13432_405323401050_551306050_4976443_768015_n We are a roving band of travelers, nomads, and techno-gypsies taking photos of nature, sights, scenery, people, places, festivals, events, and happenings.

We are available for photographing your events, parties, special occasions, to do photo shoots (including body paintings for private portfolios), headshots, commercial photography, product photography, and glamour shots. Please call and make a reservation.

Community & Personal Photos

Pictures of friends, family, kindred, and individuals is done as a gift to them – if you are in a photograph, you are welcome to use that photo for your own personal use (non-commercial). If you’d like an original, note the photo number (usually date_#) and we’ll send you a copy of the original. If you’d like to use it for a commercial purpose (and you’re in it)inquire within. We’ll work with you and get you the best image possible that we can.

Commercial Use:

If you like or want to use commercially, in your book, publication, magazine, or site – and it doesn’t have a person’s face in the photo (unless mass public scenes)photos are for sale and use.

If you are interested in a photo of a person, permission has to be obtained by the person in the photo. All photos online are stamped with copyright info to protect un-authorized use. Originals of all photos can be requested with proper permission. Glance through our galleries and let us know what you’re interested in.


Picture of you: – if you’ve posed for a picture, we assume consent for use (non-commercial) of your photo. If you however, change your mind and do not want that photo in our galleries, you can request for it to be taken down. If you want a high resolution copy, we’ll be happy to email it to you. If too large for email, for a processing fee and dvd/postage charge, we can put it on dvd and mail to you. If you’re in the photo, you’re welcome to non-commercially reproduce the photo on your blog, website, facebook, etc. without permission as long as you put photo credits and a link-back to our site. (most photos already have that on them)

[ Model Release Form ]


Photos at various events like Burning Man and Faerieworlds are Non-Commercial and for personal use only. All images of individuals require permission from individuals in photos for any non-personal use or reproduction.

Photo of places, scenery, food, businesses, sights, crowds, events, or items: ~ These photos are for sale. Inquire for originals, highlighted copies, use rights, purchase, etc. Note photo name (usually date_number.jpg) (ex. 012311_005.jpg) and email inquiry to : photography@technogypsie.com.

Travel Photography

Technogypsie.com provides full travel photography services from photograph archiving (scanning and touch-up of old photos to digital), personal photograph sessions, photoshoots, boudoir shoots, head shots, travel photos, food photos, review photos, and blog photos. We also provide bodypainting services and photoshoots for your own personal portfolio, on location or out in nature. Inquire at photography@technogypsie.com.

Photography by Leaf McGowan and Tom Baurley

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