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(1) Project Gypsy:

Current Project ~ Mission statement for Project Gypsy: Our first project of action is seed planting and establishing the organization. This involves establishing a crew of roaming pirates, techno-gypsies, artisans, scientists, and helping hands to breathe life into Pirate Relief. We’ll establish a home base to work from somewhere on the coast. We will start promoting the mission. We’ll do fundraising events. We’ll tackle whatever we can of our mission from land until we obtain our boat. Until we raise the capital to buy or build a tall ship (the first of many) ¦ We are assembling our caravan of gypsy performers to start spreading the word of our goals, to assist in relief issues we encounter that we have the ability to assist with, and working on ecological/ sustainable projects. We are building a mobile community of artisans, scientists, dedicated talent, and helping hands to bring this Living Myth into our reality:

      This project involves the establishment and formation of:

  • Caravans & Vardos
  • Coastal Home Base
  • Crew of Talents
  • Mermaid Temple


October 2017:

In 2016, Captain Leaf and Lady Etain separated and are under-going a divorce. Lady Etain is no longer part of the project. Great financial collapse occurred to the organizers from 2013-2016 causing the project to sink. It took until October 2017 to begin breathing life back into the vision. We are now starting to re-birth this project. Looking for volunteers, input, donations, and funding.

January 2015 – September 2017:

Pirate Relief was closed.

May 2011 – December 2014:
We’ve gone on a few adventures seeking funding, ships, ports, and figuring out where to set up camp. We were almost aired on the Dragon’s Den to get funding (producer backed out last minute for a family emergency), we almost bought a make-shift Pirate Ship from the Gypsy Rose (bought by History Channel who beat us to it and almost got a smaller version, but it wouldn’t work for our requirements), and some other close successes. We relocated across the country from Columbia, South Carolina, to headquarter in Blodgett, Oregon (October 2013). We had a base of operations camp with a talented shipwright on board. We had full blown started up a Pirate Shop online and at festivals which is no longer. During March 2014 we opened a Pirate shop within the The Tree Leaves’ Oracle‘s “Leaf and Dragon” shop in Ashland, Oregon. We’ve had a successful seeding Halloween Pirate’s Ball on November 2, 2013. After the collapse of “the Leaf and Dragon” Pirate and Viking shop, financial collapse affected the organizers sinking the project.

April-May 2011:
The first steps of this action has begun. Captain Leaf/Tom went through some tall ship training experience to make sure that the Pirate’s Life was for him (it is!). He embarked on his first lesson as a tour guide and crew member on the HMB Endeavour sailing from Brisbane to Gladstone, Australia experiencing first hand what is involved in such journeys, learning the ropes as a low-level deck hand – scrubbing the decks, hoisting the sails, climbing the mast, and taking classes. It was quite an ordeal! With experience and knowledge from the low-level crew of a ship, he now has a good perspective where to start. Captain Leaf now has some sailing hours. The Education has started.


Project Black Bearl is one of Pirate Relief‘s projects we are seeking to achieve no later than 2020.  While we call the project “The Black Pearl”, does not mean we are purchasing “The Black Pearl.” It is however, the first ship that has caught our attention as a potential vessel we’d like to have leading our fleet.

Mission statement: At present, negotiations are being made in the use of some historic tall sailing ships that are already in use through Europe and North America, as a means of vehicles to use until we can afford our own ship to purchase or build. Our first goal is to determine a home base somewhere in the world on a coast or island where we can setup operations. We hope to achieve this by the end of 2020. We’ll begin with Project Gypsy, most likely in Ireland near Dublin or Cork; England near Penzance; Oregon near Eugene / Ashland / or Portland; Washington near Point Roberts, Seattle, or Bellingham; or Florida near St. Augustine, Melbourne, or Miami as being the most realistic of locations due to support, community, services, land, crew, and/or ship expertise located in these regions that might become accessible to us. The first exciting and alluring vessel we’ve had our eye on is The Black Pearl which is currently on sale for a mere $994,000 (currently located in Honduras). Of course, no-where in our budget line at the present moment to afford such a beauty, but definitely an aspiring dream to work towards. Realistically though, we’ll start with any good, sturdy, long distance sea worthy tall sailing ship vessel, and will even start out with a small sailing boat or yacht if we have to.

Step One: We will tackle the sea by getting our crew members trained and accomplished mariners or seamen. We’ll start off with a small vessel, and work up to buying or building a tall sailing vessel. A pirate vessel to hold our crew that is sea-worthy enough to at least travel the coasts of North and South America or Europe. We hope to obtain Cross-ocean strength to wander the shores of other exotic coasts as well. We intend to primarily sail by the power of the wind, doing away with the oil-sucking demands that our world is held imprisoned to. But we’ll have a backup fuel based method to get places in times of urgency on time. We’ll also by that point need to obtain a small vessel to shuttle ourselves from the main ship to shore, and on shore we’ll have a land-lubber RV for pirate relief needs and shuttling us around for port to inland activities.

