The Tinker (Web Site Package)

$500.00 (USD) per piece

The Tinker

– A Good “Merchant” or “Corporate” site with interactivity

The Tinker is a good Beginning Site to provide presence, information, and room for growth. “The Tinker” is like a Irish Tinker vardo or merchant wagon wandering the World Wide Web, interacting with its visitors that your or your business begins to demonstrate your travels into cyberspace, ready for future growth. “The Tinker” site includes all the basics of the “nomad” and “Adventurer”, with information aand interaction equivalent to 15 printed pages of text. An ideal site for a small mail order company, a small corporation, business, festival, event, or public information provider. “The Tinker” is well advertised, promoted, and offers great interaction. The site includes 15 pages of text with directory structure, 20 images, 5 forms (max 70 fields), unlimited links (as long as fit within 15 web printed page limit), site registration with main 8 search engines, Includes meta-name categorization in the code, 1 small animated image or sound file, A blog or journal, Domain Name Registration for 1 year (client provides the web host and site), and a Guestbook.

Web hosting NOT included.