About Faerie Lore ….

We are a compilation or artists, writers, researchers, and muse that have created this blog of information about the Fae, the Sidhe, The Undead, and the other realms. Contributions are welcome! If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please contact the administrator at technogypsie @ gmail . com. [remove spaces from email address ]


Jenni Chaney: (2011 – Present)
Jenni is an active member and volunteer of the Faeid Fellowship. She enjoys assisting with web page design, maintenance, and updates. She is avidly interested in faerie lore and mythology. She is based in Los Angeles. jenni.alice.chaney@gmail.com

Leaf McGowan:(1986 – Present)
Leaf currently resides in Ashland, Oregon and is an avid member of the Faeid Fellowship. He is a writer, artist, researcher, and designer very much inspired by the fae and the Mighty Sidhe. His matron is the Irish Goddess Brigid. He is a diviner, palm reader, tarot reader, bodypainter, lecturer, artist, Druid, Witch, and Faeid. darkleaves@gmail.com

Tom Baurley: (1986-2011)
Anthropologist Tom Baurley has been studying faerie lore – ancient, historic, and modern since the early 1980’s. In interviewing various practitioners, spiritualists, enthusiasts, and artists, he has begun a ethnological study of the modern faerie faith movement which he defined as “Faeidism”. leafworks@yahoo.com

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