Urban Legend:

The tale of an author attempting to get his first book published went to see his mentor surprised that no one answered the door. He left and returned the next day again to find the mentor gone. He opened the mail slot at the bottom of the door only to hear strange noises and screams. This lead him to believe his mentor was in trouble so he called the police. The police found his mentor barricaded in a room screaming about ghosts and demons that were surrounding and threatening her. This made her go mad and she had torn off her own ears, cut her tongue, gouged out her eyes, and died shortly after.

The lady apparently received a floppy disk that had an image called “smile.jpg” which was “” file. Many claim that viewing this image incites insanity and that no copy of the exact image exists on the web, albeit likenesses of it do exist. Everyone who views this file ends up dead, according to the urban legend. The original legend began with an image of the devil. The only way to escape death is to spread the word and pass on the file to all they know.

5. Smile.jpg/

One of the original tellings of the legend:

    I first met in person with Mary E. in the summer of 2007. I had arranged with her husband of fifteen years, Terence, to see her for an interview. Mary had initially agreed, since I was not a newsman but rather an amateur writer gathering information for a few early college assignments and, if all went according to plan, some pieces of fiction. We scheduled the interview for a particular weekend when I was in Chicago on unrelated business, but at the last moment Mary changed her mind and locked herself in the couple’s bedroom, refusing to meet with me. For half an hour I sat with Terence as we camped outside the bedroom door, I listening and taking notes while he attempted fruitlessly to calm his wife.

    The things Mary said made little sense but fit with the pattern I was expecting: though I could not see her, I could tell from her voice that she was crying, and more often than not her objections to speaking with me centered around an incoherent diatribe on her dreams her nightmares. Terence apologized profusely when we ceased the exercise, and I did my best to take it in stride; recall that I wasn’t a reporter in search of a story, but merely a curious young man in search of information. Besides, I thought at the time, I could perhaps find another, similar case if I put my mind and resources to it.

    Mary E. was the sysop for a small Chicago-based Bulletin Board System in 1992 when she first encountered smile.jpg and her life changed forever. She and Terence had been married for only five months. Mary was one of an estimated 400 people who saw the image when it was posted as a hyperlink on the BBS, though she is the only one who has spoken openly about the experience. The rest have remained anonymous, or are perhaps dead.”

This full account is here with comments from those having seen it:

Those who have claimed to have seen the picture (and lived) says the photo is of a dog-like creature similar to a Siberian husky illuminated by the flash of the camera sitting in a dim room and the faint image of a empty human hand extending from the darkness near the left side of the frame many think is “beckoning” the dog. The muzzle of the dog apparently appears to have a wide grin revealing two rows of very white, straight sharp human-looking teeth.


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