Around the World Web Site (Web Site Package)

$2,500.00 (USD) per piece

Around The World Site
This represents the “Corporate or Organization Choice”

“Around the World” lives up to its strengthened name … It is the absolute “Corporate Choice” web site to get started with showing a professional and sound, highly experienced presence on the World Wide Web. This site makes it easy for patrons to find you and your business, it gave the ability of being able to give out an easy address to remember. This package includes setting up the programming and integration of a full scale catalog, allows for an archives of corporate records posting, multiple online brochures, indepth information, fact sheets, indexes, a “whats new” or “coming attractions” page, billboard of events, image maps, animation, sound, video, a blog or journal, and all the perks most interactive sites posessed. With over 100 printed pages of data we’ll add for you, your patrons would not only get a lot out your site but would most likely keep coming back for more. The site includes: Up to 100 pages of text with directory structure, 50 images (up to ten of which can be image maps), 15 forms (max 250 fields), unlimited links (as long as fit within 100 web printed page limit), site registration with 15 search engines, Includes meta-name categorization in the code, 10 small animated image or sound files, 3 large animated graphic or sound files, Domain Name Registration for 1 year (client provides the web host and site), a online blog or journal, setup of 2 social networking profiles, 2 Javascripts included, 1 Basic Search Function or CGI scripted feature, and a mobile phone version of site provided.