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Mercury Machinewerk (Capital Hill/Seattle, WA)

The Merc
Mercury @ Machinewerks * 1009 East Union, Seattle, WA 98122 ~
~ *

One of Seattle’s last strong-holds of the Gothic/Industrial clubbing and music community as a central hangout most famous for such in the Pacific Northwest on the American side, it is a volunteer operated private club down-set underground in the Capital Hill Neighborhood of Seattle. They offer some of the regions best Gothic/Industrial and Electronic music DJs and dancing venue. As a private club, membership is mandatory for attendance, and guests can only visit under sponsorship of a member. To become a member, a visitor must be recommended for membership by a current member in good standing … and has to attend via 3 to 5 signed visits within a 6 month period before a member can sponsor a visitor for membership which costs a mere $10. They essentially have something going on every day, ranging from club nights – smoking and smoke free, themed parties, karaoke, and a oddities market. They have a great dance floor, pool room, and a fully stocked bar specializing in Black Orchids.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

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Pretty Vacant Club, Dusseldorf, Germany

The Pretty Vacant

The Pretty Vacant Club * Mertensgasse 8 * D-40213 Düsseldorf * Open 8 til late (5 am) *
Saturday nights: The Sound’s of Swingin’ London.

A great little hole-in-the-wall club and bar in the heart of the old town district of Dusseldorf. Around 10 pm, this little bar becomes infested with the Brit-pop crowd of Dusseldorf piling down into the bricked basement for a crunchy sardine-packed dance night to some of the cities best post-punk, brit pop, UK indie, and electropop. Fabulous time. The music was great and the drinks were good. Service was great as well. Spinning great tunes by the DJ’s: 1. sa: POPMISSILE F1-11; 2. sa: POP GOES MY LOVE; 3-4. sa: FISH’N’CHIPS. For any Brit Pop / Post Punk junkie … this is the place to be in Dusseldorf. Excellent! Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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DC’s 11th annual Goth Prom

Thursday, 22 May 2008
Washington, D.C.

11th annual D.C. Goth Prom “Under a Milky Way” * Town Danceboutique * 2009 8th Strett NW | Washington, DC 20009 *

11th Annual Goth Prom, Washington, D.C. 5/22/08

After the National Geographic Live and private reception, I headed over to my ‘first’, while DC’s 11th, Goth Prom which is apparently the longest running Goth Prom in the United States. They even had a Prom King and Queen contest. Prior to this event, I was under the impression that DC really didn’t have a sizeable Goth community (based on last two years fly-ins to D.C. and checking out the scene) but I have to say, after this event – the population exists and the support for the night appeared to be pretty phenomenal. I might have to add this one to my annual calendar of events I go out of my way to attend (of course given time off work and funds). This year it was held at the Town Dancboutique, a two floored club with large levels and plenty of room to dance and move about. The event was $15 advanced tickets or $20 at the door, and that didn’t stop the place from filling up. A wide assortment of DJ’s were spinning on both floors – such as Scary Lady Sarah (Berlin, Chicago – Nocturna); DJ Spider (Charlotte, NC); Kelowna (Toronto-XM Satellite, chiarOscuro DC); Liebchen (DC Midnight, XUBERX); 2501 (Chronos DC, Alchemy DC); Dirty B; Shade (Spellbound DC, Alchemy DC); variety acts such as Cheeky Monkey slideshow performing her Amazing Trinket and MabJustMab acts (including glass walking); bellydancing and gothic tribal upstairs including Cerastes (tribal/industrial dance), Romka (tribal fusion bellydance), and others. Vendors ranged from custom made prom corsages and boutonnieres by Lost Moth; to custom art pieces by Arty4ever, wire jewelry by Eleanor Justice, horror kitsch illustrations and paintings by Frozen Charlotte, clothing and accessories by Dry Tear, Creepy home decor by Morbid Decor, Kilts by The Kilted Nation, custom latex/rubber clothing by Slyx, John Holmes of Bloodrose Industries fashion photography, custom hats and accessories by Peacock Blue, handmade beaded jewelry by Camille DeWalder, and custom t-shirt dsigns by Mind Jacket Designs. The music, talent, decor, acts, and performances were incredible. Drinks a bit higher end priced. Excellent job Lori Beth and all who put this on!!! Plus it was excellent to see my new friends from earlier this year Sarah and Alex who as usual, made me feel right at home as if I lived in D.C. Thank you. Goth prom are slowly putting up pictures in their Gallery here. Rating 5 stars out of 5. Visited 5/22/2008.

* apologies for the lack of quality of pictures for this evening. These were taken from my cell phone camera (no flash) as my camera was out of commission for the evening.

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Chrome: Transit Bar, Canberra, Australia

Chrome Goth Night
* Transit Bar * * 7 AKUNA ST *
Canberra, Australia Capital Territory, Australia * P 02 6162 0899 * * ?