Progress: ~ April-May 2011 ~ Captain Leaf McGowan joined the crew as a volunteer tour guide and  low level crew hand aboard the HMB Endeavour while it sailed from Brisbane to Gladstone, Australia. He got basic training in 18th century sailing skills, introduction to navigation, ropes, and ship life. He scrubbed the decks, climbed the masts, hoisted the sails, and helped maintain the ship. It was quite an ordeal!  But has assured the project he is committed to the vision. He temporarily lent his RV for port and inland activities with Project Gypsy as the group fixes the basic repairs it needs to become road-worthy and covers its expenses. May 2011 to December 1, 2015: Pirate Relief built a shopping cart online and festival booth, and opened a Pirate shop in Ashland, Oregon during 2013-2014. The project temporarily had a Shipwright on the crew who was fully experienced in working on ships, building Marine works, and custom woodcraft. In October 2013 – We set up base camp near Blodgett/Toledo/Newport, Oregon. It was moved to Ashland, Oregon with the opening of the Pirate/Viking Shop – “The Leaf and Dragon”. This shop folded the spring of 2015 and Pirate Relief was closed for the time being.

Step Two: Beginning with a small vessel from which to start operations from as we gain funding to buy or build our first of many tall ships in replica style of many historic Pirate vessels out there like the Black Pearl – A ship that can house a crew of 40 or more, a cargo hold capable of holding the supplies we’ll need for our ventures and relief efforts, an on board museum to keep the history of the “Living Myth” alive, and all the standards we need for a sustainable lifestyle on the sea or along the coastlines. We will continue to harvest ships until we have a strong fleet that can sail off to assist uplifting spirit and bringing back joy to the disenchanted wherever we are needed.


Project Pacific Trash Island is one of Pirate Relief‘s first Environmental “Large Scale” cleanup projects the organization will work on, ship or no-ship yet ready to sail. One of our first projects will be to find solutions in tackling the ecological mess that is known as the Pacific Trash Island. In the center of the Pacific, natural ocean currents have been collecting trash in the ocean and lumping it together to create a mass of junk over the years the size of two Texas landmasses stuck together. We are abhorred by the fact that the Nations of the world responsible for this trash is not cleaning it up. We’re investigating sustainable renewable floating islands, art projects, and recycling ventures to tackle this issue. We will also investigate how we can help with the Gulf oil spill rehabilitation. This growing ecological catastrophe brewing in the Pacific Ocean the size of “two” states of Texas length and width landmasses of trash and litter nestling in the middle of the ocean currents. We are in process of investigating recycling and renewal technologies to help break up Trash Island. From floating islands to renewable energy ¦ our research team is brain scheming for our first of many ecological battles to tackle ¦

  • Recycling
  • Cleanup
  • Sustainability
  • Floating Reclaimed Islands
  • Plastic Bottle Vessels like “Plastiki” that just made their successful journey from California to Australia
  • Art Projects and Events to Make the Project Fun


The ongoing focus of Pirate Relief is “Education”, “Awareness”, and “Sustainability”. We’re also currently focusing on educating our crew in the ways of the sea, and the public in the ways of sustainability, environmental stewardship, & responsibility. By passing on stories, myths, legends, and tales of past we will weave solutions for the future. Awareness. Understanding. Compassion. Manifesting a means for our community to be responsible. Right now, this is a dream we are breathing into creation. The seed is being planted. How can you help? Get involved. Donate. Spread the Word. Help Raise Funds. We’ve already got our eyes on a few vessels, our Captains are looking into getting educated on sailing and ship operations, and we’re looking for a force that are interested in the project: Fire Spinners? Artists? Entertainers? Ecologists? Historians? Cooks? Crafts-People? Social Workers? Doctors without Borders? Guards? Crew Mates? Nurses without Borders? Have we left anyone out? We’ve already got a talented crew climbing aboard ¦ How about you?

The world is simply not taking care of the Earth and her oceans. Oil, plastics, toxins, and waste are being dumped into our life stream daily ¦ We’re looking into ideas and solutions to help. We are striving to live a more sustainable and ecological lifestyle with a focus on “community”. With one of the world’s most tragic environmental Disasters “The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill” in our own backyard, we realize strongly now more importantly than ever, we need to get away from the vanishing resource we know gas and oil. With the horrid unseen and “out of sight, out of mind” growing Ecological trash heap known as “Pacific Trash Island”, we are also realizing we need to stop using plastics for day-to-day activities. Stop using those once-used water or soda bottles. Re-use containers and focus more on a organic and free range lifestyle. In addition we need to do something with all that plastic trash already existing. With the tragedy of Japan with the Tsunami/Earthquake of 2011, and the contaminants leaking into the oceans from Nuclear Power Plants, we realize everyone (including ourselves) need to be educated about the pros and cons about certain forms of energy, and how can we work together to find alternative energies and harness them sustainably. We are looking into projects that can help with revitalizing the environment, assisting the wildlife affeced, and help rehabilitate the damages of this and other catastrophes are causing. We hope to educate the public about these issues through art, music, theater, and storytelling ¦ bringing to fruition the “Living Myth” and getting involved in any way we can. Mobility by wind, alternative fuels, and energies. Renewal and Sustainable technologies in which to effect change on the planet ¦.


Want to contribute to the Projects and our Vision? Join the crew, send donations, offer assistance, or donate below. If you’d like to contribute to a particular project, click on the donation can to the right and contribute what you can – earmarked for the proper project you want to see it go towards.