Dena Knightshade

She is the daughter of Simon, she is the only one who sees through the illusion  of which he surrounds himself. She feels it is her responsibility to uphold the family name. Regardless as to how her father or her family acts. She is beautiful, long black hair with purple highlights, violet dark blue eyes, and snow fair skin. Tall and strong like her father, she is the epitome of darkness, she has little tolerance for ignorance. She is the primary guardian of the manor within which she and the others reside.

Art Exhibit: Visions within my Mind

I stare at this painting

Wondering when did it go wrong

The shapes and the colors

Flow within this wooden frame

There is murder on the left side

Acts of charity on the right

And somewhere in the middle

I see my neck clasped in chains

A Brief Theological Introduction to Archaya

For you see, to the Gods,
the world you see around you
and all of the inhabitants were created
for the gods as an experiment (believed by some races)
or as a toy, (believed by other races)
by the parents of the younger gods.
Before this world,
there had been other worlds
that had been destroyed
by various means by the younger gods.
So as a security measure ,
the parents of the gods
made each world capable of self-destruction
when the children cause any sort of discordance
in the nature that surrounded the world.
This world that we now live on,
was the last of the hundreds
of such worlds
created in order to entertain them.
To prohibit the destruction
of this last world,
the younger gods
were to be banished
from this world,
thus forbidding them access
to their children, the animals, and people
that inhabit
this toy
(or experiment)
of the gods. 


Feast of Fools

Greetings All,

I am preparing to travel to travel to Lewis-Pacific Swiss Society, in Raymond Washington.  Where I will share stories, sign my books, and offer up readings and advice to those who seek entrance to the Knightshade Manor.

I have been asked by my dear beloved Simon to transverse the living world yet again. To gather stories and assist Kevin and Louis my second and third favorite cousins on their hunt for those souls who must return to their chosen afterlife institution.  Those adventures will be written of in Dark Highways, the second in the Afterlife Institution Series.

It is with the scent of leather, oil and exhaust fumes from the Harley Kevin had customized that I once again experience the world of the living.  I slip my arms tighter around his waist, press my cheek into the aged leather jacket as the growl of the engine deafens me.

We will arrive to 19 Swiss Picknik Rd. Raymond, Washington April 20, 2018. That is, if nothing distracts us.

Raven Knightshade

Ahmiah in the Archayan Series

First introduced in Rhuba: Seeress of Archaya. She is Jhoanan’s wife, she owns half the pub and serves the customers. To his face, she does everything he asks her to do. Given the chance, she undermines everything he does. Brassy, short, brown hair tied loosely in a bandanna Her blue eyes never miss a thing.  Years of serving drunk customers have put an edge on a jovial bright eyed girl from a small mountainous village.

Rhuba: Seeress of Archaya

Archaya is a realm where magic and adventure abound. The world where Rhuba and her friends live in while they come of age in a world of fantastical beasts, invading armies, scientists and magicians all operate under the watchful eyes of the gods, ancestral and nature spirits that dwell in Archaya. Book one of the series.

Cloud Chaser Introduction to Following A Crow

Greetings,  I am Cloud Chaser.
I am writing this tale
to communicate some basic ideas
That form the drumbeat of life
Please understand, that I desire you to take only that
which makes sense,
And leave the rest
For someone else to absorb,
refrain from forming judgment
Until you have felt the message
That is conveyed in the following pages.
For this is a writing of inspiration
And a guide for those
Who in all of the noise
Have gotten confused
As to which drum they are to follow.

Visions within my Mind

A novel that showcases the writing talent of Raven Knightshade.

Contained within this book are the musings, writings, poems and lyrics developed by Raven Knightshade. The poems and odes are all biographical and honor those who affected her in a myriad of ways. These tales are dark and are a reflection of a beautiful mind.

Raven has written many novels, short stories and articles on the macabre, paranormal, horror, and supernatural genres. She is a clairvoyant, who uses her insights to develop characters and tales from which her readers can draw parallels, and learn about themselves and those with whom they chose to interact.

Knightshade Manor

Greetings all,

For those of you who remember the afterlife institution Knightshade Manor graphic  novels.  You will be pleased to learn that I have located the letters and tales contained within the files of the Manor.  A total of six graphic novels were released for your reading pleasure in the year 2005.  A total of 15 volumes were created.  I have decided to release the letters of introduction from all 15 volumes on this page.  The compilation of all tales into a larger novel has been completed.

For those of you are first reading of the afterlife institutions, Knightshade Manor is Book One of the Afterlife Institutions Series. Our mission statement is that each spirit is allowed to live, no mater what form, design, or function. It is within their means to do so, it is the actions and decisions that one makes at various junctures in their lives and deaths that determine their results.

As the author of these tales drawn from the psychiatric files of the decreased guests at the Manor. It is in the hope that it will be read by some of the living thus saving us from the task of registering future guests. It is in writing this, I hope that it will assist you in comprehending death, life and to learn from the mistakes that others have made.

This is a reintroduction to the characters and residents that inhabit Knightshade Manor.

Yours in darkness and light,


Afterlife Institutions

Currently, there are nine known afterlife institutions.  Each institution provides an environment where the deceased find themselves upon their death that reflects their living experience. The forthcoming titles are as follows:

The Abbey

Browning Memorial Hospitals

Dark Highways

Howard Place

Paranormal Palace

Kerringer’s Castle

Knightshade Manor

Justice Hall

Salisbury Town

Yarborough Station