Eager for some darksome and divine music, I hunted out what could lie beneath the underground of Australia’s capital city … Canberra. A Google search provided promising tales of “Chrome” but came to realize upon arriving it’s night at the “Holy Grail” had vanished without a trace. Knowing that echoes of chatter that it was still located near the corners of Akuna and Bunda streets, we discovered it moved down the street to the infamous underground club … the Transit Bar, located underneath the Canberra YHA. From 9 pm until 5 am, Canberra’s only goth night raises the dead with their EBM, Industrial and dark elektro tunes with some goth on monday nights (instead of the previous saturdays). Video projections, laser lights, and good music was had. Oddly though, the bar was still quite normal with their casually dressed local bar patrons, but up towards the stage in the dance floor were alitter with some finely costumed gothy and cyber dressed dancers. Coming from North America and Germany goth clubs where everyone usually dresses up in their finest black garments, it was a little difficult getting used to the mix of color and normality into this cache of a music club treasure grove one is used to finding when searching for it in most cities. Oddly though, the music was not so industrial and gothic, but more darksome Burning Man raver music. Enjoyed none-the-less and eye candy galore, me and my host had a splendid time. Realizing the night has setup shop in this new location from their fabled old locale, not 100% sure if the night is still happening at the transit bar … could be completely “transit”-ional. Rating: 2.3 stars out of 5. ~ Leaf McGowan, April 25, 2011.

For more photos, tales, and information: Continue reading Chrome: Transit Bar, Canberra, Australia

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Thunderdome @ Burning Man 2010

Thunderdome / Death Guild
* Burning Man * Black Rock City, Nevada * *

Every year many Burners look forward to the infamous “Thunderdome”, the interactive art project of San Francisco’s famed “Death Guild”. It is one of Burning Man’s most famous landmarks and one of its most exciting projects/theme camps. Operating for 6 years straight, Burners come to expect Death Guild every year. Inspired by the movie “Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome” (starring Tina Turner and Mel Gibson as Mad Max), “Thunderdome” is a life-sized replica of the same named structure as found in the film. “Two man enter, one man leave” is not really the case here at the Burn, as only friends and friendly-foes who are looking forward to venting some frustration by battling each other with nerf bats while dangling and swinging off bungy cords. All the audience pile around the edge of the dome and climb the rafters to watch the sometimes extremely hillarious battles that take place. Afterwords, it is often a late night Goth/Industrial dance club. Not much activity takes place during the day, but evening it is a very crowded area of the playa. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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Lotus (BC)


Lotus Sound Lounge

455 Abbott Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1C8
Vancouver, British Columbia
Yahoo Maps!
ClubVibes Details

Rated **1/2 by Leaf McGowan.

Lotus Sound Lounge

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Purple Onion


the Purple Onion Cabaret
* 15 Water Street * Gas town –Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1A1 * 604.602.9442 * *


Vancouver’s only underground Brit Night – radiohead, blur, suede, bowie, clash. DJ Sheriff Fatman and ken Bastard. Real Brit. No Sh*t. 60’s Brit Invasion, psychedelica and soul in other lounge: DJ Lee Modern spins The Who, the impressions, and the Byrds.


Available for private parties.


Freebasing Funk shooting soul with residents Djs Lush and Stephane.


The afterlife entertainment presents pure O2, DJ Ali (Leaf Recordings and Fresh Studios), funky ass house, Vancouver, and a variety of other shows.


Sugar and Spice, blending hip hop, RnB, and Club hits, DJ Relik and DJ LDB with MC Tropiq. DJs Roger Z and Andre Drop the sweet sounds of downtempo house and hip hop complimenting the funkiest in live acts.


Platinum with resident DJ’s Seanski (Bronx, NY) and WAX (DMC Champ) the jams are bumpin all night long. Hip Hop / Top 40 Dance / RnB.


Sanctuary: Vancouver’s Darkest Secret. Etheral Beauty, Downtempo, Experimental electronix, Crunchy Beats, EBM Electro Industrial Synthpop and loads more. DJ Pandemonium and Guests.

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Club 23 West: Sin City (Vancouver, B.C.)

Club 23 West

23 West Cordova, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1C8
Vancouver, British Columbia
Yahoo Maps!
ClubVibes Details

Rated *****


SIN CITY: description: “Sin City is a monthly club night dedicated to the truly kinky club demons of Vancouver and takes place monthly on every second Saturday of the month at Club 23 West. Cover is $9 without a pass, $6 with passes which can be found at many downtown locations. In addition to the dancefloor, drink specials and antics of DJs Pandemonium & Klaxxon bangin’ out dark n’ dirty retro, electronika, industrial & dance, we offer a seperate play dungeon complete with friendly monitors, lovely sturdy black & cushioned bondage equipment with plenty of couches & viewing space, and a private, outdoor patio looking over Gastown’s blood alley. We enforce a very strict dress code which must be adhered to in order to gain access to the celebration of sin! Absolutely no t-shirts (unless fetish-related) will be admitted, jeans, suits, or streetwear of any kind. Some examples of acceptable dress are: rubber, pvc, vinyl, leather, full uniform, fantasy or period costume, armour, cross-dress, bondage, body paint, and lingerie. Sin City is a cross-over night with all sorts of people and scenes coming together to celebrate a truly sinful party – young, old, gay, straight, fetish veterans, newcomers, partiers, loungers, we all come together once a month to party in high style. “ (Leaf’s virtual tourist page)

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The Element (Vancouver, B.C.)

