Aug 04

Tree Leaves’ Oracle


One of our oldest clients and branch organizations had many years back requested our services in helping them with their mission in the preservation and dissemination of folklore, culture, wisdom, history, traditions, and mythology. This unique organization, The Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship has been around since the early 1990’s and over the course of the last 20 years, have been bringing together folk enthusiasts, folklorists, artists, musicians, and spiritualists to network together for the preservation and education of all things “folk”. In the early 1990’s, they developed an underground newsletter turned journal called “The Tree Leaves’ Oracle”. Later in the game, we were brought in to help with their catalogs, journals, and articles. After they went through some organizational structural changes, they evolved into an “e-organization”. Times have changed and new projects are in the wind, as they have begun to collaborate once again and focus on bringing back their magazine.

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We are in the works of helping them to produce and release a new bi-annual journal beginning the fall/winter of 2011. In addition, they are in the midst of writing several book projects we’ll be helping them with. Excited to re-connect with this older family member, we’ve taken our seat at their central fire eager to hear more tales of folklore, mythology, and ancient stories. Adventures in preservation, tradition, history, and knowledge – we have always seen the vision with this age-old non-profit.

To learn more about this exciting group and their exciting history … visit our review page at’s Review on Tree Leaves.

We’re signed on to assist and support “The Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship” on their efforts and their up-and-coming development of a bi-annual journal and several book projects. These projects include:

The “Tree Leaves’ Oracle” – a bi-annual journal packed full of articles, folklore, stories, and poems of all things folk. These 32+ page compositions will keep their members informed of activities, progress, issues, and art experienced while travelling from hearth to hearth sharing tales of the old ways. For more information, visit their web site at Issue #10 is expected to be released this Fall/Winter 2015.