A Brief Theological Introduction to Archaya

For you see, to the Gods,
the world you see around you
and all of the inhabitants were created
for the gods as an experiment (believed by some races)
or as a toy, (believed by other races)
by the parents of the younger gods.
Before this world,
there had been other worlds
that had been destroyed
by various means by the younger gods.
So as a security measure ,
the parents of the gods
made each world capable of self-destruction
when the children cause any sort of discordance
in the nature that surrounded the world.
This world that we now live on,
was the last of the hundreds
of such worlds
created in order to entertain them.
To prohibit the destruction
of this last world,
the younger gods
were to be banished
from this world,
thus forbidding them access
to their children, the animals, and people
that inhabit
this toy
(or experiment)
of the gods. 


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