the Element

Cambie Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Rated ***1/2

Gas Town Inn - Element Pub

Thursday, 11/8/01:
” I hailed down a cab and headed over to the Element on Cambie / Hastings, by the Cambie Hotel. I wasn’t quite sure if I was in the right place, but as I walked in past a restaurant kitchen, back into the dank and dark pub – I saw horror movie and haunted house tacky decor … with a sprawled sign stating I was in “the Element”. I saw Melissa, gave her a hug, and chatted – headed over to Bernie and gave her a hug and wished her “Happy Birthday” as I handed her a gift and watched as she enchanted “the Element” with her dj magic. Chilled out to a couple of drinks with Bernie as other friends appeared and wished her birthday blessings. The element had a intriguing decor of a haunted house with the top pseudo-balcony covered with Halloween stuffed beings and macabre decor. Green fake ferns and air plants sprawled along the ceiling – the evening had great music but lacked numbers of individuals, and at this point, no one dancing. Then came in Jeffy, and two other friends I met previously at a Halloween party – they recognized me without my green makeup and faery wings. We all grabbed a table and chatted away through the night, discussing Skinny Puppy, how we wished we were at the Tori Amos concert, the Survivor series, and other elements of news going on in the world. As I partied with my friend Bernie at the Element and was woo’ed by her dj’ing with excellent 80’s, dance, and Industrial mixes – as the clock struck 12, I decided to head back to Seymour street for a little dancing at my favorite hotspot on Thursdays … Luvafair. The drinks are pricey here but created with pizazz and a good kick. Music was excellent, just lacked the people to fully utilize the dance floor. By the time I was planning on leaving, a handful had started to dance.”

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Burning Man

Burning Man Festival
Black Rock City, Nevada

Burning Man is a week long arts and entertainment, sustainable and self-reliance festival that occurs every year embracing Labor Day. From 1986 until 1989 there was a Summer Solstice bonfire ritual held on Baker Beach in San Francisco by Larry Harvey, Jerry James, and their friends. Here they claimed, not inspired by the “Wicker Man” movie (they state they hadn’t seen it before their party), they would burn a 8-9 foot tall wooden man with his smaller wooden dog, and they did this not for Pagan offerings, but rather as an experiment in art, community, radical self expression and reliance. Apparently Larry’s girlfriend Janet Lohr’s friend, Sculptor Mary Grauberger had been throwing Baker Beach bonfire parties prior to Larry picking it up after she stopped organizing them. By 1987 the “Man” was 15 feet tall and by 1988 at a whopping 40 feet height making it much more of a concern on the beach to the authorities. They eventually called their event “Burning Man”. Because they didn’t have a permit for such a fire on the beach, they had to relocate, and in 1990 a separate event was put on by Kevin Evans and John Law of the Cacaphony Society in the Black Rock Desert on its large dry lake. They billed it as a dadaist event with temporary sculptures and situationist performance art called “Zone Trip #4: A Bad Day at Black Rock”. The Baker Beach Burn “Burning Man” event, after having been kicked off the beach, dissassembled their “Man” and brought it to “Zone Trip #4” just in time for the event. One of the Cacophonists in attendance, Michael Mikel, concerned that the attendees would not be familiar with the harshness of the desert environment, took on the name “Danger Ranger” and formed the “Black Rock Rangers” to make sure everyone was safe. It was here in 1990 that Black Rock City and “Burning Man” was founded. Word spread about the event and people from all over the world started to flock to this desert event. It was assembled of participants only with no paid or scheduled performers/artists, no separation from art space and living space, and no other rules except not to interfere with another’s experience and no guns were allowed in central camp. In 1991 they filed for a legal permit with the Bureau of Land Management evolving to a formal partnership in 1996 for them to own the name “Burning Man”. 1997 Saw the biggest changes in structure to the event when the remaining organizers formed the Black Rock City, LLC after John Law, Kevin Evans, and others left. As the BLM refused a permit for the event, it was moved to “Fly Ranch” that adjoined the Hualapai Flat mini dry lake bed. Since the event moved to Washoe County permitting, more heightened rules and laws were enacted, banning driving of non-mutant or service vehicles and guns, imposing a low speed limit of 5 mph for art cars, a imposed curved grid street structure, no campfires or tiki torches, all burnt art must be on approved burn platforms, bans on fireworks, firearms, and dogs. It was also then that a 7 mile long temporary plastic fence to be erected to surround the event as a 4 foot high “trash fence” to catch wind blown debris. After 2002, no attendees of the event could go beyond this fence. In 2006 was the first time that Burning Man was covered extensively by television, which continued as “TV Free Burning Man” from 2006-2008, and the coverage nominated for a news Emmy Award in 2007.

The man remained 40 feet tall until 1995. By 1997 it reached 50 feet, and by 2001 at 70 feet, from 2002-2004 at 80 feet tall, Then was reduced in size from 2005 until 2008 when it was pumped back up to 84 feet, and at an amazing 104 feet by 2010. In 2007 a well known prankster named Paul Addis set the Man on fire four days ahead of the schedule and was arrested for the incident. The Burning Man crew was able to still erect a replacement effigy in time for the scheduled burn. By 2010 it reached an attendance population of over 51,454 recorded paid participants. Burning Man attendees nickname themselves “Burners”. The festival is based on community, artwork, absurdity, decommodification, revelry, participation, self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-sustainability. In those regards, it has nothing to do with the modern Hippie movement even though the un-knowledgable compare the two as being the same. Burning Man is governed by 10 principles – (1) radical inclusion, (2) gifting, (3) decommodification, (4) radical self-reliance, (5) radical self-expression, (6) communal effort, (7) civic responsibility, (8) leaving no trace, (9) participation, and (10) immediacy. Burning man is a “gifting economy” in like to the tribal potlach ceremony, and relies on the unconditional “gifting” of resources. No cash transactions are permitted between attendees of the event (though the event will charge for entrance tickets (pays for event), daily ice (benefits the local Gerlach-Empire school system), tea and coffee (benefits the event) for those wanting it). The event is clothing-optional and nudity is very common. Once in the event you are highly discouraged from leaving. A re-entry wristband costs a high price if one needs to exit and re-enter. Portable toilets are throughout the event, a temporary airstrip/airport is setup along the event boundary, hospitals and law enforcement stations are setup throughout the city, as is ice stations. All attendees are responsible for bringing their own food and water as none can be guaranteed to be obtained elsewhere in the city. The Event is “Leave No Trace” and all attendees are expected to collet M.O.O.P. (Matter out of place) when observed. All attendees are expected to participate as much as possible, no water is permitted to be drained on the playa and much be either evaporated in a drain field or ported out when attendees leave, no fires without approved burning platforms, and observance of US and Navada federal, state, and local laws. Every year a different theme transforms the event. Art and entertainment, is centered around these themes each year. Numerous registered and un-registered theme camps are all around the city, including over 100 bars, and numerous art or mutant vehicles parade around the playa during the days and nights. Otherwise many participants have their own transportation with bicycles that they bring to the event. Some art is funded by ticket sales through art grants. In addition to the “Man”, a giant “Temple” is constructed and burnt on the last night of the event culminating ritual and interfaith spiritual offerings, prayers, sacrifice, and observance in its participation.

