Monthly Archives: August 2012

Pirate Plunder is Open for Business!

August 6, 2012:

Please bear with us as we slowly add our gifts, treasures, and merchandise online. We have an assortment of treasures to bring you … each day we’ll be adding them so check in often. All purchases will assist Pirate Relief in getting established and sailing …

As of August 5th, 2012 our Online gift shop is now open for business. We have some amazing adventures ahead, so keep stopping by. This month we’ll be sailing from Ireland to Scotland, flying from Scotland to Iceland, then on to Denver, Colorado. Then Project Gypsy will make its way across the United States through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and on to our port in Charleston, South Carolina – collecting various treasures along our path. You can keep up with the adventures of the travels at Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf and on the Pirate’s Plank.