Elf Fest 2013


Elf Fest 2013
Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary * 559 McFadden Ridge Road * (Bloomington / Bedford / Needmore, Indiana) * http://www.elvinhome.org/event.php?EventID=2 *

Every year the Elf Lore Family (ELF) and Holy Order of Mother Earth (HOME) put on the Elf Fest at the Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary just south of Bloomington. A great community-based festival, small and family sized event in the heart of the 100+ acres of sacred woodland in Indiana. It takes place late May annually. (In 2014 it will be May 21st through 26th) It is billed as a “Community Fertile Earth Folklife Festival” open to all. This 2013 event I attended was their 30th year of existence celebrating community and sanctuary. The event consists of theatrical and musical performances, drumming, vending, camping, meetings, workshops, may pole dances, seasonal rites and ceremonies, Paganism, Earth Spirituality, primitive camping, fellowship, kid’s activities, bands, discussing circles, dancing, feasting, and revelry. It is a annual fundraiser for the Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary and Elvin Home, Inc. (401(c)3 non profit) The site has altars, temples, circles, shrines, camping areas, a feasting hall, lending library, self-composting toilets, hot showers, dish washing station, drinking water, fire wood, fire pits, drumming circle, hiking trails, stages, and performance space. It is the largest event held at Lothlorien annually as a Spring festival with rituals, fire dancing, drumming, dancing, shopping, workshops, rites, and celebrations. In the past, they’ve had may pole dancing, a labyrinth, blessing of cars, spiral dancing, saunas, sweats, plant walks, women’s circles, magic shows, comedy, puppets, bands, theater, with a variety of workshops. Swimming is also available in the creek. During Elf Fest there is the Cauldron Cafe open for breakfast and lunches. Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5



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June 22-24, 2012 ~ 12th Annual Fairy Human Relations Congress: Twisp, Washington

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Friends of the Trees PO Box 826 Tonasket, WA 98855