The Nomad (Web Site package)

$100.00 (USD) per piece

The Nomad Web Site Package or – A “Web Presence Special”

This site consists of a web presence that gives you a basic brochure or calling card on the web. The size of three printed pages, “the nomad” gives your visitors a profile of you and/or your company with the option of a mail in form, company logo, and contact information. A Small web site includes 3 pages of text (normal letter size fill at 10-12 size font), 5 images, a form (max of 25 data fields), and unlimited links as long as fit within the size of three web printed pages.

For a little bit more, get the advantage of a more “progressive” and “well travelled” site by upgrading to a “Adventurer” site.

Web hosting and domain name NOT included.