Leaf’s personal photos from Burning Man 2008; Burning Man 2010 (coming soon).

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Dominion (Dublin, Ireland)

Dominion Resurrection
* Cellar of Murrays Bar * 33-34 O’Connell Street, Dublin 1, Ireland *
Every Saturday from 9.30 pm – 2.30 am in the cellar of the sports bar called “Murrays” is Ireland’s premiere and only Goth night. Only €3 until 11, afterwards €6 to enter. Darksome and divine, this small little hole is comfortable and roomie for those interested in the sub-culture to gather and dance their night away. I was quite curious how the Goth scene would be in Ireland and was quite pleased to hear some great music. The music was diverse from 80’s to electronic, goth, industrial, to medieval. The particular night I visited on July 3, 2010 – DJ’s Conor, Ozzy aka David Osborn, and Beo aka Christoph Heimann were playing. Good times. Good tunes. However, it was under-attended. There was about a dozen there and they all knew one another. It would appear a bit cliche’ish to those who are shy as I am (until I get to know people I’m actually a shy wallflower) so I’m just as guilty for not having made an attempt to make friends. Having to be at the airport at 4 am, I decided to call it an early night. But I’ll be back. Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

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Dublin City Pub Crawl

Dublin City Pub Crawl
* Meet at At The Porterhouse Central, 45-47 Nassau Street, at the end of Grafton Street near Trinity College
* 47 Nassau St * Dublin 2, Co. Dublin, Ireland * 086 864 3270 * * *

The first time I ever did a (paid)(business) pub crawl in Europe, it was in Amsterdam and I was very impressed. I’ve done numerous “party” pub crawls, usually with a theme – pirates, santas, zombies, or what-not with a community of friends but seldom do I do one to get to know a city as I’m usually the explore on my own type. Having had such a great experience with the Amsterdam one, I figured Dublin would be pretty fabulous. A couple of issues here however for me – I’m not a beer drinker (only wine and mixed drinks), I’m not much into pubs and bars (more nightclubs where dancing is available), and I definitely don’t really care for mainstream establishments. So any paid “Pub Crawl” has alot to compete with to charm me. However, for those that do love pubs, these are usually the beast that you want to ride when travelling to a new city and wanting to get to know what the nightlife is and make friends with fellow travellers. The other conditions for the night that affected my experience as well is – I attended on a week night (Thursday night) (and no matter where in the world you are venturing, weeknights are more dead than weekend nights) and I attempted to go on the Backpacker’s Pub Crawl prior to showing up at this one which left me and 3 others hanging with no one showing up to tell us it was cancelled. The 4 of us from the Backpacker Pub Tour no show wandered over to the Porterhouse to see if we could still get into the Dublin City Pub Crawl. A charming young woman was our guide and host. So even though there were only 4 of us (5 including the guide) we were going to make the best of it. She was an excellent host and guide. She knew her establishments and her drinks. So first off, lets rate the Guide as a top 5 out of 5 Guides. However the tour dynamics itself were poor. There was a free drink at the Porterhouse, and free cover at one of the clubs, but overall not much given out (unlike Amsterdam’s crawl – which is not fair to compare to so I won’t let it affect my rating). It was poorly attended and not many friends to be made (again, A Thursday). For €15 its a good deal and way to get to know nightlife Dublin. Discounts exist in ad racks at the hostels. They take you to four pubs and then a late bar/ dance club at the end of the journey. 15% off all food at the Porterhouse Central (be there by 8 to order), free appetizers in the 2nd pub, free Irish beer sampling, and discounted drinks at some establishments ( €4 pints; €5 cocktails; and a (to pay) option for pouring your own pint of Guinness off tap). Some of the establishments have live traditional Irish music, free VIP entry into Dandelion Night Club which was a fun little mainstream club. Tour Guide: Rated 5 stars out of 5. Tour: 3.5 stars out of 5.

