05.01.11: Manly Beach and Night Watch

Feb 7
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Travels Down Under:
Manly Beach and Night Patrol …

Sunday, May 1, 2011
* Manly Beach, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia *

After a very relaxing stay at his Couchsurfing host’s home in Manly Beach, Sir Thomas Leaf was very refreshed as it had been one of the most comfortable beds he’s had in his travels for a long time. At Barbara and Wayne’s lovely place, Sir Thomas Leaf had his own room and in ecstasy as Barbara was a gourmet cook making the most wonderous meals. That morning his hospitable hosts took him down to Manly Beach to view the seaside and have a walk down the beach walk to the Manly Beach Market. That afternoon, Lady Barbara made delicious sandwiches and prepared Sir Thomas a sack lunch before heading out for his first night as “Night Guard” on the HMB Endeavour. Lady Barbara dropped Sir Thomas Leaf off at the Apollo Ferry as he would be taking the ferry to work that evening. Sir Thomas found the Ferry ride to work a very panoramic and exhilirating experience as he got to see the back channels of Brisbane. Dropped off at the Riverside Ferry next to where the Endeavour was docked. After checking in, with a team of 3 others, they took on rounds checking the runnings of the ship, making sure no trouble-makers were trying to climb aboard, and monitoring the gear. Each guard would have a 2 hour shift, rotating with others, but on call in case something goes wrong all could be woken up. Often through the night, the ship would separate from the docks and the stairs/gangway would need to be re-set. Getting to see the 20th century deck, where the kitchen and engine room was located was nothing more than an educational experience for Sir Thomas Leaf. Sir Thomas Leaf did stop some drunks from trying to climb over the gate and on board. His first night sleeping in the tight quarters on a hammock gave him an idea of the restless sleep that soon awaited him when he would be headed off as working crew. Once he fell asleep, he had a good night’s rest.

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Kony 2012: Bring Justice, Arrest Joseph Kony

Feb 4
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Awareness is the key for stopping wrongs in this world. Action against those wrongs is the next step. Educate yourself about this issue so you too can help the injustices happening in Uganda. KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice. Joseph Kony is a warlord, a guerrilla group leader operating the LRA – The Lord’s Resistance Army as both a cult and a militant group in Uganda. Armed with a radical pseudo-Christian fundamentalist and extremist ideology, Kony kidnaps young children brutally forcing them to become his soldiers and prostitutes. He forces them to kill their own parents, commit murder, mutilations on others, rape, and even purported acts of cannibalism. These are ordered through his own self-styled version of the Ten Commandments. The crimes have not just stayed within the borders of Uganda, but Democratic Repulbic of Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, and Central African Republic. He is accused of forcing over 30,000-66,000 children into his army (estimates vary from different sources) and displacing over 2 million since the rebellion began in 1986. Kony was indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court in 2005 (Hague, Netherlands) but has been never captured. Do you part to get him captured today. http://www.invisiblechildren.com/.