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We are happy to announce that Leafworks is back! Started in 1991, we proudly serviced the web, clients, and communities with high quality web design, graphic art, research services, and development services. After several evolutions, we have re-birthed our former beauty, "Leafworks.net" as the conglomerate of arts/sciences sites and services as a enhancement of the past. With Technogypsie Productions, LLC we bring you the arts, sciences, stories, lore, blogs, research, photography, development, and a look at the future ... With the Tree Leaves Oracle and Folk Fellowship we bring you stories from the past, folklore, mythology, legends, and tales; arts, crafts, music, and entertainment; fellowship; arts; crafts; and crafty creations. With Pirate Relief we are setting sail on the high seas, sailing from port to port, on a ecological, educational, and humanitarian mission entrenched in the arts, sciences, and performance fantasy. Dark Leaves Entertainment hopes to entertain you, bring music to your ears, magic to your eyes, and an appreciation for the arts and media. Leaf McGowan Enterprises is the storytelling, research, lore, and imagery by Leaf McGowan in a variety of mediums for your enjoyment. In addition our network provides numerous websites and blogs for your inspiration, enjoyment, and educational experience.

To keep up with our growth, evolution, and inspiration, visit our News and Events "Talking Leaves" blog at www.leafworks.net/tree.

To learn our history, visit our historical timeline at http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?page_id=1454 or here.

Leafworks.Net The Leafworks Network (1991-2000; 2011-Present)

A branch network of a variety of sites and services of Leafworks, Inc. from 1991-2000, and of Technogypsie Productions (Technogypsie, LLC) from 2011-Present, serving to entertain, education, inspire, and gather together its family, friends, neighbours, patrons, and community within its web of branches on the world wide web. The network is growing and changing daily at Leafworks.net.

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