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Vertigo (Truro, Cornwall)

* 15 St Marys Street, Truro, TR1 2AF * Cornwall, England * T: 01872 276555 • E: *
A great little hole-in-the-wall art-deco upmarket Cafe Bar in Truro, Cornwall. The place is very stylish and comfortable with couches, tables, and lounging environment. The bar offers delicious cocktails, tapas, teas, and coffess. Great food and snacks available. Now dwelling in the former old court house, this three story building has a garden, conservatory, dining area, and bar. It is also a place where you can get married as they hold a wedding license. The place has four different themed rooms. The establishment is owned and operated by hotelier Carolien Davidson, Jodie Phillips, and Neil Barku. I found the place very artsy, hospitable, and friendly. I enjoyed the fare, even though it was very small portions, it was well priced. Rating : 4 stars out of 5.

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10.23.09: uWorld News Press – 3rd Zombie Outbreak in Colorado Springs

Third Zombie Outbreak in Colorado Springs
uWorld News Press: October 24, 2009: 0300 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

photograph by Steve Carlin

This has been the 3rd reported outbreak of zombie virus (feH1N1z) in Colorado Springs. This small city thought they were done with it. But each year, it seems to re-surface. First in 2007 with roughly 65 contaminated, the disease reared its ugly head again in 2008 with 150+ infected, this outbreak this year is purported to have over 209+ ill with the virus (estimated from the uCDC’s head count of unique faces in photographic evidence of the outbreak). It is feared that it could spread in mass quantity to Denver later this afternoon if not properly quarantined.

photograph by Steve Carlin

Apparently, a lab technician involved in the spread of the virus in Manitou Springs two weeks prior, who was believed to be in remission and over cantagion re-infected and began on a rampage through the day at his lab eating the brains of his co-workers and neighbours. He setup a fake vaccination clinic at the Underground at 110 N. Nevada in downtown Colorado Springs with the false advertisement of having a cure and preventative for the disease. He even had a doctor endorse it. However, it was a staged trap. Everyone who entered the Underground became infected enmass, and within hours burst through the door of the Underground onto the streets of quiet Colorado Springs. Families, women, children, men, and city workers were infected. Tamed and gentle ‘zombies’ still infected from the previous year passed out fliers for solidarity and unity amongst zombies. A bloodbath still occured in the depths of the Underground nonetheless. The crowd of flesh craving zombies crawled down Nevada, Bijou, and all along Tejon streets of the downtown area. Passerbys and citizens didn’t know what to think – from terror and screams to smiles and kodak moments. More of Colorado Springs became infected. The uCDC quarantined as many as they could back into the Underground for containment and treatment with cocktail specials laced with antidotes. The zombie mashing tunes of DJ Gypsy kept the zombies contained on the dancefloor while the bar entertained the rest. It was quite an affair until 2 am when the antidotes finally set in. However, it is believed several zombies escaped containment and treatment currently enroute for Denver.

photograph by Jeff Kallaus

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Lipgloss 8 year Anniversary Party

Lipgloss Eight Year Anniversary w/ Guest DJ Thieves Like Us
* La Rumba * 99 W. 9th Ave * Denver, Colorado * NO COVER! * 6/26/2009 *
Eight Magical Years has Tyler and Michael brought us magic and frolick on the floors of La Rumba and Denver downtown. So tonight’s their birthday bash for a proud and stomping 8 years! Presented by Eydea Worx, The Onion, Yelp & Denver3 this was a time to celebrate. Partying from Friday, June 26, 2009 at 9:00pm until Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 2:00am the house was crowded with a familiar and excited crowd deep in the midst of a good reason to party! DJ’s boyhollow and Tyler Jacobson combined with their special guest DJ Andy of Thieves Like Us (Paris/Kitsune Records) merged with big screen visuals by An-Ism the audience and patrons were mesmerized with dancing spirit. As there was no cover for the night, the floors packed in by midnight. The birthday also saw into birth their recession special drinks of $3 vodka wells to the $2 PBR’s and Gin/Tonics. Sweet. My place to party. Thanky you Tyler and Michael for 8 amazing years!!!
Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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Apogaea 2009

Volcano Burn at Apogaea 2009

Apogaea 2009

Happy Ass Ranch, Lake George, Colorado * Annually each June * Colorado’s Regional Burn *

Every year the local Colorado Burner community puts together a regional burn in central eastern Colorado called “Apogaea”. An amazing festival of arts, sustainability, and community with leave-no-trace green thumbs on a wild ranch on 140 private acres of Rocky Mountain forested land blended with a community ethic to attain self-sufficiency, production of renewable energy, creation of agricultural base, and the development of mineral resources and mining reclamation. They possess a low-impact approach supportive of environmental preservation. The lands are surrounded by Pikes National Forest. Apogaea is a great testing ground for the local Burning Man community to set up and test their theme camp ideas for Burning Man. This year the theme was a sacrifice of the virgin offering to the Volcano Gods … incredible fire spinning and dancing, ritualized dramatic performances, and a festive dance around the bonfire. Dozens of theme camps and DJ booths, wild parties, workshops, and special events. Art installations and theme camps. Bodypainting. Contact Improv. Cuddle Camp. Safe Sex Play. Dancing. Hulahooping. Camel racing. Color book sessions. Multi-colored goats that you could learn how to milk. Pancake and bacon breakfasts and parties. Xpat Alien parties at the Crop Circle Cantina. Festivity, Friends, and Community. Apogaea is simply amazing. Highly recommended especially for any Burning Man enthusiasts and community. Galleries, photos, and items are located here: Rating: 5 stars out of 5. [ Photos on Flickr ]

