Our Crew are the good folks, talent, entertainers, scientists, volunteers, staff, and souls that are stepping forth to make this project a reality by contributing whatever they can to the project. We all have busy lives, and this is a long term venture, so while many of us may be aiming at being on board as much as we can – life gets in the way – and therefore we need a pretty large database of crew members we can call of for various relief projects, entertaining, adventures, and expeditions. Of course, there will be a group of us that takes this on as a lifestyle – living on board as permanent crew of the ships. Sometimes this will fluctuate, sometimes it will be dependable. We’ve got a community of talent from all walks of life ready to make this happen. We’ll be posting their profiles and a brief bio for each of them as we establish this site. We’re looking for all sorts of talent and volunteers this make this project a reality. Nurses, Doctors, Ecologists, Environmentalists, Activists, Historians, Artists, Entertainers, Guards, Crew … We Need You! We need a large crew of volunteers to make this happen – we have have any number of artists, entertainers, cooks, seamstresses, Captains, cartographers, etc. As someday we’ll have a fleet. [Top Reference Links are Alphabetical Order, Actual Listings are chronological in order of sign-up, divided between Captains and Crew. ]

As delays with the project caused a shut-down and we are restarting over, we are establishing new crew. The old crew listings, many of whom are no longer with the project, has been archived and we are re-starting the ranks.






When submitting your crew information – tell us what you’d like to be and what you can do for Pirate Relief. List some of your skills and aspirations with this project and experience sets. If you want to be considered as a crew member or volunteer, submit this description with a photo of yourself (most aesthetically in pirate garb, but not required – regular pics work too) to technogypsie@gmail.com

Current Port: State your Current Location.Previous Ports: List some ports you’ve lived if you like.