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G2Crowd Reviews

G2Crowd Software Reviews

Rating: 3 star out of 5

I was inspired and impressed with this nifty site that gives the reader honest individual reviews of various software, programs, and services that they use to get the job done. I was also hopeful that this was a new platform for reviews as I posted 10 or more and got Starbucks dollars for the work I did. But then I suppose reviewed too many products? as G2Crowd began rejecting reviews, valid screenshots, and having a bug that said the 21 out of 21 questions answered was now only 20 answered out of 21, with no 21 question existing. They rejected the reviews also based on stating the screenshot was not valid, even though it was a valid screenshot from in the software. I sent over 5 emails to G2Crowd support, filed complaints about the process to their Chat technicians, and no responses. They just continued to reject reviews. No support, no explanation outside of the non-existent question number and claiming the screenshot wasn’t valid. It was disheartening. No matter how many revisions I did, it was all a waste of time. So I hereby will be leaving this service and not participating in the broken system. I know I recommended this site to many of you, and take back that recommendation. It is a disaster site. Who knows, maybe they ran out of money to pay for the reviews – and instead of being upfront and honest to their reviewers, just rejected the reviews. There is no delete button for reviews you submit, so even rejected reviews appear to be published and used by the business even though they are not paying for them. Reviewer beware.

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