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Interested in Advertising with Faerie Lore? Want to extend out your presence to our readers? We have several offerings and places where you can place your advertisements on our site and where you can gain attention with our visitors, fans, clients, readers, and viewers. If you need to include special tracking codes for click-through tracking for your ads, you’ll need to provide that script. If you need assistance with logo or ad development, rates begin at $50/hour. Basic logos will take approximately $50 to create but will be dependent on parameters and size of logo or ad requested. If you have your own banner, ad, logo, or image – just submit your request and desired location to If approved, we’ll place your ad and you’ll need to pay within 24 hours of placement.

Placement on Main Root pages:

* Index.html pages throughout Faerie Lore, our services pages, our topic pages (non-blog, non-article pages) are handled on a case-by-case basis. Advertisers on these pages require context to be relative to the page content and cannot be a competing service to a service we are offering. Most of these ads are automatically done through Kamoona by clicking on the “Replace This Ad” button or link. You’ll pay directly through this link and ads go live immediately once payment is processed.

    Banner Ads:

  • Top of Page: $700/month
  • Middle of Page: $ 450/month
  • Bottom of Page: $ 200/month

    Rectangular Advert:

  • Top of Page: $500/ month
  • Middle of Page: $ 200/month
  • Bottom of Page: $ 75/month

Placement on Article or Blogging pages:

* These are for single entry or article pages on any of our pages/articles in the sites. When submitting request to place an ad on a particular article page, please submit link of the article page you would like placement on, and please send details of what you would like to do – i.e. link to your web site that will be linked to, and a sample of the ad you are interested in placing.

    Banner Ads:

  • Top of Article/Blog: $200/month
  • Middle of Article/Blog: $ 750/month
  • Bottom of Article/Blog: $ 50/month

    Rectangular Advert:

  • Top of Article/Blog: $75/ month
  • Middle of Page: $ 40/month
  • Bottom of Page: $ 20/month

    Text Link Ad:

  • Paragraph in left or right column or bottom of page (max 20 words): $20/ month
  • Text Link in left or right column or bottom of page (max 5 words): $ 10/month
  • Site name / URL link in left or right column or inserted in body of ad: $ 5/month

10% discount if pay for 3 months at a time. 25% discount if pay for a 1/2 year in advance. 30% discount if pay a year at a time.

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