Dreams: An Oracle of Faerie, and the Elfin Book of Changes.

Article by Leaf McGowan with revisions and editing assisted by the Silver Elves, February 2011.

You can contact the Silver Elves at silverelves@live.com. They have also published a “Book of Elven Runes” and a Book of Elven Spirits available for purchase when in print from their website.

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