Research Services

We offer research services and aid to projects at hand. Whether its simply finding a item of knowledge or factoid in a book, magazine, or online to writing a research paper – we’ve got you covered. Our specialists are talented in research and information retrieval. We’re here to cover your backs. Look to us for your facts.

We have years of experience in GIS, cartography, information retrieval, plotting, mapping, file retrieval, fact finding, internet searches, data retrieval and information storage. Let us help you with your project.

Our specialties include:

  • GIS, Cartography, Spatial mapping
  • Searches and Inquiries : Online, Web, BBS, Library, or Archives
  • Information Storage, Data Preservation, Data archiving
  • Contract Archaeology Site Locations
  • Reports, Research Papers, and Information Specs
  • Folklore Data, Myths, Legends, and Lore

Please contact us today with your information and research needs.

Leafworks Research Services : “Technogypsie Research Department”

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