The Traveller (Web Site Package)

$1,000.00 (USD) per piece

The Traveller
Is a well-worn and highly experienced web site on Cyberspace.

“The Traveller” is the “Client’s Choice” site, representing a super premium service that demonstrates to your clients that you’ve not only been around the block, but are well travelled in the World Wide Web. “The Traveller” gives you up to 30 pages of printed text as html web pages or PDF documentation, subdivided into folders and a directory (if necessary), with clickable image maps for easier navigation and artistic flair. The site provides your visitors with in depth information about you or your business. The site also offers the possibility of animation, video, and sound to be included if desired. Not only is this type of site extremely interactive, but also highly visible and advertised on the web … making it easier to find through search engines. The Site includes the composition of custom graphics. The Traveller includes: Up to 30 pages of text with directory structure, 30 images (up to five of which can be image maps), 9 forms (max 250 fields), unlimited links (as long as fit within 30 web printed page limit), site registration with 8 search engines, Includes meta-name categorization in the code, 3 small animated images or sound files, 1 large animated graphic or sound file, Domain Name Registration for 1 year (client provides the web host and site), and a blog or online journal.