We hope to achieve our first Galleon by no later than 2020. Our initial plans are this – A pirate vessel to hold our crew that is sea-worthy enough to at least travel the coasts of North and South America. We hope to obtain Cross-ocean strength to wander the shores of other exotic coasts as well. We intend to primarily sail by the power of the wind, doing away with the oil-sucking demands that our world is held imprisoned to. But we’ll have a backup fuel based method to get places in times of urgency on time. We’ll also by that point need to obtain a small vessel to shuttle ourselves from the main ship to shore, and on shore – we’ll have a land-lubber RV for pirate relief needs and shuttling us around for port to inland activities.

Right now, this is a dream we are breathing into creation. The seed is being planted. How can you help? Get involved. Donate. Spread the World. Help Raise Funds. We’ve already got our eyes on a few vessels, our Captains are looking into getting educated on sailing and ship operations, and we’re looking for a force that are interested in the project: Fire Spinners? Artists? Entertainers? Ecologists? Historians? Cooks? Crafts-People? Social Workers? Doctors without Borders? Guards? Crew Mates? Nurses without Borders? Have we left anyone out?

Visit our “Projects” to see what we are working on and what project you’d like to contribute to. Please donate below or in the right hand column by choosing the project of your choice to contribute to. Your donation, any amount, will go a long way to making this vision a reality …

At this time of organization, we DO NOT have tax-exempt status and do not know if that route will be pursued at this point. We got ahead of our britches and attempted to pursue that organizational level, and luckily didn’t raise any funds, so dropped it before it got complicated and expensive.


Help us Make this Dream A Reality. By 2020 – We are aiming to raise 2 Million to cover the purchase of the ship, the supplies, and equipment we’ll need to embark upon our first journey. If we can do this before 2020 – We’ll set sail as soon as we can.

Operating Expenses – Even before we achieve our projects above, we’ve got to keep this web site online (which we recently failed and just retrieved (October 2017)), cover our travel costs, research and office expenses, phone line, publications, and cover training in sailing, environmental protection, historic preservation, and performance arts.

Once we get rolling, we’ll bring in funds from our performance art, shows, cruises, feasts, and events as well as donations for the projects.

This web blog relies on donations primarily, although advertising is a secondary income for its existence. As you can see from the minimal advertising we have on the site, we prefer to keep it ad free if possible. However, travels are expensive. Writers are unpaid. Web sites are costly.

If you seriously enjoy our vision, travel tales, reviews, blogs, photos, and adventures … please donate. It’s easy, it’s a click of a button to paypal to send us a quick donation.