Crop Circle Cantina

View Apogaea: Day 1 [ Myspace ] ; Day 2 [ Myspace ] [ ] [ ] : Photogalleries: [ Myspace Photos (does not contain nudity) ] uncensored: [ ColoradoBurn.ning – Day 6/5/09 ] [ Rest on ColoradoBurn.ning ] [ FlickR ]

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Day 3: Apogaea – Technicolor Goats, Xpat Alien Party, Sacrifice to the Volcano

Saturday, 6th June 2009
Lake George, Colorado

Travelogue: Apogaea, Day 3 [ Apogaea – Colorado’s Regional Burn, June 2009

Partying at the Crop Circle Cantina * Fawn and Kerri Anne dancing up a storm

Another morning rising early … hanging in the hammock, enjoying the rising sun, and the multi-colored goats across the way. As Camp Chaos (Goes Capricious) with their technicolor baby goats that you could cuddle and learn about goat-raising. They threw milking lessons at 9 am and 5 pm each day so anyone could take some raw milk back to their camps to share.

Technicolor Goats

The group had another big breakfast and enjoyed catching up and social conversations as we were all pretty hungover from last night’s parties. Noah wandered out in this risque’ ninja turtle suit with his package hanging out … too funny. Special Bacon breakfast up on the hill for the Apogaea newbies. In addition Mr. Mojo’s had a Reggae Pancake and Bacon breakfast as well … so no excuses for not having breakfast. Early, I started in on the painting, and I went for a half-gold, half-silver paint job for wandering around. Testing that “if you’re painted solid gold you won’t breathe and suffocate” myth and quite proved it to be innocent. Well, I did feel a little lightheaded, but I’m sure it was the sun and not the paint. I got to paint my youngest canvas … a 2 year old who was very squirmy as I tried to paint straight outlines of the insect he wanted on his face. That was tough! Allison went for flames. The XPAT Alien Camp was having a rockin’ party with booze aflowin’ all day long. Had an incredible blast. Thank you Xpats! One of the top parties for the entire event! Hoop it Forward had their annual decorate and create your own hula-hoop workshop which I unfortunately missed as I was distracted elsewhere. Then come dark it was time for the sacrifice of the virgin to the Volcano as it opened up with ritual performances by Colorado’s spectacular Fire Conclave as they spun wildly before and during the explosion of the volcano into embers … dancing around the madness and wild partying all night long. What a blast!

Volcano burn

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80’s Night (fridays) at the Underground (patio) : Colorado Springs, Colorado

DJ Gypsy

80’s Night on the Patio @ the Underground
* 110 N. Nevada, Colorado Springs, Colorado * 719.578.7771

Running for a couple of months now, and growing in popularity, is a night full of dance and frolick upstairs at the Underground on fridays. Downstairs DJ’s TJR, LL Bishop, Tony G, Mike Devious, and Hauss spinning in the main room while DJ Gypsy brings back the old favorites of the 80’s upstairs. Seems the main populace of the club on fridays go up to the patio for the fun and dance as this night of visiting and dancing on 5/15/2009, the downstairs was empty and the patio was saturated. DJ Gypsy knows how to bring back the 80’s. The night is still growing and young, but definitely a hit for the 80’s crowd. I can’t really comment on the downstairs or the DJ’s down below as the dance floor in the lower level on this evening was empty and everyone was upstairs so I didn’t spend much time listening to the djs there. But the top level was top-quality. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 for the music & the DJ. 2.5 stars for the location: The patio gets a bit smoky for those with allergies, and the dance space is small. Tip for the Underground – if you move DJ Gypsy downstairs, I think you’d be filling your club night with alot of patrons and a pretty decent bar intake as the dj experience was fabulous and high quality. I’ll be back. Overall rating for the night experience: 3 stars out of 5. Review at:,,

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Lipgloss: Pet Shop Boys Listening Party 4/24/09 (Denver)

Lipgloss: Pet Shop Boys Listening Party 4/24/09

Guest DJ Cyren:

Lipgloss: Every Friday – 99 W. 9th Ave, Denver, Colorado • 303 -572-8006 • One block west of Broadway • $6 Cover after 10 • 21+ Only • $2 G&Ts • $2 PBRs *

My all time favorite friday night in Denver is to let loose at the infamous Lipgloss at La Rumba on 9th. This night rewarded a disappointing evening at My Bloody Valentine prior, so the night was not ruined and uplifted to sensational. DJ Cyren was guest dj’ing the “Pet Shop Boys” listening party as the music styles tonight were much more my flavor than usual (though Lipgloss is always my flavor). Cyren’s sets rocked the house. DJ’s Michael Trundle and Tyler Jacobson as usual spun their usual levels of pleasure. It was a fabulous night to say the least. Thank you all for changing the tune to my evening. I’m never disappointed with Lipgloss. The Denver3 team always promises what they preach. If only I “lived” in Denver would I be more of a regular. “Lipgloss” – Denver’s hottest Mod/Soul/Electro/Indie Brit pop night springs to life every friday night: Free cover before 10 pm, and $2 gin wells and PBR’s … The Staff of La Rumba were incredible and affordable strong drinks. The DJ’s were fantastic and addressed inquiries and requests quickly and very friendly – knowing their stuff, I’d recommend them for any event. Thank you! Rating: 5 stars out of 5.
Lipgloss Official Pics from the Event start here …. A few previous Lipgloss Reviews: [ “Lipgloss” @ Club La Rumba: Late of the Pier Listening Party 2/6/09 ] [ Lipgloss 7/18/08 ] [ Lipgloss 12/15/06 ] [ Lipgloss 8/1/08 ]

