The specialists at Technogypsie Productions consists of a small personalized literary and media agent team ready to help get your artistic, entertainment, or literary talent noticed. We will offer tough, honest, and constructive advice on your book, media project, film, or manuscript – and if we like what we see or have the time to dedicate to serve you – will network it out to publishers for bid. We strive for success for our clients and aim to sell your literary or media art to traditional publishers and are paid only on your success. We do not charge reading fees. Because of this, we have to be selective in who we have time for and who we can dedicate our services to – but if we decide we can committ to you, our service is to get you noticed and established. At this time, we only accept special interest pieces dealing with fiction or non-fiction, academic or instructional, artistic or entertainment, educational or research-oriented in the avenues of history, archaeology, anthropology, folklore, culture, fantasy, mythology, and folk traditions. We hope to address more diverse genres in the near future, but for now have time only to dedicate to these topics and themes. If in doubt, submit your work and we will let you know.

How to submit to us:

Send an email consisting of your name, contact information, title, overview, and synopsis of your piece. Allow 6-9 business days for review. If we like what we see and believe you to be a fit with us, we’ll email you asking for a copy of your manuscript or a clip of your media piece for review. Upon receiving your piece, we’ll email you back a receipt that it is in our hands and a broad estimation how long it will take for us to review your publication/projec.t If we can help you and believe we are a match, we’ll sign you on. We’ll draft a contract and begin finding you a publisher, producer, or studio. It is that simple (though the process can be timely as our office is very busy).

Because we are a highly environmentally dedicated firm, and technologically advanced, we are eliminating excess paper waste and will only accept submissions electronically in PDF or electronic media format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat to convert your manuscript into PDF, send us your document in text or word, and we’ll convert it for you. We will not accept paper submissions. In addition to our environmental dedication, we are also busy travelling around the world building networks, connections, and promotions for our client’s success. With such extensive travel as we do, we don’t have time to deal with mailed submissions. At this time we only accept works in English. We are in the works to accept French and German.

We also ask that your submission be in what you consider “final form” – ready to hit the press. If you need Editing, ghost writing, proofing, or Graphic Design services, we can assist you as well. Please state in your email if you will need illustration, editing, graphic or web design services – what you think you need – and we’ll send you a quote for the cost of those services. (We only take on “agent representation” services at no upfront charge as we take our commission only if you get published, signed, or produced. Editing / design / graphic / and illustration require upfront payment for those services (50% upfront remainder due upon completion).

Signing on with Technogypsie Productions:
Once we make our commitment together we will become not only a partnership, but a family. We strongly believe that those we represent will become long term partners through the life of your project, art, and production. It is our goal to finding you the publisher, producer, or studio and to coach you along the way with the various options that become available for you. We only seek to find publishers that will pay you, not you paying them. We take 15% of what you receive if we sell your work.

Clients and Works In Progress:

  • Thomas Baurley: Published: Online Articles/Blogs. Works in Progress: “Technogypsies”, “Offerings to the Naiad”, “Curator’s Data Management Guide”, “A Tour Guide to Obscure Cornwall”
  • Leaf McGowan: Published: Online Articles/Blogs. Works in Progress: “History of Faeries and Faeids”, “The Druid’s Egg”.
  • Pirate Relief: Works in Progress: Journal #1: The Age of Sustainability.
  • Tree Leaves’ Oracle: Published: Journals 1-8. Works in Progress: Journals 9-12.
  • Jacqui Wood: Published: “Prehistoric Cooking”, “Tasting the Past”. Works in Progress: “Cliff Dreamers”, “Journey through the Inland Sea”, “Mallata”.