Knightshade Manor

Greetings all,

For those of you who remember the afterlife institution Knightshade Manor graphic  novels.  You will be pleased to learn that I have located the letters and tales contained within the files of the Manor.  A total of six graphic novels were released for your reading pleasure in the year 2005.  A total of 15 volumes were created.  I have decided to release the letters of introduction from all 15 volumes on this page.  The compilation of all tales into a larger novel has been completed.

For those of you are first reading of the afterlife institutions, Knightshade Manor is Book One of the Afterlife Institutions Series. Our mission statement is that each spirit is allowed to live, no mater what form, design, or function. It is within their means to do so, it is the actions and decisions that one makes at various junctures in their lives and deaths that determine their results.

As the author of these tales drawn from the psychiatric files of the decreased guests at the Manor. It is in the hope that it will be read by some of the living thus saving us from the task of registering future guests. It is in writing this, I hope that it will assist you in comprehending death, life and to learn from the mistakes that others have made.

This is a reintroduction to the characters and residents that inhabit Knightshade Manor.

Yours in darkness and light,


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