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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 15, Part C (4/9) -Amsterdam Pub Crawl

Part C

Ultimate Party Pub Crawl

Thursday, 9 April 2009
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After an afternoon’s rest, Sir Thomas Leaf and Princess Brea were ready to hit the bars and clubs – partying all night long. They hopped the bus to the meeting place at News Cafe on Korte Leidse dwarsstraat. With some time to spare, the duo grabbed some gelato, watched the dj in the H&S, and wandered the streets where Breanna bought some souvenirs at the 5 Euro shop. As the doors to the News Cafe opened, they paid their 14 Euro and got their bracelets. Entering the News Cafe, they were doused with unlimited cranberry and vodka shots – well essentially captured a bottle for themselves and boozed up. Then met a dozen of new cool friends who they partied with as the pub crawl wandered from bar to bar, club to club – with free drinks at each of the 6 clubs, vodka shots on the road between the clubs, cover charges covered, and numerous drink specials. Princess Brea wore out earlier than Sir Thomas Leaf and braved the route back to the hostel – as she said she was taking the bus, she wound up deciding to walk on her own for a couple of hours until a cab was nice enough to give her essentially a free ride. Sir Thomas Leaf was not impressed that she didn’t come back for him when the bus was not a choice. He left an hour later – and a couple of bars later, to find the same situation, making his way by foot across Amsterdam trying to find Centraal Station for the ride home. Both made it back to the hostel safely but it had its moments. Incredible fun time was had …

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Pirates Cafe (Amsterdam, Holland)

Pirates Cafe
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 129 * 1017pz * Amsterdam * 020-6390522 *
I obviously like the theme of this club … how could one not love “Pirates” in a port city? Professional staff and fun club, decent music, and good drink specials for the Ultimate Party Pub Crawl. Lots of fun at this bar – dancing and drinking the night away. Rating: 4 stars out of 5. Continue reading Pirates Cafe (Amsterdam, Holland)

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Amsterdamned Cafe (Amsterdam, Holland)

Amsterdamned Cafe
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 24a * 1017pp * Amsterdam * 020-4213353 *
A great spacious club with a decent sized dance floor, stage, and dance poles. The bar staff was friendly and professional, the rest rooms clean, and good times were had by all. We visited on Thursday April 9th with the Ultimate Party’s Pub Crawl. They were able to meet the needs of such a large crowd with no problems. Good times! Decent music. Good drink specials. Rating: 4 stars out of 5. Continue reading Amsterdamned Cafe (Amsterdam, Holland)

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News Cafe Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The News Cafe
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 77/B * Amsterdam * 020-6261838 *
A nice little private club on the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat that is the first stop off of the daily Amsterdam Ultimate Party Pub Crawl. Its a cozy little bar with friendy and professional staff. Just like most of the clubs, when I ordered a Rum and Coke, I got the shot of rum in a glass and a bottle of coke for me to mix since for some reason they don’t mix drinks even though they have stocked bars. Apparently its a Amsterdam club thing. The music was good and plenty of music videos. Rating: 3 stars out of 5. Continue reading News Cafe Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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The Ultimate Party Amsterdam Pub Crawl (Amsterdam/Netherlands)

Ultimate Party – Amsterdam Pub Crawl

Ultimate Party Pub Crawl – Amsterdam
Ultimate Party is every Sunday to Friday / 6 Nights a week * Starting : between 08:30 pm and 09:00 pm @ The News Cafe – 4 doors down from the Burger King Leidseplein ( Korte Leidse dwarsstraat 77) * Transportation: Tram 1,2,5,6,7,10 to the Leidseplein *

  • · 6 Dance Bars & Clubs
  • · 6 Free drinks ( beer,wine or soda)
  • · Vodka shots on the road
  • · Unlimited Free house shots between 08:30 and 09:00 pm
  • · Drink specials at each venue
  • · No cover charges for the Bars and Club
  • · Professional Guides

I have to admit, I’ve never done a pub crawl like this before. Very well thought out, organized, social, and a great way to introduce tourists to a city’s night life. I almost want to start up my own. I’ve been on many alternative themed pub crawls like the SantaCon’s, the Pirate hunts, and the Zombie crawls … but this was quite nice, a normal one for international tourists – partying in the big cities around the world. Apparently they have them for London, Madrid, Berlin, etc. I had a blast. The guides were fantastic and made sure we got drunk and kept safe. One of the best parties I’ve attended while travelling abroad. You pay your 15 Euro (we paid 14 as we had a coupon from Stacey from New Amsterdam Tours), they give you a bracelet, and unlimited vodka drinks/shots from 8:30-9:30. Friends were made and we headed to 6 different bars and clubs, at each cover was free, VIP entrance in, and you were greeted at the door with a vodka shot and a token for a free drink at the bar. For each and every bar: The News, The Pirates Cafe, Amsterdamned, The Royalty, Club Smokeys, Club JV, Jantjes Verjaardag, Cooldown Cafe, and Surprise Bar. Dancing, drinking, and drunken-ness ensued. Wild times. Thank you Ultimate Party! Rating 5 stars out of 5.

