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Learning about the History of Captain Cook …

Friday, April 29, 2011

* Brisbane, Queensland, Australia *


A restful evening at his Couchsurfing host’s home in Brisbane’s Artsy West End, the adventuring sailor apprentice was soon off back to work as tour guide for the HMB Endeavour. An evening of reviewing notes about the history of Captain Cook was his assignment so that he could present more well established knowledge about the adventures he took to find the mysterious land of Australia. He centered much of his research on this day over the cooking habits and history of the ship’s kitchen. A brilliant and bright day, his walk through Brisbane Square to the Eagle Pier was very pleasant. After work he explored a bit of the city to get a more proper grasp of his surrounding as well as different routes to work. That evening, he joined with his couchsurfing hosts for a very delicious vegetarian meal at Govinda’s at the downtown location to meet up with one of Lady Kristina and Kristiana’s friends. Exploring the downtown area, the adventuring crew then went to their friend’s house for a get together with drinks and conversation that was originally meant as a game night but was short-lived as they returned home to the flat for the rest of the evening. While at the friend’s home, some damages of the recent Brisbane flooding was shown as mushrooms were growing out of their living room floor from the saturation of the floors and walls still from the recent disaster.

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Brisbane flood damages, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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