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We are a roving band of travellers, nomads, and techno-gypsies taking photos of nature, sights, scenery, people, places, festivals, events, and happenings. Pictures of friends, family, kindred, and individuals is done as a gift to them - if you are in a photograph, you are welcome to use that photo for your own personal use (non-commercial). If you'd like an original, note the photo number (usually date_#) and we'll send you a copy of the original. If you'd like to use it for a commercial purpose (and you're in it) - inquire within. We'll work with you and get you the best image possible that we can. If you like or want to use commercially, in your book, publication, magazine, or site - and it doesn't have a person's face in the photo (unless mass public scenes) - photos are for sale and use. If you are interested in a photo of a person, permission has to be obtained by the person in the photo. All photos online are stamped with copyright info to protect un-authorized use. Originals of all photos can be requested with proper permission. Glance through our galleries and let us know what you're interested in.

Chronicle 28 – Tales of a Delivery Guy

Follow the tales and explorations of Sir Oisin and the Prince during their adventures doing side work, food deliveries, personal shopping, and looks. Read the adventures here:

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2011 Parties and Dining

Scenes from Parties, Events, and Night outs during 2011:

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Hotels, Motels, Overstays, and Lodging

A gallery of hotels, inns, motels, hostels, overstays, and lodging during our Technogypsie Adventures! Related Images:

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2017 Emma Crawford Coffin Races

Related Images:

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Rituals, Rites, Prophecy

A collection of photos of various rituals, rites, readings, oracles, divination, and prophecy sessions over the years.

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2011 Faeries vs. Pirates Ball by Faerieworlds

The Faeries vs. Pirates ball held by Faerieworlds in Eugene, Oregon on January 29-30th, 2011. Related Images:

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Oils and Essences

Product Photography of Oils and Essences available at the Tree Leaves Oracle (

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Our product photography collection of jewelry offered for sale at the Tree Leaves’ Oracle ( and Technogypsie Treasures (

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Banners and Flags

Our product photography collection of flags and banners, most of which are available at Tree Leaves Oracle ( or Technogypsie Treasures (

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Beverages and Teas

Product Photography of our beverages and teas sold through The Tree Leaves Oracle, and Technogypsie Treasures

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