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Red Light District, Amsterdam, Holland

Copy free photo of Redlight windows from

Sex Shows, Amsterdam

Red Light District, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
One of the more notorious attractions to Amsterdam where sex can be shopped for in a variety like flavors of gelato in a gelateria. All puns aside, besides the museums and coffee shops, the district is one of the biggest tourist stops in the city. It is also an area in danger of being closed down, as wealthy financiers outside of Amsterdam are buying out the windows and replacing the women in the windows with tacky clothing fashion. The term “red light district” is not unique to Amsterdam. The term “red light” comes from the red lanterns that railway workers carried often left outside brothels when the workers entered so they could be located quickly for any needed train movement, or for red paper lanterns (thought to be sensual) hung outside brothels in ancient China to identify where one could go. Red has always been associated with prostitution, as early as in the biblical story of Rahab, a prostitute in Jericho, who aided the spies of Joshua and identified her house with a scarlet rope to save her household from the massacre. The Red Light District in Amsterdam, the “De Wallen” or “Walletjes” or “Rosse Buurt” is a designated area for legalized prostitution and the sex industry. It is also one of the world’s largest and most well known Red Light Districts. A network of roads and alleys with several hundred small, one-room apartments (300+) that are rented out by sex workers who offer their services from behind a window or glass door.

customer entering a windowed room – Amsterdam

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Club-Mate (Germany)

Club Mate
While in Ansbach had the privelege to try a friend’s favorite beverage called “Club Mate”. I don’t think its available in my part of the United States yet, but I look forward to its arrival. Club-Mate is a caffeinated carbonated Mate-extract beverage made by the Loscher Brewery near Münchsteinach, Germany and is apparently extremely popular in Germany-speaking Europe’s Hacker scene because of its high caffeine content. First well known in the Berlin club scene during the 90s as an alternative to the more expensive energy drinks like Red Bull. They made special drinks at the Clubs in Berlin called Vodka-Mate and Chunk (combination of Rum and Club-Mate). It was originally formulated by Geola beverages of Dietenhofen, Germany and marketed Club-Mate under the name Sekt-Bronte. High in Caffeine (20 mg per 100 ml) and low in sugar content compared to other beverages of the energy drink persuasion. It’s available in 0.33 and 0.5 liter bottles. As a special holiday brew called “Winter Edition” in December 2007, they made a limited-edition of the original formula mixed with cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, and citrus extract which was very popular. Due to is astringent flavor, low sugar content, high Catechin and Flavonoid contents it has an unusual acquired taste that the manufacturer won’t deny, in fact they made the drink motto: “Man gewöhnt sich daran” translates roughly as “One gets used to it!”. Club-Mate contains: Water, Inverted sugar syrup, Sugar, Mate Tea Extract, Citric Acid, Caffeine, Natural Flavors, Caramel Color, Carbonic Acid. Club-Mate is available throughout Germany and is growing in popularity and availability in Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, and the Netherlands. Recently (2008) Club-Mate made a USA site called and was recently registered with announcements of its initial US availability at 2600 magazine’s The Last Hope conference in New York. [ more information: Wikipedia ].

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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 10, Part B – Nürnberg: Graveyards, Gamers, and Drinking

Part B

Saturday, 4 April 2009
Nürnberg, Germany

From the Nibulengenmuseum, a brief hike back to Lady Vanessa’s motor-carriage, with a pit stop at at the fish stop and bakery for some travel munchies, the adventurers were on their way to Nürnberg to meet up with Lady Vanessa’s and Sir Christian’s gathering of friends who periodically meet up in a regional city to network on a online RPG game in German they all play together. A few hours later and the delvers arrived in Nürnberg ….

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Faun Concert, Worms, Germany – 4/3/09

* April 3, 2009 at the Lincoln Theater in Worms, Germany
I travelled long and wide to see “Faun” as they have become my most favorite band next to “Qnthal”. Timing was perfect as I was travelling to Germany in a adventure-packed modern-story-drama (a fantasical story tale concocted with some fantasy based on true facts and histories, with names changed to make them sound more “mythological and medieval” known as the “Lady of the Rhine” series, part 2 – Quest for the Sacred Key; that was inspired by Faun’s music video “Egil Saga”. So a trip was taken to see this fabulous band, several hours car journey from Dusseldorf and a 9+ air journey over seas from America. Continue reading Faun Concert, Worms, Germany – 4/3/09

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Worms, Germany

WORMS, Germany

The fabled city of Worms is a city in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, on the Rhine River. In 2004 its population was 85,829. The city was originally called Borbetomagus by the Celts who established it first (meaning “settlement in a watery area”), and it may very well be the “Oldest City in Germany” (of course Trier and Cologne are also fighting for this title). The city was captured and fortified by the Romans under Drusus in 14 BC and named Augusta Vangionum for this garrison but still held the name Borbetomagus. The Roman garrison was developed into a small town with a regularized Roman street plan, forum, temples for Jupiter/Juno/Minerva (upon which of course was built the Cathedral later) and Mars. Roman inscriptions/altars/votive offerings are preserved in the town’s archaeological museum along with one of Europe’s largest collections of Roman glass. Continue reading Worms, Germany

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Drink Cards in Germany

Drink Cards (Verzehrkarte)

When clubbing in Germany at dance clubs; you are issued a card usually maximum 26 or 50 Euro that has sections checked off for how much you spend on drinks and items in the bar. As you order a drink or food, the Euros are checked off. It is not customary to tip at clubs or bars in Germany, unless they bring drinks to your table, and its no more than 10% or simply rounding up to the nearest Euro. When leaving the club, you pay off your card at the register before exiting all of your drinking damage. If you lose the card, you pay the maximum on the card. Same practice also applies in bars and pubs, however, they usually just check mark or write the Euro price down on your coaster and you pay at the end.

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